Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How the Day Actual Went

I got to sleep in until 7:30ish. I took the dogs for a walk around the property, fed them, took them out again and then sat down to get some work done. I needed to get a couple hours done.

Hailey scratched at the door for like 30 minutes while I was working and Man was still sleeping, as she didn't think she had enough of a walk. Often on weekends I schedule the walk for later in the day, but my girl likes her schedule. Since she was scratching so much I locked her in my office with me, where she paced and sighed.

At 10:30 I was done work, Man was up and Hailey went out again.

They both settled for a while and stayed inside while we did the yard work we can't do with the dogs outside (like cut the lawn). Then they went out, Hailey tied to her tree, Phod roaming around and they spent another hour outside while we did some more stuff around the yard. Phod was super and stayed in the yard while we were working.

Next, we headed to the lake for a swim. We got dragged there. We ran into Ghost and Shadow again. Ghost was great, did his sniff and went home. Shadow was not so good. He stole Phod's toy, which Man got away and then he left. Then he came back and got the toy again and wouldn't let go. While Man was trying to get it from him, Shadow started to growl so Phod raced over to protect the Man and Phod and Shadow had words. It was a little scary but no one was hurt. We decided beach time was over. Phod didn't like that I was holding the toy and not throwing it, so he kept jumping up on me and hurt me. We got dragged home.

We had a few hours peace.

The evening the dogs were out a whole bunch, but Hailey kept asking. She didn't enjoy having bug spray on her but the bugs seemed to stop.  We decided to eat our dinner on the back deck for the first time of the year, leaving the dogs inside. It was relaxing the first 10 minutes until Hailey decided she needed to be out and she started scratching the door, and she scratched and scratched for 20 minutes until we came in.

Our plan was to have a little bonfire last night. the Man went out and got it going while I was getting ready to go out. I tired to sneak out, but Hailey got free. She was a great girl and just ran to Man. I got her leash and she sat by the fire for a bit.

I then brought the dogs back in as they don't sit well by the fire. Stupid me didn't make sure the leash drawer was closed and this happened:

Someone chewed the coupler apart in the 30 minutes we were outside. I would like to point out that we came in as soon as the fireworks started because we knew this would cause Hailey to panic and we were hoping to end our weekend on a good note.  Sigh!

Not as relaxing as my dream date with my pups, but at least it wasn't boring!

We visited many of your dates yesterday but didn't comment. Some great dates. Thanks Sarge for organizing this!


  1. they do keep you on your toes don't they :)

  2. Just think of it as exercise! Lee and Phod are keeping you in shape :)

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  3. Never a dull moment and we think Lily is right...keeps you fit LOL. Glad that the fisty cuffs over the toy and The Man was not too bad. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. That reminds me of the song: What a difference a day made :o) Yesterday you wrote about the perfect day and today it's a real day. I remember Shadow was the Weimaraner of your neighborhood, right? Maybe next time you can try to trade the toy for a treat, that's the only way I can get something back what Easy rustled. But it's a way without growling and trouble :o)

  5. Sometimes our mom says YOUR DAY sounds like HER DAY only wif smaller versions....she says we wear her out good, and that is what helps all of us sleep....bahhahahaha
    stella rose

  6. We like the EXERCISE theory. In OUR house mom and dad would get NO exercise if it weren't fur US. AND we think that a SQUIRREL chewed that leash.

  7. It's never a dull moment when you have dogs is it?!?!

  8. Gosh you have so many happenings going on at your house! All the happenings keep you soo busy!

  9. We dogs just don't UNDERSTAND when our peeps are at home and NOT doing stuff WITH us. (ALL THE TIME). We are also usually on the WRONG side of the door. Just sayin'. Glad you managed to have a nice day though without too much hassle.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy (who have knotted leashes)

  10. Ouch! That doesn't sound like very much fun!
    Sorry you got hurt throughout the whole thing.
    We have days like too. Far too many days like that!!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. Hailey youz such a naughty pup..Humans need time too. I do laugh but if it was me, I wouldn't.. Sorry :) Mollie is a complete fruit loop, in today's post she was attacking everyone at the market, I didn't day that though LOL xx00xxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  12. Seems that Hailey was having the scratches and making mischief!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Yea, definitely not boring! If I try to lock Shiner out of my room or something she constantly tries to nose it open and it can be pretty annoying. And then she gives me the cold shoulder afterwards.

  14. Such demanding fur kids and you can't help but love them.

    Aroo to you,

  15. I have to smile....it is all so very familiar! Some days are definitely more challenging than others!


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