Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Water Dog????

It was pouring rain when the dogs and I got up this morning. When I opened the door, both dogs turned and looked at me like it was my fault. After careful consideration, Gemi decided she would risk it and go out. Hailey decided to stay inside. About 20 minutes later, Miss Hailey was so desperate to go out she was crying. She did go out. Yes, my dog with webbed feet did not want to go out in the rain.

I was a little worried about our walk, but fortunately it was not pouring anymore, it was just drizzling. It had clearly rained a lot overnight as there were lots of puddles, run offs etc. Imagine my surprise when a large puddle in the middle of the intersection was the first place my dog wanted to go. On our walk up the hill, there was a stream running down the grass beside the sidewalk. Apparently this was the coolest thing on the planet. She had to walk all the way up the hill playing in this. Most of the pulling was to the puddles!

It appears my water dog likes water when it is below her, and not when it is falling on her!

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