Thursday, September 21, 2017

Traveling Tuesday on a Thursday - Oregon Zoo

While I don't want this post to become a debate about zoos, I wanted to state that I have some personal concerns about them. While I LOVE animals and the experience of talking to keepers to learn more, seeing them up close etc. etc., I don't love the idea of them. In an ideal world they would not exist. I hope my niece and nephew's generation finds a way for us to save the animals in the wild and live with them peacefully so we don't need zoos. 

Now I will step off my soapbox and share some memories from he Oregon Zoo (which the Man picked as an activity). 

First, let me say this is a beautiful, spotlessly clean facility. The keepers we spoke to/heard speak clearly had the animals welfare as their number one goal. For example, the polar bear who appeared lonely was moving in the fall to a facility where she would have 'friends'. The animals all looked very healthy too.

Here are some of my favourites. 

I have never seen a polar bear in the wild (and kind of hope I never do). I am always amazed at how big they are. 

The Man's hand in a paw print

Me beside one

This guy's face broke my heart.

The Man's hand compared to a Gorilla


The giraffe

Doozy was a rescue. He had been bought as a pet and people decided he was too big (imagine that). I am glad the zoo was able to give him a more appropriate home. 

Man vs. Elephant

It was this elephant's birthday so he got extra treats!

When it comes to zoo animals, the big cats are my favourite. I could spend the rest of my life watching them. I got to spend about 15 minutes watching this tiger play in the water trying to get a bucket. It was amazing. I heard someone who visits regularly say she had never seen him so active. 

Once he had the bucket out he was done with it. So like a cat! He was just so beautiful!

This bear cracked me up. She (I am guessing as there were other bears around) held up her paws so she could get the water to shoot into her mouth. 

Next week we will show off some more trip pictures. I think we will share the beach and rocks! 


  1. Hari OM
    I echo your concerns, KTen... There are very few zoos which I think ought to remain - the ones who are actively and accountably engaged in conservation of species and full enrichment for the animals kept. Sydney's Taronga zoo is one such and London zoo another... I am sad to report that Edinburgh zoo fails my measure (even though research is done there) - mainly because it just does not have the acreage to properly set out suitable living quarters and most of the exhibits are only fair to midling standard... The fact you saw the animals here being active and that the surrounds look 'proper' makes me think this might well be one of the good ones! YAM xx

  2. I'm absolutely with you... no meet&greet with a polar bear... ;o)
    you are right... I feel sorry for this poor guy... wish I could do something to bring a smile on his face...

  3. K10 I too am glad there are places for animals such as these especially those who were thought to be 'pets' but obviously WERENOT! I've never seen a primate like the one you showed. In a very perfect world all species would live in their natural environment w/o fear of poaching etc. I chuckled at your comment about the Tiger. Not matter the size of a feline any activity is all about the fun or sport then bang I'm done!! And so often they never like that very same sport again.

    Lately I've been watching some very good programs on Smithsonian Wild, China, Japan and Indonesia. All about the extraordinary animals living there.
    Hugs HiC

  4. What a fun post and very informative! The animals are all so beautiful!

  5. We agree with you also. Those pictures are beautiful though, sometimes I fink it is the humans who should be behind those bars, and the animals looking in at them. stella rose

  6. We agree with you about zoos. That picture of you against the bear drawings is interesting. We knew polar bears were big but we didn't realize they were that big especially compared to the other species!

  7. Yeah, zoos are kinda sad so we share your hope for the future!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. I'm with you on the whole Zoo thing, although, someone did point out to me, that some of the animals would be subject to poachers and other unsavory things, if out in the wild. That did bring me some solace. I'm also with you on the cats. They are just so magnificent, I could watch them forever. And HOLY SMOKES that's a BIG BEAR!

  9. Actually, zoos are so much better now. We have one just down the road. It is a breeding zoo...for endangered animals, so it doesn't have all the usual zoo animals. The animals have large enclosures and are given stimulating activities. I remember the old zoos where the poor animals just sat in concrete-floored cages...pacing. So sad.

  10. I love the photos you've shared! Some of the animals are so exciting I haven't seen anything like them before!!
    Lots of licks, your good friend Morrie :)

  11. We loved seeing all the animals. Too bad they have to be captive. But seeing them helps to conserve their species in the wild.

  12. I love the size comparisons, especially you next to the Polar Bear!!!!

  13. Can't imagine meeting a polar bear in the wild!
    Hazel & Mabel

  14. This looks like one of the better zoos...I am also on the fence about zoos, except for the ones that are doing things to preserve species(I really like the work the San Diego Zoo and the Wildlife park does).

  15. I feel the same way about zoos as you do. But when you see their size up close, it truly gives you a whole new respect for them and their power...And cuteness too!

  16. Zoo visits are a sure fire way to smile seeing how the animals spend their days. So incredible, so impressive.

  17. Holy cow - I had no idea polar bears were so big! I don't think I'd want to meet one in the wild either!


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