Monday, August 1, 2016

Welcome to Paradise

4 years ago today we took possession of our country "estate" which is on a road called Paradise. We moved in the next day. We went from living in about 1500 square feet in the city to 4200 square feet on 2 acres (we have since purchased a 3rd) in rural Quebec. It was an adjustment and there are days it feels too far away, but overall, it was the right decision for our pack.

At BAR (the Blogville retreat) the Man made a comment about our house that was too big for 2 people. Since then I have tried a lot of things to get videos to work to show the house, but have abandoned that for pictures.

Here is the tour.

This is the entryway (or foyer - correctly pronounced as foy-yay and not foyer - it is a French word and I do now live in the French province so feel I should let everyone know). The door on the left is the closet and the right is the garage. 

Standing with my back to the front door - garage on left, past it the doorway is the master bedroom. The hall to the right goes to the bathroom and kitchen/dining room.

In the garage - we have a 2+ car garage, it is about 1000 square feet. In the summer we park the cars outside.

 The bedroom - notice how the bed is made, that is because Hailey has gone and helped to remake it correctly:)

Looking across the house from our bedroom, you see the dining room.

This is our main bathroom is. It has been described as "unnecessarily large" and a friend once complained he felt lonely in there alone!

Standing at the door looking in

Standing at the door looking to the right.

Standing at the toilet looking across.

Here is the dining room area. It is 30 feet long I believe.

The sitting area between the dining room and kitchen, aka Hailey's spot. You can see our bedroom door across the house.

The kitchen  - I was standing by the sitting area when I took this picture.  You may notice some tools and a bucket. We are currently having dishwasher issues. We tried to fix it, but alas, will need a repair man.

The living room from above. This picture was also taken by the sitting area.

This picture was taken from the far end of the dining room.

Behind the fireplace in the basement is the Games room.

Right in front of the desk on the left is the door to the guest room. We have a queen and a double bed in the room.

If you look at the picture of the Games room, you will see a door in the back left corner. That is the door to the small bathroom (and the laundry room is behind it, but not pictured).

The missing rooms are - at the bottom of the stairs is Lady's office. If you look at the living room you will see a door to the left of the TV. That door goes to the second garage. This room is unfinished (gravel basement). This is where we store the wood and the holiday decorations.

I hope you have enjoyed this tour.


  1. I just LOVE it!! It looks like a very contemporary home and that is just my style! Our home is also about the same size and everyone tells us it is much too big for the two of us...but if we were to sell and move somewhere might be new, but it would be a LOT smaller! My husband prefers wide open spaces so this is where we stay for now. In the summer, we are at our smaller cottage in Northern NY...just across the Canadian border. We can take the ferry across to Wolfe Island and then another ferry over to Kingston, Ontario. You have a lovely home and we bet the two dogs just love it!

  2. Looks amazing!!! All that space, makes my Princess Palace look like a shoebox!!!!
    I luffs the pictures of Hailey and Phod on the wall
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. How simply splendid to have all that space. Super fun for dogs to race around in!
    Gail is saying she is very envious of your lovely big bathroom, but is wondering about the heating bills in winter?
    Toodle pip!

  4. That beautiful home might be too big for two people and two dogs, but hey, you have so much more room for more dogs!

  5. Hari OM
    I'm a person who loves space and given you have to spend a significant part of the year undercover from the weather (as we here do pretty much all year round), the more space the better I say!!! Though I must say, I have an uncle who's bathroom is about the size of yours and I did feel lost in it; maybe something to do with the activity involved - a cubicle is somehow more private! YAM xx

  6. I did enjoy the tour your home is amazing and very beautiful. Your small bathroom is the size of my main bathroom. Your large bathroom is the size of our master bedroom. One thing I thought as a child as I do hope you have a maid to help clean all these wonderful spaces. If the weather is bad there is plenty of space for the dogs to exercise inside

  7. GORGEOUS>>>>>>>>>>>!!!!! I love your master bath vanity....and the green is very pretty
    Okey dokey now I Madison make a motion that the next BAR be held at Phod and Hailey's!!!
    Hugs madi yourbfff

  8. Thanks for the tour! I think you're absolutely right that it's too much house for two people. Good thing you have Hailey and Phod to make it a home!

  9. that's a super beautiful house... and if your pawrents think it is too big, me and Lee could live there, I would like that :o)my dad nearly swooned as he saw the game room.... it's so great that you have one !!!

