Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Day 190

Today marks 190 days since the pandemic really hit us (and things first shut down). We thought we would give a little update on life here.

The Man works at home now and might forever. He is starting to consider getting a better desk and going to the office for his chair and extra monitors. He misses his coworkers, but likes not having a commute and getting a daily nap. He misses traveling. 

The Lady goes to the office 2 days per week, this makes it much more difficult to guard her. She liked it better when she didn't have to go at all, but this a reasonable compromise that allows her to support her clients the best. What she does like is traffic is very light as so many people are still at home. She is happy to be back to working full time most days (although she wishes it was 4 instead of 5 days a week and hopes once the September craziness, which is always crazy in her work calms down, she will be able to make that dream come true!) Surprisingly, Lady actually doesn't miss traveling one bit! She loves being home.

Ottawa, the closest major city, appears to have entered the second wave. They have been posting 50+ new cases a day. Cases have gotten into longterm care again, including one where a friend's husband works.

In both provinces most kids have gone back to school. Quebec made it mandatory but Ontario created an online option. Lady can't figure out province wide how many kids went back but it appears to be between 60-80%. Looking at her clients, that feels about right. 

In both provinces around where we live, there are fines for not wearing masks inside. Social distancing is encouraged, restaurants/movie theatres have to keep groups apart. Lady has eaten inside a restaurant 3 times and felt fine (that was before the numbers started to climb again, it might be some time before she goes in again).  

Lady and Man are still very careful about what they do.  Lady says it is always a risk benefit analysis. The do essential errands (groceries, pharmacy, hardware store) and essential self care (Lady has been to get her hair done, but her stylist has moved to a home salon and she is the only one there, she also went to the eye doctor and tomorrow tries out the dentist which she is so excited for because she was suppose to go in May).  They have been out to eat (essential socialization with friends Lady will say). She says she has honestly only not felt safe one time and that was at the Asian grocer (they bought enough rice wraps they shouldn't have to go for a long time!)

Overall, the pandemic is an inconvenience for us. We feel lucky about this. We know it is much more for so many people worldwide. 

That is how things are here. We hope everyone continues to be safe and healthy! 


  1. it seems this masquerade will become our new normal... we are on top of europe ... aybe therefore the young idiots celebrate a party all night? stay safe and healthy too... we now learnt how important it is...

  2. It seems like the six months went really fast and it seems like the six months has dragged and dragged and dragged all at the same time. We are basically doing what you described we don't have to work because we're retired so that's a good thing but we only do the necessary and essential things and so far we have not eaten out in 6 months and three times we've had pizza delivered

  3. Hari OM
    2020 has been a real drag - but in our case, not just because of COVID... in fact, in some ways, that has been a sideshow to our own main feature of caring for the parent. There's a way to go yet. I have been immensely grateful for the convenience of online shopping and delivery of all sorts of things. ... did I really once globetrot and drive the countryside and spend time alone??? YAM xx

  4. Life is much the same here except our pawrents are retired and don't have to go anywhere to work. There has been a little take out dining but no restaurant dining yet and none for a while either. Stay safe, friends.

  5. 191 days for us. Since we currently reside in SE USA, our experience differs from yours: many here feel a "constitutional" right not to wear a mask (a concept I find utterly unacceptable, from both a personal and professional standpoint). We have family in Williamsburg, ON and wish we had moved north, rather than south. Best laid plans.....

  6. Has it really been that long? My ghostwriter wishes she didn't have to work so much too. She's been on the front lines, and is getting pretty tired of this crappy virus, even with the hazard pay! She and Dad haven't been to any restaurants, but have gotten take-out from the local Chinese place and Pizza Corner. They used to go out to eat at least once a week, and really miss all the diverse types of restaurants around here (Korean, Thai, Indian, Greek, etc.)

  7. Mom stays home 90% of the time. She only goes to the grocery store and the occasional doctor's appt and to get gas, more for lawn cutting than for the car. This pandemic is really getting old but we are required to follow the guidelines and mom is a rule follower.

  8. Same ole same ole here. We went for an wheelie house adventure, which was a great way to social distance and travel and we have heard mumblings of getting our very own wheelie house in the next year!

  9. Lady and Man are taking very good care of their mental and physical well being....there have been numerous articles re: Pandemic depression. Everyone needs to stay engaged somehow with the outside world and every so often in person.
    I tell you 187% blogging and all my friends and their post have been a blessing each day..I get to laugh, check on their well being and learn.
    We went on a lovely outing today. First time out of our county in a year. The annual glass
    pumpkin exhibition at Cedar Creek Gallery about 25 miles from here in northern Wake Co. Beautiful rolling hills and nature. Tell Lady I'm gonna send her an email with 2 pumpkin collages
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. I wear a mask when going in any where here in the KCMO metro area. I actually have not crossed the state line once since the pandemic began, I live on the Kansas side. I miss concerts very much, and there are some small ones happening around my little town, but I am NOT going. I am still scared, I admit it, and we are seeing cases go up again now. I am going to get a flu shot within the next few weeks, I am lucky, I can go to the Army post or to Walgreens to get it. I have given some short tours at the museum, but opted out of giving one to a large group this week, I don't feel safe. That is what I miss most of all, feeling safe.

  11. Has it been that long? It feels like furever!! Momma is back to working in the office every day. We both miss her being home. She and our Best Guy sometimes go to restaurants and have even been to the movies a few times. Momma says she's felt safe because everyone takes lots of precautions. She's heard a lot of people are refusing like ninnies to wear a mask, but where she's gone out, it's been all masked.

  12. Gosh! It has seemed like a year, is it really only 190 days!?! As we are in Midway, Mom does not goes to the office at all. As a mater of fact, she only has 9 weeks left until she is retiring! Wes is loving the country life and us cats has become "mostly outside" animals. But as soon as the winter weather comes, wes sure we will will be inside. Sending yous guys HELLLOS from BC!!!
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cinnamon and Angel Nellie

  13. I didn't think of it days, 190 days that seems like a lot. Glad your holding fort down.

  14. It seems downright bizarrd when you're excited about making a dental appointment during the panDAMNic, isn't it? Continue to stay safe and keep smiling. 😇


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