Thursday, May 23, 2024

Clarification on The Goose Fence

 Hi pals,

Last week when we were talking about the mean person who has us fighting for our dock, we also shared about our goose fence and we think we confused people.

The goose fence with MJ's dock in the background - it attaches to the land at the furthest place in this picture, parts rest on the beach for the winter

It is a bit complicated.

Currently, our lake access is owned by nice neighbours we will call MJ. Our house, Callie's house and another house, have deeded access. MJ doesn't really use are part with the natural beach. They leave that to us (and by us most of it is Callie's people). To keep the geese from the beach, Callie's people have a goose fence, which is very easy to move and Lady and Man often do, however, sometimes Phod is too fast and jumps over it (when he shouldn't).  

Lee wading - this is about as far as she will go on

The problem the mean person is having is the bylaw states there can be only one dock per property. We have ours on the beach and MJ has theirs down the lake in front of their house. The mean person has been complaining a lot (like at least once a week for 3 years). She rebuilt right on the property line because due to changes in zoning it is the only way her place could be on the lake. She feels our dock  ruins her view, she can hear us (if you have ever been to a lake you can hear everyone on it) and someday Callie's kids may have parties that disturb her (she should be more worried about 40 years olds having parties).  Her mother, who is the actual owner, has made comment to Lady that they should have bought all this land years ago when Callie's grandpa did, so none of us would be here. Lady said nicely, but you didn't and we are here.  They feel entitled, as they have said things like, they pay more taxes and therefore have more rights. They have a lot of money and I believe, had a huge dispute with neighbours in England where mean Lady and her husband live. We don't believe the other 3 siblings share this view. They just stay out of it. At this point we don't talk to any of them, we don't wave and Lady actually turns her back if she sees them. 

We will continue to enjoy our dock free access and take some joy that every time we go down, we are sure all the cameras she has on our beach send her notifications that we are here, and it probably ticks her off. We will continue to explore our options to get our dock back.  We will not let this mean woman ruin our lives. 

Now back to the goose fence. Does it work? The geese aren't at the beach, they are in the field, so yes, it seems to work!


  1. I recently moved to another state, but I had ended up "renaming" our neighbors (rich and on 65 acres behind our 2.5) in our old state the "Horribles." Very rude people. We didn't wave either, which is the state of South Carolina says a lot. There, people wave to strangers as they drive by.

  2. Hari Om
    They make telly dramas out of such nonsense, don't they? Maybe Lady and Man could sell the rights and boost fighting funds! Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Some folks are just so unhappy and negative they thrive on sharing these feelings.
    Such a saga that is just stupid on her part.
    Hugs to Lady, Man and you two

  4. Why do some peeps have to be so mean!!! We hope the whole dock issue gets resolved favorably to you.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  5. I am sorry you are being bothered by someone who wants you to hurt like they do.


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