Thursday, September 24, 2015

Phody's Bad Day

One day last week, while playing with Precious 2 (the original is still MIA) a terrible thing happened.  Precious 2 bounced deep into the bush.

Phod, never wanting to leave a Precious behind, dove in after it. He came out with Precious but also covered in burrs. He had a least 20 on his belly. Normally, it is easy to get burrs out, but some of these were very deep. I got enough out that he felt comfortable walking and brought him into the house.

I tried to be as gentle as possible, but removing them hurt my boy. He jumped and cried and hid. He broke my heart by acting like he was in trouble for his reaction. The left over reactions of my previously abused dog, angered and upset me. We took it slow and got most out. I did my best to reassure him he was not in trouble, I was trying to help.

Of course all this happened about 15 minutes before I had to leave for work, so we did our best to remove most and I had to leave him.  I found the last two I couldn't get on his dog bed when I got home. I am glad he was able to get them out himself. It was terrible to have to remove them.

I am trying to be more careful and make sure the ball doesn't bounce into the bush!

P.S. Precious 2 has gone to far under the front porch to be retrieved. We are on to Precious 3.

P.P.S.  As of Wednesday morning 9 mice had been caught.


  1. I feel with you Phod... my momma crawled under a bush once for mushrooms and she got 87 burrs in her long fur... my dad had to remove them and she howled like a coyote...and she used very special words for my daddy... Paws crossed for Precious III. hope it stays with you and will not run away :o)

  2. We are experiencing lots of seed pod like burrs here. Katy looked like an alien the other day as her face was covered and Mom had to untangle them all.

  3. those do not sound fun at all - we are happy you finally got them all out

  4. Oh no! Those stickies sure to hurt when you pull your hairs out. Hopefully Precious 3 won't cause any trouble
    Lily & Edward

  5. WE have those burrs in the fields all over Iowa, they are hard to get out of your clothes, and furs, and legs. they are that is a lot of mice!! mom has caught one.
    stella rose

  6. Hari OM
    Blessing upon Third Precious, may she reign long over your play..... and not cause you to rumble in the jungle of burrs.... You DO know, Zaphod, that the whole of Blogville is on your side??? Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  7. I had no idea Phod had been an abused dog. He always looks so happy. I'm sure it's all the love you've given him. Maybe it's time to get Precious 4.... do you keep them in stock?

  8. Poor Phod! That sounds so painful.

  9. Awwww poor Phod!!!! Burs hurt don't they pal?!!
    9 mice???? EEK!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Oh Phod, we are sorry those nasty burrs hurt you. We went for a walk on Sunday and Mom had to really work hard to keep us out of the stickers on each side of the trail. Hope you are feeling better today buddy
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  11. Oh paw Phod, that's not very nice at all, bigs hugs to you brave fella!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  12. Nine mice! Are you sure that little device isn't attracting them? BOL! Poor Phod. Burrs are horrible, the scotties get them all the time and SHE isn't all that gentle at times, but at least they don't have abuse histories. Glad you have replacements for the precious.

  13. Poor sweet Phod. Yikes on the mice! Get 'em!

  14. I try to break the burrs up with my fingers, it seems to help getting them out as they get really tangled in long Sheltie hair.

  15. Aww, poor Phod!! I'm sure he was very reassured after extra lovin's from you!

  16. Phod we are sorry to hear you had such a bed day. We hope your mom has a supply of the precious balls so you are never without one.

  17. It's so hard when you have a dog who was mistreated before you knew them. I understand how his reaction broke your heart. But, you're a good dog mom to take such good care of him. He's a lucky boy to be with you.

  18. Dear Handsome Phod,

    Oh no! That is indeed a bad day! I hope it got better... Maybe all 3 Preciouses will show up at the same time? That would be a better day!



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