Monday, July 6, 2020

Mischief Monday - Catching Up - by Lee

Dear Pals,

We are back again after a brief break. As we mentioned, Lady had to abandon us because she doesn't love us.  Lady and Aunt C had to go visit Grammie and the Big Guy and deal with a house they inherited the contents of. Lady returned over a week ago, but she was exhausted from the long trip, exhausted from in 15 hours having to decide the fate of thousands of household items, exhausted as she prepared to go back to the office (which she will refer to as hell - all the damn cleaning). So while she got the Canada Day post up, she didn't get much else done on the blog front.

Taken during some off leash training. I am rocking this!

Now we are back to the real phase 2 of the new world. Lady leaves 1 day per week and to make up for this, is taking Fridays off for the month!

When Lady returned, my first order of business was to punish her for being out. This sort of backfired on me, because it pointed out I needed my dew claws clipped and I was subjected to that. But perhaps a small price to pay to show Lady my displeasure.

The claw mark on Lady's leg. I hope it scars

During the past few weeks we have had some thunder and more fireworks then we should (thanks to July 1 and apparently July 4 - any excuse to blow things up). The Man gave me a dose of the Valium while Lady was away because of all the storms, but other than that I am drug free. I have found ways to keep myself calm enough.  I have decided the kitchen in front of the stove is a safe place and spend a lot of time there. Man finds it annoying if it is time to cook because I just don't move. 

Holding a baby can keep me calmer

Also, Man and Lady have just allowed me to continue to rip up a blanket in my fortress of solitude downstairs. They say if that keeps me from destroying the house and helps me stay calm and let's them sleep, they will buy me as many blankets as I need.  It is a fair compromise. 

So that is life here in paradise. I hope you are all well.

Your pal Lee


  1. wow that is a nice idea... and we hope there will be always enough blankets... we know that abandon-punishments, so the mama sent us to da vet today for de-arming. we had anyway to go for dna test... and believe it or not, we came back un-clipped, da dad forgot to ask... isn't he the bestest dad on slice earth?

  2. Hi Hailey,
    So good to see that things are going well for you, and all your needs are being catered for, despite the storms and bangs. I do believe that if you lick Lady's scratch quite often, perhaps directly after you have rolled in some dirt and licked your private parts, and then you hid any anti-bacterial materials there might be around the house, then there is a good chance that Lady will end up with a scar...
    Toodle pip!

    1. Hari OM
      bbwwahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha.... OMD - I can't better this comment, Lee. Bertie is the boffin so I'd listen to him if I were you. Hugs and wags YAM-aunty xxx

  3. I have a scar from the same kind of clause but mine is not quite that long maybe half that! I'm so happy to see that you got to keep your blanket and I hope for you that you have a lifetime supply of blankets to rip up I'm glad you are drug-free and that you were doing better

  4. I'm not of fan of dewclaw clips either, Hailey. I don't mind the dremel on my other nails but mom can't dremel the dewclaw because it's so close to my furs. I totally understand you on the fireworks front. They are a horrible evil invention! grrrrrrrrrrr

  5. Scars are marks of distinction. At least that's what I tell my humans when I give them one ...
    Dougie Dog!

  6. That sorting out of all the stuff is not a fun job. Hard to understand why some things were kept and hard to part with others.

    We hope those blankets are what you need to stay calm, Hailey. We hope the storms stay away.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Lee, we're glad you are learning to stay much as you can...when there are loud noises. We hope the blankets help.

  8. I hope that I never have the same job as your Lady. What a tough one.

    I like the blanket approach. Way to go, Lee!

  9. Whew, sounds like a rough couple of weeks...we sure hope things even out for you and Lady soon!

  10. It sounds like things are going fairly well for you Hailey. Good work on the off leash front. We think destroying your blanket sounds like fun as long as you aren't eating any of it.

  11. So great that Lady is back safe and sound, although exhausted. That does look like a lesson learned there - unfortunately for BOTH of you!

    Love and licks,

  12. Ripping blankets up is a far better coping mechanism than blowing things up. We wish more humans would join you on that front. We're still recovering from the Beirut like 4th of July weekend. Hope things return to normal (whatever that means these days) soon.
    Your no-likey fireworks furiends,
    Norman & Elsa 🐾


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