Monday, May 29, 2023

Mischief Monday - Bad Pee-rs

 Dear pals,

Lady is feeling a little bit exacerbated by our behaviour, as we are in a we are angry at you so we will pee in your house phase. Lady knows we don't have UTIs or medical issues, and are just being 'brats.'

Sad I have no bed

It started when they went out and Phod kept figuring out how to move the barrier at the top of the stairs so he could get down to pee. Once the Lady and Man made a new barrier and he couldn't get down, we targeted the back mat (which has now been renewed) and an old bed (which is in the garbage).

Haven't gotten past this yet

Our destruction of the old bed, left only one bed in the sitting area upstairs and made Lady feel bad, so she ordered us another one this week.

First day with new bed

The first night, while our people slept (and had left the door open), we got up and  Lee peed on it and Phod peed on her pee, so there ended up being pee all over the dining room area.  Lady was so thrilled to be washing the floor before 6 am. 

The next night, Lady was woken at 4 by Lee burying the same bed (which had been washed with pee smell remover apparently). Lady was so thrilled to get to wash the floor again so early in the morning. 

The next night we lost the privilege of being able to leave the bedroom in the night, and no one had an accident or needed to go out before we normally would. 

At any rate, Lady and Man are carefully watching us and doing what they can to keep us from making the house a pee pad. 

Your full of pee Lee and Phod


  1. wow you are strict with your revenge... we hope for a hap-pee end...

  2. sounds like containment will be the answer at night, maybe a return of crating?

  3. We hope things get better soon.

  4. Hari OM
    Crikey, there's flooding enough going in some places outside... now you are introducing it to the inside?!! Hmmm... Maybe the anger against anger thing isn't quite working??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  5. You two are really pushing your luck lately. We're glad to know there isn't anything physically wrong to cause this naughty behavior. BOL!

  6. BOL, y'all need to mind you PEES and qs.

  7. Pee is a great way to show your displeasure but don't over do it or you will be in humiliating diapers

  8. You two better be careful or you’ll end up wearing diapers!


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