Saturday, May 30, 2015

Confessions of a Dog Lady - I Could Easily Become a Dog Hoarder

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Now confession time: I could become a dog hoarder

When I read stories of people who have 25 dogs in an apartment or 47 cats, my first thought is "that is crazy." However, when I think about it, I realize I shouldn't judge, because that could be me.

I love my dogs so, so much. My whole life revolves around them. Every time I see a dog who doesn't have a loving home, I want to bring it home.

Several weeks ago I was minding my own business at the local tiny hardware store, when I heard someone say "puppy for sale". Next thing I knew I was holding an 8 week old retriever. She was so soft, and she was licking my face with her terrible puppy breath. It was great! When we were done it took all my willpower to put that puppy down and walk out of the store. I even named her.

That same weekend, I was in town and I stopped by PetSmart to get dog food. They had just put the last dog from the adoption event back in the truck to return to the shelter. If I had been earlier I would have been faced with having to walk by homeless rescued dogs. That would have been tough.

Almost every day I ask the Man for another dog. Every day he says no. Uf he didn't say no would have 3. Then likely 4 and then 5 . . . . . . .then I would be a dog hoarder.

There are things I do to try and help decrease my desire to overfill my house with dogs. I have unfollowed most dog rescues on Twitter, (although I feel guilty about that, but less guilty then the daily reminder that all those pups need homes. I avoid blog posts about dogs looking for homes. I do not allow myself to visit the rescue or SPCA type sights. Every time I do, I desperately find a pup I want to bring home.

I have thought about volunteering with a rescue organization but fear the temptation to help will be too great.

Does anyone else feel this way?

"Aren't we enough?"


  1. I think I could end that way too... but I try to be strong, even if it breaks my heart sometimes... I also said no as a breeder asked us for would break my heart to give his pups away... :o(
    easy rider

  2. Hari Om

    That was the short version. The longer version is that I too have a dog 'vaasana' - the inherent tendency to desire and act upon... I have managed to resolve this to some degree by being honourary aunty in Blogville, sponsoring guide dogs and by substituting stuffies for fluffies. The horror of finding out in one's 50s that poor lonely stuffies sitting on shop shelves are every bit as needy as any unhomed pup? Disturbing.

    But true... sigh.... at least by looking at RSPCA and similar sites and gazing into the eyes of prospective companions I can fund the strength to turn away. I will only visit a shelter when I am absolutely ready for another dog in my life - to go before that would be like going to a chocolate factory without first having understood that it cannot all be consumed at once!!!

    Don't worry Lady; as with all addictions, confession is half the battle &*> huggies, YAM xx

  3. Mommy would definately be a hoarder butt her township has a rule that says u can only have 3 dogs per house.

  4. Raises hand too - guilty. I too had to disconnect for rescue sites for fear I would end up over run - lucky we have no option now as we renting a house that has a strict 2 dog policy bu I still go goo goo eyes every time I see pups in need of a new home. It is hard - but perhaps in the long run it is bet to give the best home you can and all the love you can to two furbabies than none at all.

  5. I (Judge Frankie Furter) must say.... on our hill....
    GUILTY as Charged...... {{{THWAPPPPPPPPPPPpp}}} our mom and dad can hardly STAND to see those in need of a home...

  6. I'm washing a load of towels and blankets right now to drop off at the shelter next week! Doesn't help that his sister works there & one of our friends there is always pointing out a dog that would "be perfect for us"! The Mr. says "we're full!" whenever I mention a cute dog or cat.

    We have 2 dogs and 4 cats, plus the lizard, and everyone gets along (for the most part). If we didn't have the feeling that one more of ANYTHING would throw the house into chaos I would probably have a pack of small dogs & a few more cats. Also, Maggie & Duke are about 50 lbs each, so adding one more dog would increase the odds that I'll be dragged through the woods after a squirrel. :)

  7. Omg, I am the same way!!! I mean, I would have a whole husky farm if I could!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  8. Our Mommy would bring every cat and dog on the planet that needed a home, to OUR HOUSE if Daddy and the rest of us would let her. SHE knows exactly how you feel, the rest of us think Mommy doesn't pay ENOUGH attention to US, so we are with Daddy.

    PS: You could try fostering, but Mommy was a foster failure.

  9. mol mol mol THERE IS A COMMERCIAL ON TVees here. It says a commons sense house is a house with the same number of toilets as people in the house. Mom uses that same thought process for animals no more than the number of humans in the house. Mol of course with a diva like Moi...I say no more pets period unless two more humans move in here.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS I, Mom, do understand how you feel though. I feel the same but then I realize Madi is 13...and it is not the time to add to the mix. She is too used to being Queen Diva

  10. Absolutely! I am the same way and my husband keeps saying no, too. :( When we get a house we are getting a 3rd dog for sure but no more kitties.

