Thursday, April 20, 2017

Trying To Like The Treat Flyer

Phenny was kind enough to send some special treats for Phod's birthday. The one being a treat launcher.  Now this launcher (that I will eventually figure out how to get the video up) makes a clicking sound, which scares Phod.

We are working on teaching him to not fear it. We tried pairing it. This is how it went:

Phod standing near the bathroom smelling it. 

The Man gently dropping treats for Phod.

Phod eating the treats and the girls being very jealous.

Phod deciding that this was to scary and going to the bathroom.

The girls had a great time with it, so at least someone is enjoying it!

Snow update:
As of last evening this is the snow in the back yard.

There is one spot in the front with a lot too. Now it is raining the next couple of days, but the temperatures are low over night. Will the snow be all gone by Phenny's day tomorrow?  Will Kinley have picked the right day with the 23rd? Will it last longer?  Time will tell! (Lady is working very late tonight so won't have a chance to add a snow update to Friday's post, but will do her best to let you all know how it is melting on Saturday).


  1. hari OM
    oh deary me Phod... you are a pawcifist pupster and shot-like things are just not your bag, what?! As for that snow, well blow me down if we didn't get a frost again last night too!!! Sigh... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. Professor Lee, please grab your hair dryer and help your bestest student....
    Phod if you don't like the noises, maybe you can use that gun in case a mouse will enter your crib again? bet you can knock it out when you load that thingy with peas...
    btw: sorry the mama has a meowgraine and she is in killer mode... pooooooor Fievel, huh?

  3. Poor Phod. Bree can't stand the sound of the oven clicking off and on and loses her little mind barking frantically until Mom soothes her. Mom thinks this harks back to something from the Puppy Mill so we understand not liking certain sounds.

  4. My poor buddy Phod. I am so sorry you are afraid of that treat dispensing toy. Maybe over time you will get used to it.

  5. hopefully he will eventually get use to it :)

  6. Anything having to do with treats is A-ok in our book
    Lily & Edward

  7. Phod, please don't be scared! Hope you'll enjoy this toy soon! :) :)

    Glad to see you guys enjoyed the egg hunting!! Your humans are so nice. We'll have to ask our mom to do the same next year.

    Momo & Pinot xoxo

  8. Phod sweetie I'm not a big fan of unusual noises either...especially when it comes to my food. I have all confidence you will eventually realize this treat toy is your friend.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  9. Awe, Phod that does sound kind of scary! You sure do look adorable in these pictures!

  10. Jakey and Bilbo totally gets it Phod...Arty would probably be on the fence...but Angel Dory would have totally loved it!!

  11. How cool that Phod received a French toy for his birthday. Both of my knuckleheads would look at me as if I spoke to them in Czech and walk away. LOL Good luck with the snow forecasting and documentation. If I recall, the date I picked was 4/29 but it's starting to look like maybe it'll disappear much sooner. 😊

  12. Maybe if you watch Hailey play with it long enough, you won't be so scared anymore, Phod.

  13. WE do hope you will come to enjoy your toy Phod

    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  14. Don't be afraid, P. It has TREATS!!!!! It's a friendly alien!

    Love and licks,

  15. Hailey looks like she's saying 'Where's mine?"

  16. I would be suspicious about something that makes funny noises too. But if it has yum yum doggie treats inside, I might get over it pretty fast! Wow! You still have snow? Even the parking lot glaciers are melted around here.

  17. What a fun toy to have - I've no doubt that before you know it, Phod will love it!

  18. Oh, Phod, don't worry about that thing - it won't harm you. But Lightning would probably run away from it too and wait for me to knock the treats out:)

    Woos - Misty

  19. Hey Zaphod.... Buddy, don't give this a second thought... One Dog's PLEASURE is Another Dogs TERROR... that is the kind of thingy that makes the World Go Round...
    You will get PLENTY of Snacks and THAT is the thingy that REALLY matters.

  20. Our snow is gone so yours will probably be soon as well!
    We had one of those treat launchers too and Luke didn't like it either.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  21. Some of those weird sounds freak up out the new coffeemaker that loudly swooshes steam once it's finished brewing. All 3 of us jumped when we came in from a potty break just now! Here's hoping Phod gets used to it.


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