Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Trouble on A Tuesday - Things That Need to Go In The Night

It isn't every night, but a few nights a week, Miss Hailey Bug continues to need to go out in the night. There isn't a clear pattern, although not pooping after dinner seems to be more related to the need for a night trip. Somewhere between 2-4 am, Miss Bug wakes up and starts to pace around the bedroom and won't settle until we go out. 

If the Man takes her out, they stay in the yard, but if I take her out, we go for a walk to Callie's driveway and back. The reason we go this far is because Hailey likes to poop on Callie's yard, so I am hopeful that if we walk that way, she will go.  Very, very rarely, Phod wakes up and joins us on this night time adventure. 

Tired the day after a 3:30 am walk

I do what I can to try not to wake up too much. I don't turn lights on. I don't put my glasses on. I throw a jacket and shoes, clip on the leash and we go, pjs and all.  I appreciate both the time with my girl and parts of the night I don't usually see. We have heard the owl and the whip-poor-will, seen the stars and watched  beautiful firefly shows. The other night, while out with Man, Lee got to bark at the raccoon that was yelling at her. 

This is the current chapter of our lives. It is difficult and an honour and a privilege to share the golden years with Lee. I hope someday I look back at this fondly.

A tired and grateful Lady


  1. Hari Om
    You will, and you'll savour every memory. Even the less appealing ones as they appear now. YAM xx

  2. lee that is a good ritual... we like that to poop at callies kingdom...

  3. The things we do for our pups and still love them is certainly true love. Lee would be okay with me because I'm always up by 3:30 anyway

  4. We hope the sleep deprivation doesn't make your Lady or Man too tired the next day, Hailey. Millie has been doing that sort of thing but more like around 6am (don't forget our parents are retired and think getting up at 8am is early) just to go pee, but we think she is in the early stages of Cushing's disease which makes her drink and therefor pee more.

  5. Bless your heart K10 I know exactly what you mean about our beloved pets golden years...
    Give Hailey bug a gentle hug...I know she knows she is a lucky girl

  6. At least she has a certain place to poop. Maybe feed them earlier at night, might help.

  7. You will never forget the precious times you spend in the early morning hours with Hailey. Treasure each and every one♥

  8. You are so sweet and kind to do that for Hailey. Mom did a lot of that for Lightning too as he had such a terrible time holding his urine. Mom says she never regrets doing anything that helped out our Sweet Boy. We know you feel the same way.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  9. A three am outing. The bars aren't even open.


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