Saturday, January 11, 2014

Zaphod finds his voice

Zaphod has lived with us for almost 1.5 years now. When he came the clearly horrible life he had led, made him a shy and reserved guy. He would bark when Hailey barked, but he didn't "talk" much.

Recently things have begun to change and Phod is finding his voice.

He will sit and whine holding a toy on his bed waiting for you to call him over to play fetch. Sometimes if he is feeling really feisty he will put the toy beside you and if you don't throw it right away, will whine or give a short bark. A few times when he has wanted attention he will "talk" to let you know.

I am enjoying Phod's voice because with it is coming a confidence and comfort he didn't have when he first came. For example, we allow the dogs on the furniture. Before he wouldn't come up on it. If you called him up, he would tentatively get up. He always looked nervous and scared when this happened and had trouble relaxing. Now he just hops up if he wants, curl up and have a good sleep.

It is great to see that the neglect and abuse he faced the first year and a half or so of his life is fading away, leaving us with a Phody who talks!

My happy "mouthy" boy!

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  1. I always like those moments. Sam was a very silent boy - only barking if there was something to bark at. His voice was so deep and confident that he would scare Monty when he barked. Harlow has just barked for the first time last week. Aaron and I were in the house going "What the heck is that?" We weren't prepared for it.

    Monty and Harlow

  2. Zaphod I'm glad you not only found your voice, you found such a wonderful home too. That deserves some happy barks. Have a super saturday and a happy weekend

  3. Aw, so glad he has over come his abuse, it makes VERY angry when people abuse animals!

  4. That is a very bad thing to do , so cruel :(

  5. Aw, it sounds like Phod is adjusting to life in a loving forever home. Thank you for that. He looks like such a sweet boy.
    Happy Saturday,

  6. That is brilliant Phod. You have found your voice. Barking and howling at ya with joy. Well done to you and your peoples. Have a super Saturday.
    best wishes Molly

  7. My Zoie had had an awful life for a year and 5 months before she came to me and she was so happy that she wanted to kiss kiss kiss all the time. I wish she had never jumped the fence and got herself
    killed!!! It is so sad--awful-- sad!!! I miss her so!!!
    So glad Phod is doing so well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. WE are so glad that Zaphod has learned that it is SAFE with you and that he can now EJOY his wonderful Rich Life and Voice. What a HAPPY Post.

  9. Oh Zaphod what a wonderful thing that you're speaking up and expressing yourself - you're comfortable and secure and ready to tell the world (and your humans) that you're "your own man" now....that's great....I know your humans are proud of you but so am I !!

    Hugs, Sammy

  10. We wonder if in another year you will be posting about a noisy dog :) :) we are glad to hear he is happy enough to share his joy with the world

  11. Awwww! How wonderful u have found your voice!!!! A memorable time!
    And u found yourself a wonderful home to huh?
    So happy for you!
    ((Husky hugz))
    "Love is being owned by a husky"

  12. Phod bravo for your new found personality. TLC cures all insecurities.
    Your BFFF madi not liking the PTU being out. I've already been crammed it in once today

  13. Aw how sweet Phod! Sometimes, I wish Shiner would talk less but it's good to know she has the confidence to do so. Maybe a little over-confidence at times... ;)

  14. He has found the most wonderful place in the world and is telling you and everyone else all about it!!! Good for Phod.

  15. That is so wonderful! My first Hairy Slobbery sister - Kokanee was just like Zaphod! Mommy still remembers the first time she barked and the first time she barked with confidence! It was so nice of yous to gives her that rememberance this morning.

  16. We can imagine how happy it makes you feel, to know that Phod is feeling loved. We're so happy he found you.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  17. Yeah Phod! Our mom tells us that our GSD angel sisters were all very vocal. She even says she misses it a little. We are so happy to hear he is coming out of his shell.

  18. I'm so glad Phod has such a great home and one where he can be himself!

  19. It makes me very happy Phod that you have found your voice!
    That means you are getting more and more comfortable and happier every day- and your trusting!
    And you know you are in your forever home cause you can feel it in your heart!

  20. How wonderful Phod has found confidence and his voice! We are so happy he has loving home and family!!

  21. Blogger just ate my comment so I'll be brief. I'm SO happy that Phod is settling in so nicely. I guess that Shyla and Phod found us at about the same time. They're both blossoming. Yay!

  22. This is such a heart-warming story for a Sunday. It makes me sad that Phod's life started out the way it did. I do love the happily ever after barking!

  23. brilliant! Such a brilliant story thank you so much for sharing!


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