Monday, May 21, 2012

The Drive In

On the first long weekend of the summer . . . ok it is not summer for another month, but the weather was fantastic and it felt like summer, we decided to take Lee to the drive in. We had taken our previous pets there but we had never taken Lee and we were not sure how she would do.

Watching for her man to come back
Here is how it went.
She was totally stressed in the car. The Man brought a baby for her and this freaked her out.
While we were waiting in the line to get in, some people were walking on the side of the road. We think these people startled her cause she freaked out. It took some work but we got her calmed down.
She enjoyed the walk around the field, liked meeting new dogs and sniffing.
She was great in the car once the movie started. I am not sure she thought this was a smart thing to do, but she tolerated it well. She actually settled down and went to sleep!

We now know that we can mix our dog and one of our favourite things, watching movies!

Watching the movie


  1. Never been to a drive in, if they got food there we are ready to go, hope Hailey gets to enjoy it more for you guys.

    Susie & bites

  2. This sounds so fun (except for the stressed out part)! Mayeb when they let me on the roads I'll go there too!

  3. They do have food there and they have lots of friends to see before the movie starts!


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