Monday, April 6, 2020

Mischief Monday - Entering Week 4 of Covid

Hi pals,

We hope you all are safe at home and staying home as much as you can. Today is the start of week 4 of self isolation for us. We are hearing rumours this is our life for at least 3 months. If it keeps people safe and healthy, it seems like a small price to pay. (Lady selfishly wants it to go on until September so she gets the summer at the lake. We have a private beach that only the neighbours use so we could easily socially distance). 
Nothing to see here

Given that every region of the world is doing something a little bit different, we thought we would share what is happening in our 'hood.  We are mandated to stay home unless we are out for essentials.  Man continues to work from home. Tomorrow, Lady will be able to apply for social assistance as she is technically unemployed (ethically she can't abandon clients so she has some unpaid contact with them weekly).

I am not killing bunny for something to do

In our province, Quebec, the boarders are now closed (except for essential travel) and there are checkpoints on all the roads. We were talking to a neighbour, who is essential construction (making cement sand for a new hospital that is being built) and he said they have to travel with papers, to show the police why they are out. What this means for us, is we can't cross the bridge into Ottawa to go and visit any of our friends and family on that side of the river.  Lady couldn't go to the centre she works with in Ottawa (they are closed at this time anyway). Given we weren't planning to cross the river, it doesn't effect us at this time. There are big fines for being out for no reason and for not distancing. All the parks and playgrounds are closed because people couldn't follow the rules.

What, we are watching another Marvel movie?

They continue to tighten the rules on what is an essential business and more places are closing. Starting yesterday, almost everything is closed on Sundays again (like when Lady was a child) to give those working time off.  When Man has to go out for supplies he will take some time off of work and go on a work day. It will be less busy, as many people around here work for the government and are trying to work from home, so it will be safer. 

Wake me when it is over.

Lady says she is amazed how busy she is in this new life. In fact, she isn't getting everything done she wants to in a day! Maybe if she spent less time napping. . . . . scrap that, we like our afternoon bed nap. 

Phod has settled to having the people home all the time. The first 2 weeks he was very stressed, but he has now accepted this new routine. We both like getting 2 walks a day. 

We get a lot of alerts like this on our phone

Because we live in the country, there is little danger of running into people. Besides the neighbours (who we have spoken to from a very far distance), we have only had to practice social distancing 2 times. Once for a guy getting his mail. We just stood back (more than 10 feet) until he got into his car. Once for a cyclist who was struggling her way up a hill. We walked on the other side of the road. 

So all that to say, we are good. The curve doesn't seem to be flattening yet, but we are doing our part. We are doing well and everyone but the Man wonders how we will ever go back to leaving the house again! 

We hope all of you are doing your part too and staying safe and healthy.

Lee and Phod


  1. we hope if we all follow the rules and do our best, the infections will stop and we will have a normal life in some weeks... it is not easy to live like robinson crusoe, specially when it is moanday and we wait for friday LOL

  2. Good to hear that you are safe and healthy, and its interesting to read about the rules in your part of the world. Here in Aberdeen our parks and open spaces in the city are still open (although some in London have been closed) and the city streets are quiet so social distancing is not in general a problem. The biggest problem for me is that you're not allowed to meet up with anyone who doesn't live in the same household. I do find myself prowling the streets with Bertie and hoping to run into a neighbour who will, from a safe distance, talk to me!
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Hari OM
    It does seem that your restrictions are a tad stronger than ours - at the moment. Rumour is there of increase here too. For the most part for father and myself there has been very little difference from our regular weeks, apart from the fact I am not getting my thrice weekly trip out either to the city or the shopping centre, or that Mac1 isn't visiting or neighbour M... lots of phone contact though.

    I am about to get my boots on... for the first time in 3.5 weeks am going to set foot outside in order go pick up dad's prescription from the pharmacy. It will about a 1.5km round trip, much needed fresh air and stretch. Even though there is a hire car just sitting in the driveway... YAM xx

  4. When we run into friends on early morning walkies, we walk on opposite sides of the road too. At least we are seeing SOMEONE! Stay safe!

  5. Gonna try to keep Dilly-Dog from reading this post, because then she'll want two walks a day too.

  6. It's good to hear you are all doing well during this weird time we are living in. Since our pawrents are retired we are used to having them around most of the time. Keep up the good work on following all the rules so you all stay safe and healthy.

  7. we are pretty much the same as you are, and we are staying home, only going out for food once a week. we are worried about Big Boy stressing out when we get back to our routine. we have not left him alone in 3 weeks, he is loving it and will be upset when we do. we know this because now he has to be in the room with one of us all the time, before the last 3 weeks he slept anywhere anytime. if one of us goes outside he follows the other

  8. It sounds like you are coping well. I wish our government was more like yours with the shutdown. Your's seems steeped in science and data, ours is a reality show focused on improving his ratings. Stay safe, stay home and stay smiling.

  9. Lee that is a very nice stuffy. NC has 2,585 cases of the virus and 37 deaths, Raleigh was considered the epicenter but now it is Charlotte.
    It is so pretty here gorgeous skies hard to believe what is lurking.

    Some people just moved into the house across the street over the weekend.
    I know they are breaking all kinds of restrictions. A crew in their house painting, Spectrum cable coming and going and other service peeps
    Hugs Cecilia

  10. We also wish our country was as vigilant as yours...

  11. Here in New Zealand, we were given 48 hours notice two weeks ago that everything will shut. The only shops open are supermarkets, petrol station and dairies (mum and pop stores). School, universities, any form of recreation, beaches, were closed. After 2 weeks some restrictions are being relaxed, we are now able to shop online for essential winter supplies and most importantly dog food. We have another three weeks supply but you can never be too sure. On-line shopping must be done with no contact ie pre-paid and delivered by our hard working rural postie. We are fine as we live 30 minutes from town on 6 acres so there is plenty to do. Husband is deemed to be essential services so he is working from home. So far, there has been one death attributable to Covid-19 and just over 1,000 infections in a population of 5 million. And our boarders are closed.

  12. We're not quite as restrictive here, though there will be tough fines for people trying to 'get away' for Easter. We still get out for our walks, so aren't suffering.

  13. We have a stay at home order here, but I had to go to the vet this morning, and then to pick up masks. Many are now wearing masks and I want to be ready when it is mandatory. I am home the rest of the day, and I am enjoying being home... I am glad to be here. I have been keeping busy on my four acres and taking care of animals.

  14. Hang in there pups! Hopefully this will be over soon!

  15. We have some of the same rules. But we think more rules have to be put in place to make sure the numbers go down. Phod is looking very relaxed now and we are glad he isn't stressed anymore. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  16. You are all doing great. It's a ruff time for sure. It's amazing how much there is to do at home.....but, we sure miss our friends! So glad for our blog and FB furiends!

    Wyatt and Tegan

  17. If I had private beach and all money in world. I wouldn't mind being more time at the lake.

  18. Destroying a bunny or two is a small price to pay while you and your family are doing the right things. Your neighborhood sounds a lot like ours. It's pretty much lock down unless you're out getting essentials. Doggie walks are essential, so we're good.

    Love and licks,


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