Thursday, January 9, 2020

It Was an Accident

Phod: "It wasn't my fault. It was like an accident. I was just scared."

Lady: "Where you scared or angry?"

Phod: "Mostly scared. It was like you triggered the trauma of my early life when I was abandoned."

Lady: "I can see you were paying attention when I was working on the trauma course last week. And here I thought you just slept in my office while I worked."

Phod: "Nope, I pay attention sometimes. You know from your course that triggers can cause a fear response, and that is what I had."

Lady: "Let's say you did have a fear response when the Man accidentally shut you out of the bedroom the other night. After you had an accident downstairs, you came to the door to ask to be let in. Why didn't you just come to the door right away? We would have let you in."

Phod: "I was so re-traumatized I didn't think of it."

Lady: "Ok, if this is what you say happened. Can we try in the future, if the Man thinks you are in bed and you are not and he closes the door, that you knock first?"

Phod: "Ok, I will try."

Lee: "I would have anger peed and pooped if you locked me out. The room is mine and I should have access whenever I want."

Lady: "I know Lee, that is why I was just clarifying with Phod what happened."

Phod: "I would never anger pee and poop, even if I was very sad that you have gone back to work and had a busy weekend and have not been with me every minute of the day, and I am the saddest boy ever, made more sad because you locked me out of the bedroom."

Lady: "Oh Phod, we love you. The Man really thought you were in bed. He didn't mean to shut you out. We would love to be able to stay home every minute of everyday, but we have to work and go out and do some things. You are still getting love and walks and you spend most of the day sleeping. I am surprised you notice we are gone."

Phod: "I am sorry. I miss you a lot. Please don't shut me out of the room anymore. It is very scary when you do."

Lee: "If there is more pee and poop on the floor this week, it is because I am anger doing it because of our mistreatment. Think of it as my protest."

Lady: "Oh Lee . . . . ."


  1. oh Leeee ;O))) phod we understand you, da nelly gets da absoluetly panic if he is locked out ...the ghosts of the past sometimes come back...

  2. Gail is feeling very relieved that Bertie has not been exposed to the concepts of trauma- and anger-related peeing and pooping.
    Phod and Lee - you know that Man and Lady love you vey much and work hard to give you the best possible lives, so do go easy on them.

  3. I dont think I've ever done any accidents like that. I do hate to be left alone in the house, though, especially since Joey dog has been gone. Fortunately, that hardly ever happens any more. My peeps are regular home bodies!

  4. Oh Phod, I can't believe the abandonment!! Locked out of the bedroom at night?! It's a horror that doesn't bear thinking about.

  5. Hari OM
    OMD, my heart is thumping for you, Phoddy. Clearly you have been given such a shock. But darling dog, Lady and Man are so in love with you, truly they are, so please don't feel so abandoned or hurt. Let them love on you as much as they can, then be a big brave boy and guard the house when they can't. 'Kay???
    Lee - well. Just don't, okay. You are equally loved. I know this. I have powers.
    Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  6. Oh my stars dear sweet Phod....totally an accident and miscommunication and it was dark and weird things happen in the dark
    Hugs Cecilia

  7. Uh oh, we think there may be some more 'retraumatised' incidents. Sounds like a good reason to us.

  8. We are sure you didn't really mean it Phod. That sure wasn't nice of the Man to shut you out of the bedroom.

  9. We believe you, Phod. Accidents happen here too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  10. Jakey and Rosy - We totally understand Phoddy
    Arty - I'm with you Hailey!!
    Rosy, Jakey & Arty

  11. So sorry you were having rough time. Things will be better...count to three and remember your safe


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