Tuesday, May 31, 2011

While Mom's away

The pups do play.

Highlights from my time away:

1 dead frog baby (damaged beyond repair)
1 baby needs surgery
Leelee survived her first bath (but this was followed by the death of a baby)

And the big one:

Lee finally got a squirrel. Can't be sure if she found it dead or if she was responsible for the death because she got it in the bush. She didn't come when called and when approached in the woods just stood ther with it. She did drop it on command (which is very exciting and I won't go into all the behavioural reasons as I know not everyone spent a weekend in heaven with behavior analysts). We do worry that now that she got one her listening at the park will decrease.
BOth were very happy to see me and the blog will return to a daily report.

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