  11. Oh yes! We have had as many as 5 pugs, but 3 seems to be a good number now. When Greta was still a pup, we were in a local pet store and there was a little black male pug with big googly eyes. We tortured our selves by holding him and letting him give us kisses. I too picked out a name, but we remembered we had a puppy that was a handful and husband was due to have hernia surgery in a few weeks, just not a good time - but we came oh so close!!!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  12. Hi hi hi! Ojo here!

    Dear Handsome Phod and Cousin Lee (and I am very glad that you are still my cousin, whew!) - do not look so worried! I am sure your person loves you very much and yes you are enough! But I learned something special about love, and it's this: The more the people love, the more room they have for love! Isn't that amazing! I was sure that Cobi filled my people's hearts - and when I first came she did! - but then their hearts grew and now I fit too!

    But what does NOT grow is time!

    We almost had Moro come to live with us too (he was on our blog about six weeks ago for a Beach walk!). Moro's person does not want him. I do not understand why. Our person does not understand why. He is a Very Awesome Dog, and both Cobi and I liked him very much! But there is no space in the back of Car, and there is not much time in our people's lives!

    It is truly very hard because our person works with Dogs. Most of these Dogs have homes, but she sees Dogs who are awesome and not wanted any more, and she works with Dogs waiting to find homes... And it is very hard, she says! However, she also says though that any Dog who came to live with us would have to be a good fit with us current Dogs, because she doesn't think it is fair for any Dogs to live in a house where they feel stress from their packmates.

    This is why Moro was so hard... He is the same size as us, and he deferred even to me, and he ran with us really well, and he fetches, and he played with us well, and he likes to be chased while I like to chase, and even Cobi liked him a lot, and he loves training, and he is a Very Good Boy.

    Every Dog deserves an amazing home, like the one you have! With people who will play fun training games, and who accept you for who you are, and whose hearts will grow for you! My person says it is indeed very hard when you know you are that home, and there is a Dog who needs that home...

    At least that puppy will be adopted very soon, I just know it!

  13. Our mom's dream is to have a puppy farm where she never has to send them to other homes. It is only a dream cuz there are obvious flaws in that plan!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  14. It's like you stole the thoughts and feelings right out of my head! You're not alone...

  15. sound just like me. Except my husband put up with it until Arty (number 4)...which is on the precipice of hoarding (or at least that's what hubby says ;-).

  16. I could have written exactly the same thing as you. I constantly have to remind myself that Shyla is a "special needs" dog, and she needs as much attention as she can get. That's how I stop myself, even when a neighbor wanted to give me the sweetest Australian Shepherd and Lab Mix (chocolate colored). It broke my heart but I said no. I could easily have a house full of dogs if I lost my self control!!!!!

  17. All. The. Time. Admittedly, it's less when I see dogs at random and more when my own dogs have done something great that I have the "I NEED another dog" feelings, but still. I try and combat it with donating to shelters, spoiling my own dogs, ect. It's really, really bad when I see some of my most lusted after breeders having a litter.

  18. Our Mommy is the same. She wants to takes care of all the strays. Especially when wes in the city! She just about bringed home a new kitten last week!


  19. I totally get what you're saying, and I totally understand how hard it is to say no... You may not know this, but I don't say it often enough--Shocking, isn't it? :-)!!!! Lets both stay strong... But I have a feeling that you definitely have room for one or two more!! :-)

  20. My Mum would definitely be a hoarder. Not just dogs but anything that needs a home. So how come I'm the only pet here at the moment. DAD HAS PUT HIS FOOT DOWN!!!!!!! She'll get round him again. She ALWAYS does.

  21. Oh yes, Mum's ambition would be to have a whole army of cavaliers! Yep, one in each colour way would make her very happy…luckily fur me Dad is less keen…some finks to do with all the poop clearing up!!!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  22. We often see dogs from the rescue we got Millie & Walter from that we think we would like to have. Then we realize that these two are so perfect together and we wouldn't want to upset the perfect harmony they have.

  23. Yes, we would love them all. Maybe when we retire, we can be full time hoarders :D

    Wyatt and Family

  24. Yes, Yes, and double is very hard for our mom cos she knows the horrible puppy mill is only twenty minutes away, and she could run out there and bring a new kids home...breaks her heart.
    stella rose

  25. Yes..I would be tempted to get rid of Man for more dogs! But I always end up wanting to spoil my one...


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