  10. that is a big old house for sure - plenty of room for everyone though

  11. That is a HUGE house! You all are very lucky to have so much beautiful space to relax and have family time in.

  12. It's just beautiful and huge! You guys sure have lots of room to play!

  13. You have a very very beautiful home, lots of room for the little kids when they visit, and for the pups to run around in. stella rose

  14. Wow - with a house that need more dogs! Lol

  15. HOLY SHIT THAT IS HUGE!!!!!! Your dining area is the size of our entire condo! lmao!!! OMG that is HUGE! LOVE IT!!

  16. Fantastic!! Our entire house could fit in your bathroom
    Lily & Edward

  17. Beautiful! Our house is about half that size, officially a one level, but with a full in-law suite downstair. It is just right for the 3 of us, 4 or 5 or 6 when people and pets stay with us.

  18. OMD OMD your home is BEAUTIFUL and so Comfy looking.... We love it!!! We think it is JUST RIGHT.

  19. Thanks for the tour. I love love love your house, but wouldn't want to clean it.

  20. Wow, your house is beautiful! And we're thinking, about eleventy million cats and dogs would fit in there with room to spare!

  21. Well it is a gorgeous ESTATE! Going from a small place to all that room HAS to be exciting and while it's a lot more to keep clean (!!!), I'm sure (hahaha) Hailey and Zaphod help. Thanks for the tour - have always wanted to see inside your home - from the outside I just KNEW it was gorgeous!

    Hugs, Pam (and Sam)

  22. Wow! Hope you don't get lost in there!

  23. You have a beautiful house. My house would almost fit in the foyer :)

  24. What a lovely house! ...and it's not just two of you - it's FOUR of you! :)
    We love the stone on some of the walls and fireplace - and the tile floor! We also love the portraits we saw of Hailey and Zaphod!

  25. Very nice house! We spent a few weeks in Quebec years ago and just loved it. We - and an awful lot of other Americans - may also be living in Canada soon depending on how the presidential elections here go... "If _____ wins, we're moving to Canada" is the most often-heard cry these days...

  26. What a cool home! Yes very big and roomy. That would be great for us when we have everyone over for the holidays, we don't have enough room with all of them
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & mabel

    Pee es
    the grandson has really enjoyed his time in Canada. Except he says stuff is more expensive there!

  27. Yes we did love the tour! That bathroom is huge! The fireplace photo was a better perspective since we could see the furniture in comparison. Does it echo BOL?? We noticed the photos of Hailey & Phod on the wall so we know it is NOT just a house butt a home too. So, do you have an outside outlet & sewer hookup so we can bring the wheelie house and visit for 4 years if needed?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  28. We loved the tour. We laughed about the too large bathroom as Mommy complains our Master Bath is too small. To get an idea of how small it is Mommy can reach both the sink and the bathtub while sitting on the toilet and before they switched the door to open outward instead of inward when you opened the door you bumped the toilet. She would love to have a too large bathroom. She would fill it up with shelves and cabinets in no time.

  29. Wow! So much space! We would love to run around all of it!

  30. We'd love to run around in it, too! It takes HER 22 steps to get from the back door to the kitchen sink--the longest part of the house...bwahaahaa! AND SHE hates cleaning our little house. But then, we spend lots of time outside.

  31. Wow,what a beautiful house! The dining area is especially gorgeous. Thanks for the cool tour!
    Grr and Woof,

  32. Thanks for sharing your pawsome space with us! Perfect house for dogs!
    I am now following you!
    Rufff from Vancouver!
    Louis Dog Armstrong

  33. I LOVE the house. The wall colors really pop. That's one of my favorite things about it. I also love the giant bathroom. I would not be lonely in there because Cupcake would be in there with me trying to make sure I don't escape out a window apparently.

    Love and licks,

  34. What a beautiful home. Plenty of room for the critters.

  35. OMD, you could fit 3 of our houses in your house!!!! It is just lovely! And, Ma is a wee bit jealous! I do thinks you could fit a rock band in that bathroom! I thinks it's bigger than our master bedroom! oh, you would be claustrophobic in our house! ☺
    Ruby ♥

  36. That is the biggest house I have ever seen! It is beautiful, your very lucky!

  37. What a wonderful open floor plan, love it!!

  38. Such a lovely and large house. We know how much fun we would have doing zoomies in all that space.

  39. Nice! Love the blue wall in the bedroom. I knew you lived somewhere rural in Canada, but didn't realize it was Quebec. My hubby is originally from Montreal. (But now that his mom passed away we don't really have a reason to go there anymore. We usually go to Ottawa to see his dad, bro and our friends there.) And, yes, foy-yay! Not foy-yer. That makes me crazy - even before I married a Francophone that made me crazy. :)

  40. What a beautiful home! I love all the wood and tile floors, and the floor plan is very unique. It reminds me some of our old house, only much, much bigger!
    I LOVE big bathrooms, and that is the one thing I do miss about our old house.


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