Monday, June 21, 2021

Mischief Monday -A Whole Lot Of Trouble

 First, there was thunder last week, and even though Man was home, somehow this happened.

Then the power was out for11 hours (starting in the night because of rain) and even when it came back, some of us were terrified. 

Then Lady and Man went out for dinner in a private skylight chalet. They look like this.

They had a wonderful time. 

Fireworks started before they got home. Harry Potter (the second time Harry has been a victim) and Death of a Saleman needed to not exist.

It is suppose to storm today. Both peeps are home. 🤞🤞🤞 we behave! 


  1. great that they are back... books can help when we feel uncomfy, but we had no clue why... now we know it ;O) btw: the mama wants such a skylight chalet, do you think there is a new diy project in the air?

  2. Hari Om
    Crikey, you have been dealing with thunder and 'fireworks'... and getting abandoned so the peeps can have fun in glass houses??? There's a fable in there somewhere... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. What lovely views, out dining, especially the waterfall! It seems our literary critics felt the need to remove such diverse titles....I must say, when I saw the first photo, all I could think of was "ohhhh...."

  4. Well, at least your peeps had a good time.

  5. We're sorry to hear you haven't been handling the storms very well. Our paws are crossed that all goes well today but we think your pawrents shouldn't ever leave you home alone no matter what weather is coming.

  6. The skylight chalet looks beyond inviting but I understand - fireworks and storms are no fun when you're all alone at home without your peeps to protect you.

  7. wow, i love the dining spot, never seen anything like it, private and safe from the dread virus. so sorry all those noises made you misbehave.. glad you have someone home with you today....

  8. Beautiful dining spot. Sorry about the weather.

  9. First of all I'm so sorry about the horrid tstorms. Bless your hearts.
    BOL BOL BOL I loved this "needed to not exist" and will use it sometime in the future!! Well said
    I love the place Lady and Man had dinner. What a unique idea
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. Aww, poor babies. Sorry you were scared. We're not fans of t-storms either. Those little skylight chalets are toooo cute!

  11. Rut roh.... Sorry you both had to go through that.

  12. Mom has wrestled with our settings and our browsers and with Blogger and everything and we THINK we can get our comments to stick! Boy! We had a storm last week and no blankets got hurt, but Cinnamon did get stuck when she tried to crawl under the bed! Mom got a new bed last fall and it is a little lower to the floor than the old bed, which she COULD crawl under. Getting Cinnamon out, she discovered that some Cat (Jo Jo) has already ripped a hole to climb inside the box spring! And those chalets look like the purrfect dining spot! We are glad that your folks are getting to go out a little more! Happy belated Dog Father's Day to your Daggy Dad!

  13. OMGoodness, frens. That is a big mess you made and got into. I hope the storms stop soon, or that your peeps cuddle with you and help you be brave.

    Love and licks,

  14. BOL!!! OMD, sorry, butts the 'needed not to exist' was too funny!!!
    Looks like your peeps had a BEAUTIFUL dinner!!!!! sorry abouts the mischief....sometimes shit happens, amirite 😁
    Ruby ♥


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