Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A Spooky Adventure - Part 2 - by Zaphod

 When we left off yesterday, Lady and Man returned from leaving us for 87 million hours 3 hours with Grammie and the Big Guy. When they came back it was time for bed. While we have visited Grammie and the Big Guy in their new home, we have never slept over. It was new and scary. 

Within about 15 minutes in our bedroom, Hailey settled. I however did not. I was sure we were going to die. I scratched at the door, I scratched at the closet, I could not settle. In the end, to get me to stop trying to destroy the new house, Lady turned the light on and the peeps had to sleep with it on most of the night. Every time Lady turned it off, I would get upset. 

Hiding by the closet, waiting to die. I am sure the new house is haunted

We all got very little sleep that night, in a very hot room and Lady was thrilled at 6:45 when we needed to go out.

The next day Lady was helping the Big Guy with some electrical work. It was scary because it required the power to be turned off (which I hate) and Man went out to do some errands and it POURED rain for a bit. I was scared. Hailey says, she wasn't she says she was just helping, but I know she was scared too. Lady said neither of us was helpful.

Lee helping the Big Guy while I monitor the hall

Everyone in the laundry room!

Later that morning, Man returned, the rain stopped and Lady put the power back on. All the odd jobs were done, so I was able to finally relax before it was time to go home.

We all had a good nap Saturday and I have recovered from this spooky adventure. 


  1. Hari OM
    wait... there's a part one??? [ducks back a post...] hmmmm that didn't show up in my reader, but duly read and now this one. First - wowsers, look at all those light shows!!!!! Fabulous. Second - crikey Phod, I am not in the least surprised you thought the place was haunted with all that energy about the place. I am glad to read that you are duly 'over it.' Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. We've never slept in another house since we came to live at our forever home. It sounds like it would be very scary. Your pawrents are lucky to have you to protect them, Phod.

  3. Phod darling...you are the bestest protector of your peeps and Lee. However, I am so very sorry you could not get comfy in the dark. Looks like you made up for it in the afternoon.
    I must admit to not always sleeping well in a strange bed...
    Hugs Cecilia

  4. You finally settled down when it was time to go home. Something about that sounds familiar...
    Toodle pip!

  5. Chester hates being in the car. But once we arrive at our destination, he's good about it.

  6. Wow Phoddy, we think that faced with all those challenges, you were pretty brave!!!
    Arty and the Gang

  7. Looks like you're glad to be home, Phod.

  8. It Halloween time, that mean scary and fun things happen.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  9. I fully understand how you felt Phod, our dog Max that looked like you, almost had a nervous breakdown when he was 4 and had never been in another house. we sold his house and moved to this one, he was so upset and scared, we both had to take a weeks vacation to stay home with him. he could not sleep and did not eat much and was totally freaked out...some dogs love new things, others like the well known. sorry you were upset and hope you are home and safe in your space...love you Phod and Hailey

  10. EEK...we hate it when the power goes out too. Glad you survived.
    Your fur-iends,
    Norman & Elsa 🐾

  11. Any disruption to our routine throws my whole household into a tizzy fit!


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