Friday, July 17, 2015

Feline Friday - Nin is home

I have been waiting for Nin's return to thank you all for your kind words and love since Nin died. It somehow didn't feel right to thank everyone until he was home. Maybe because this is when his journey really ends. 

We received the call last Thursday that his remains had been returned to our vet clinic. As the clinic is an hour away and neither of us happened to be going to the city we left him there until Monday.

On Monday morning, on my way to work I picked him up. It felt weird all day Monday to know my cat's ashes were sitting on the passenger seat in the car.  It felt weird to be driving with Nin's ashes in the car. He hated the car and would sing the entire ride. It was strange to have any part of him in the car and it be so quiet. I found myself periodically meowing during the drive home.

Nin's remains in a box, on the passenger seat of the car, beside my lunch

When I walked through the door at the end of the day, Hailey who is always excited to see me, went crazy over the box. Perhaps just because it smelt like the vet clinic or perhaps because she understood. Then Man says he heard Nin as I walked in the door. I hear him a lot and I think I see a cat out of the corner of my eye often. I have since Bagheera died almost a year ago. I think some of that is the 20 years and 11 days we spent as cat owners (a little more than half my life!).

When Baggy died, I had ordered an urn that would fit the two of them. They were truly best friends and I wanted them to be together. I have now placed (felt more like jammed) Nin in with Baggy. They are together again.

The urn is currently in a glass cupboard in the kitchen until we figure out where we want to keep it

This week we received the following letter from the Ontario Veterinarian College Pet Trust in Guelph Ontario. In memory of our dear Cinder, our clinic, Ottawa Veterinarian Hospital,  made a donation to this trust. The money is used for research that hopefully will allow better care for our pets.

Yesterday we received a letter from the Ottawa Humane Society saying our vet clinic had made a donation to them in Nin's honour. We would like to thank the amazing folks at Ottawa Veterinary Hospital for their generosity in Nin's memory. (There is a reason we drive an hour to the vet). 

Thank you all again for sharing this less than fun part of our journey with us. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Our kitty angels, Bagheera (left) and Nin


  1. Hari OM
    what wonderful gifts - vets are angels in science garb! Lovely urn and what a great idea to have prepared one size for both. I have Jade's urn centre place on my lounge window sill with her photo beside it. The voice is ever present. Blessings, YAM xx

  2. it's so great to read about the donation,. I agree a good vet is worth a longer ride in the car. and speaking of cars, that was pawsome that you meowed a little while driving home... eggsactly what this moment needed: some meows.. BRAVO!
    easy rider

  3. Oh my, what a wonderful vet you go to! Making a donation in memory of Cinder. That is too kind. I am glad every cat is back where they "belong".

  4. I'm so glad Nin is home with you again ...I do know that feeling of picking up the remains. There is a sense of coming full circle and coming home. How wonderful that you vet made a donation in Nin's memory.

  5. The donation was great. Its nice that you have them there with you. Its always a hard time..I had such a hard time after loosing Jazzi...I was sure that I kept seeing a little black dog out the corner of my eye too.

    Oreo and Diana

  6. oh how lovely....we also catch dietzy out of the corner of our eyes, or hear him, we agree it is cos he has been with us so very long. Dad almost brought home a new kitty yesterday but mom said no. Not yet.
    stella rose

  7. Our vet does that, too, donates to the University of Georgia School of Veterinary Medicine (his alma mater) whenever a pet dies. I'm sure it's not a huge amount, but every little bit helps, and it's nice getting the thank-you letters from the school. They also send condolence cards when they've had to put a pet to sleep. We have a big collection of those, because we've had a bunch of cats over the years.

    I think the idea of having the ashes of both cats in the same urn is very sweet.

  8. What a wonderful way to honor the lives of fur babies! Yes, the circle is complete.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Aw i'm glad Nin is home with you now, and yes that was a wonderful thing for them to do for you, wow!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Boxer kisses to you! We know how it feels to have them back home -- reassuring but also sadder, more finale. I'm glad that Nin and Baggy are back together again. I love the idea of an urn for them to share! I'm sure they're purring the day away at the Rainbow Bridge. Maybe they've met my brother Scribbles and are exchanging tales of Blogville!

  11. What a beautiful resting spot for Nin. Purrs...

  12. There was a sigh of relief when Kendra came home for the last time. She sat on our shelf for several years and was finally buried with Daisy......

    We think we see them sometimes, too. Often in the behaviour of the other pups....

  13. Mommy and Daddy did the same with our hairy slobbery sisters Bob (Roberta) & Sam (Samantha). They was half sisters and they came to lives with us 1 year apart. Bob was just not the same after Sam went over the bridge. She and me was best buddies and she became a great "Mommy" to Cinnamon.
    Wes sends yous lots of Love and Strength

  14. Oh I think it's wonderful that they are together again.....I still have Eddie's ashes and once Sammy is gone - which I hope is a long time from now! - his ashes will join Eddie's......they would have been such GREAT friends as they are both incredibly special to us. Sending you hugs........

    Pam and Sam

  15. I am always comforted to have our fur kids home. the donation is wonderful. The event we were attending last year when Greta got sick, was a fundraiser for their local humane society and other pet related causes. They let us pick out a local organization and made a $350 donation in Greta's name. We chose our local Delta Pet Partners - Therapy dogs
    big hugs
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  16. We are very sorry to hear about Nin. Good-bye, Cat Friend.


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