Thursday, September 18, 2014

Project Hailey - She's in a good place

Summer, the season that is the most stressful for my girl, is ending and I am thrilled to report Hailey is in a good place.

Looking back over the summer she didn't destroy anything (other than her toys and those don't count). She was clearly nervous many nights with fireworks, wind and storms, but she dealt with these well. She would take a baby and go to one of her hiding places. 

She has been listening well and we have been able to increase her off leash training. She is loving to get to run free in our yard. We are very careful to only do this at times we believe she will be successful (so not when the wild animals are likely to be visiting).

I have not spent the time working on commands perhaps I should have, however, she has gotten a lot more fresh air and exercise in this good weather. Soon it will be miserable out and we will be spending more time inside, the perfect time to perfect over and whatever else we decide to teach.

I am not sure all the reasons for this almost calmness in my girl, but am thrilled with it. She is growing up to be the dog we knew she could be!

I am perfect and beautiful


  1. depending on the breed of dogs - some can be three years old before they are considered mature - so nothing wrong with being a later bloomer

  2. Well done to Lee and onwards and upwards we say. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Excellent! I am so glad Lee has done so well.

  4. Great news. Maybe she feels more comfortable and relaxed in her forever and ever home
    Lily & Edward

  5. Congrats Lee, seems now you are really a lady :o) maybe our pups have such phases too as we had them as we were teenagers?

  6. Maybe it's due to pawesome parents.

    Aroo ro you,

  7. I never doubted it. She is pawsome!

  8. Of COURSE you are Beautiful and PAWFECT. We are glad that the scary season is over fur you.

  9. That s so very pawesome!!! sure are maturing, and getting more beautimous every day!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  10. Hari Om
    Beaut indeed Lee-lass and that photo shows lots of red in your furs... I luvz red furs... Hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  11. How wonderful for Hailey and you! Bravo for all the effort you put in to helping her to be a happy dog.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mom

  12. Ahhhhhh Hailey...I think you are officially a mellow young lady.
    Gorgeous photo
    Hugs madi your bfff

  13. You are perfect and beautiful, and the occasional destruction of stuffs and running away won't change that Hailey. But we're glad your pawrents are relaxing...bwahahaha!

  14. Way to go Hailey!! Woohoo ;) And yes, of course you are perfect and beautiful! xo, Miss Destiny

  15. You are perfect and beautiful! I am so happy for you.

    Love Sasha

  16. we all got that inside, you just gotta let us get it out, when we want to. It took ME 2 years to come around!

    Da Sus

  17. It's a tribute to so many things, one your devotion and patience with your girl. I'm happy she's doing well!!!

  18. Oh this is such good news!!!! It just takes time- sometimes!

  19. HIGH FIVE PAWS Hailey!! You are indeed perfect and very, very beautiful!!
    BIG licks,
    Wally & Sammy

  20. Woo hoo I am doing a happy dance for you!!!

  21. Hi Hi Hi! Ojo here! Cousin Lee, you are indeed beautiful - and exactly the Dog you are supposed to be! Hurray for your people for seeing that and supporting you!


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