Monday, December 14, 2015

Mischief Monday and Updates

First, thanks again to everyone who participated or visited yesterdays Festival of Lights. It was more successful then I had expected. YAY!


This weeks award goes to Phody. First, when we were in the bush on our walk, he ran over to the where the new house is being built to see 2 new dogs who were on the job. These dogs looked like leaner bull mastiffs. They were very nice. Once came over to say hi to Hailey (who was very calm). The issue was, that he didn't come back. After sniffing the dogs, he got sniffing the wood and other things, I had to get him.

Then, later in the day, we walked to get the mail. The mailbox is right across from this house. Hailey, of course got herself worked up into a frenzy. One of the dogs came over. My friendly boy, turned into a horrible beast, on his back legs snarling. I believe he because so upset because Hailey was so freaked out and because he was on leash. The other dog remained calm and went back to the site, so all was well. I really need to find a way to expose the dogs to more dogs. I think they are too isolated.

Card update:
Paper cards:     Dogs - 18      People - 2 (and they are a real 2)
E-cards:           Dogs - 7        People - 1 (and it is from the realitor they used 3 years ago - so not real)
Totals:            Dogs - 25       People - 3

Blogville events:

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  1. Oh Phod maybe you tried to protect your crib? I do that too sometimes, specially when someone leaves pee-mails on my door...

  2. Momma keeps trying not to put our cards up so we don't update our card count!

  3. Momma keeps trying not to put our cards up so we don't update our card count!

  4. I sometime worry that Ruby needs more exposure to other dogs as well. She gets nervous around other dogs so we sometimes avoid them and I wonder if that's really the right approach.

  5. We were late in getting to your Festival of LIGHTS post... butt it was WELL Worth the Wait... We loved it... So many of our furends were there to Celebrate Hanukkah We also loved that Lee got to steal a Kiss from Easy...
    Bravo on the Fabulous Festival of Lights Celebration!

  6. Hopefully the woman won't tell Santy Claus
    Lily & Edward

  7. Phod was also protecting his territory .....dogs are often friendly when our in a 'public' area but in their own territory around their house - they can become quite protective

  8. We loved the Festival of Lights and are thrilled it was so successful.
    Bertie is always defensive when he is on a lead - I guess it makes dogs feel more insecure if they think they can't get away.
    Cheers, Gail.

  9. It was such a fun event and sooooo pretty.
    Thank goodness Kasi..the dog mom walks ignores other dogs...won't even look at them cause Mom has no idea what she'd do in that situation. Mom is such a girl
    Hugs madi your bfff

  10. We find that dogs on the leash are completely different to dogs who are loose. Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde syndrome.

  11. yeah our Maggie is like that also, mom and dad only have one card, we are laughing and a laughing................stella rose

  12. Arty is like Phod too...Except Arty is 12 pounds, and is like that with dogs Phod's size sometimes, sheesh!

  13. We sure enjoyed the Festival of Lights and are so glad it was such a success.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. The doggie has a complex mind so it is difficult to say for certain what Phod was thinking or if it was a reaction to Lee. Excuse me, did you say anything about bacon? We are sure that will fix everything.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  15. Sorry about the mischief - stuff like that can be upsetting to us humans. The main reason why we still go to dog training class is so that Shyla will regularly see nice dogs. Many rural dogs are not so nice... so I hope that the dogs in class will keep her okay about other dogs.

    It's a blow-out on the cards but there's still time to catch up with your wonderful pups!

  16. We love the Festival of Lights and hope we can participate again next year. We don't like it when other dogs come running at us while we are on leash. Mom says it is a natural reaction.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  17. I need to expose Rita to more dogs too. I'm thinking about taking a "leash your fitness" class where folks workout outside and bring their dogs along on leash. Since all the dogs will be on leash, I'm hoping she'll be okay with it. (Like Phod, she doesn't like being on leash and being approached by off-leash dogs!) Probably won't have time until after the new year, but really need to give that a try!

  18. Hi hi hi! Ojo here! Oh no Phod! Santa is coming! You need to be GOOD! (Not that I am Good all the time. But half the time, anyways. Is that enough?)

    I think you got half the time too. You did not come back, but you got big and loud to help protect my Cousin Lee, right? Cobi does this for me sometimes too. This is good, isn't it?


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