Saturday, November 15, 2014

Delay in Blog Post as Had to Go to the Post

Would Lady notice if I borrowed something?
We are posting our blog later than we intended today as we have been busy.

First we had to help our Lady wrap some gifts for some special friends. See we got Dory and the Boyz from in the Christmas gift exchange. Because we are going to be MIA for a few weeks (on Monday we will tell you all about it), we wanted to make sure it went out.

Great wrapping job Lady, my gal Dory is
gonna love this stuff! 
Once it was all wrapped, we sent Lady to town to mail it. She said it was so silly mailing it. First, there was a big line. Then, US customs have changed how things have to be done. The Mail Lady had to enter all the info about everything that was in the package (very specific and estimated dollar values)  into the computer so customs has that now before they have the package. I guess this way they can flag suspicious packages. Then the Lady had to write out what she just told the Mail Lady (why they can't just print that out and have her sign it is beyond her).  She hopes Dory and the Boyz don't peak at the customs slip cause it says what is in it without even having to open it!

Lady also learned that if it is over 1 kg, you have to express post it. No slow mail (now that is just to make the $$$$ and is silly). At any rate, she got it all taken care of and sent off before her appointment at the human hair stealers. Regardless of how silly the mail system is, we are so excited to be sending a gift to our friends. We hope they enjoy it!


  1. Boy Howdy they do NOT make thingys EASY do they?

    We gots a package that has to go to CANADA and one to OZ...... We always say DOG TOYS and that is all.... butt we guess THAT will change....
    PLUS... we send somethingy to OZ Recently that said Dog Toys... and the Postal Peeps OPENED it and STOLE the TREATS out... Grrrrrr.

    We know that Dory and Crew will NOT PEEK at the package slip... They want to be surprised when the package arrives..
    AND you ARE RIGHT... it IS worth the work.

    OMD your lady went to the peep's hair stealer??? Did they steal her Nails Too?

  2. That sounds crazy to label the items cause everyone knows presents are supposed to be a surprise.

    Aroo to you,

  3. Sounds like a lot of sillyness,, at the post office!
    I hope the rest of your day got better and better.

  4. sometimes the post office can be a real pain in the tail

  5. Oh my...we are sorry those customs are such a pain, we promise not to peek at the label!!!
    We can't WAIT....what?? Uh oh..Mama say we HAVE TO wait until Christmas to open the pressies!!!

    Mamas can be evil...
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  6. Customs stole some of our presents. We think they ate them. Seems everything requires loads of paperwork. At least your package is on it's way

  7. Hari OM
    In Australia we always had to do that... have yet to discover what the state of things is here in the UK now... I do think that there are times when the security upgrades are just pure excuses for inconvenience and $$$grabbing; with all the scanning tech around now, they could tell in an instant if the treats were explosables, or the tail-wag-lifter-gadget was a detonizer....tsk...

    Phod and Lee,,, glad to see you were disciplined around the wrappers and I do hope you got a treat for being good supervisors! Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  8. Wow, what a performance just to post a parcel (of course not just any parcel, it was an extra specials one !)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah

  9. I'm sure there will be a pawty art Dory's back yard when the post guy brings the parcel! I have to admit that I stepped into the "over 1 kg"-trap too, because of 20 grams... I hope La Poste will use the additional fees for a good cause LOL.


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