Monday, December 28, 2020

Mischief Monday - Christmas Edition

Third place for holiday mischief goes to Lady, who really did a bad job at taking pictures over the holidays.

Second place goes to Hurricane Emma. Note: (Her Christmas visit didn't violate any Covid rules because people who live alone are allowed to have close contact with one other household. Emma was slightly insulted that she didn't count as a person. Uncle Chris was happy to be over.) Emma came, ripped up toys and left a huge mess. She growled and snapped at Phod for no reason. She cried when the people were eating and she over-ate her Christmas dinner and threw up. 

The Hurricane is suppose to spend 6 months with us starting in January but the new Covid strain may change Uncle Chris' work assignment. 

The winner of  Christmas mischief is Hailey. The peeps love to play long board games. They have a lot and this Christmas they got 2 new ones. One evening, around 5:30 they were sitting at the table playing. Hailey had been sleeping on the settee. Without the people noticing she got up, went downstairs and peed on one of the blankets by the fire. The people figures this out because they heard her digging the blanket. She then came back upstairs, hopped up on the settee and went back to sleep. She didn't even ask to go out. Sigh!

                                                                             I feel no guilt. 

In spite this mischief, we had a nice Christmas full of fun and thoughtful gifts. The Man is on vacation this week and the Lady works 2.5 days this week (all from home).We are now back in lockdown, but this time Lady's work is allowed to continue. This is good as it is hard for her clients (kids with autism and their families) to go too long without service. (In the US she would be considered essential). 

We hope you all had a wonderful a Christmas! 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh dear, it does sound as if cousin Emma has issues... and maybe, Hailey, you just didn't want to add to the fuss??? Given the news here today, I think U/Chris oughtta be thinking very seriously of staying put... jus' sayin'... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Gail, who is not a fan of long board games, says she would have welcomed the distraction provided by Hailey!
    Meanwhile, we do think Hurricane Emma needs to go to Etiquette School...

  3. Sounds like there was plenty of mischief going around during Christmas at your house. We think the people are to blame and not Hailey since they weren't paying enough attention to her while playing their game.

  4. Uh-oh. Makes you wonder what dog think about when committing mischief like this. Have a wonderful last week of 2020. Happy New Year.

  5. Hurrycane Emma...dynamite comes in small packages.
    Lee sometimes if the humans are not paying attention you must take things into your own paws
    Hugs Cecilia

  6. Sounds like Phoddy was an angel...go Phod!! But, we think a bit of mischief around Christmas is totally acceptable!

  7. Oh oh! Chester has been a good boy for most of the Holidays, other than destroying his new squeaky toys. Well, no-doggie's perfect!

  8. Yikes- Emma clearly has issues that need to be addressed and we think that you didn't want to add to the stress already happening so you took the easy way out and peed when you needed to pee, Hailey.

  9. So it appears Emma has an early start on being on Santa's naughty list. We wonder if Hailey's mischief didn't have something to do with the change of routine with Emma and Chris visiting. Phod, you must have been the model pup of Christmas!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Lady is most certainly essential, both to her clients and to you and Phod.. sounds like you had Christmas Canine Chao. Hope that was the last of it. Yay for dad on vacation...

  11. Wow Hailey and Emma! you guys made Christmas exciting for the cleanup crew! We hope you are all behaving better now!
    Marv, Jo Jo, kozmo, Cinnamon and Barb


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