Thursday, July 19, 2018

This and That


Our attendance on our blog has been very poor the past few weeks. Let us fill you all in on some of the goings on in our lives.

First, Lady worked out of town last week and it was an insanely busy week for her. We missed her so much we acted like crazy dogs when she got home.

On the weekend, Phod went for his regular check up. He saw a new vet who lives closer as we couldn't get in to see our regular vet. She said he was sweet and handsome. He weighs 78 lbs. He is in good health other than needing a teeth cleaning and having a chipped tooth. He will need to have this all fixed in August or early September.

Last, and the worst news for us, Lady and Man are starting to prepare us for camp. In one week from today, we have to go to the stupid camp, where they do nothing but mistreat us. We have to go in and out as we like and eat 3 times the treats we get at home. It is terrible. Lady and Man are off to travel the world. One of the things they are doing on their adventures is to visit  Yamini.  They are spending like a week with her!  There are also rumours they are meeting THE Bertie while visiting the Bonny Land of Scotland.

Because of all of this, we will be off the grid for a bit, like a month. We hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer and we will be back in time to celebrate 8 years of Lee and therefore 8 years of Blogging! (Who would have thought this hobby would have us make friends to visit in Scotland!)

Monday, July 9, 2018

Mischief Monday - Constance 4 - Nature 1 - People Zero

In the ongoing saga of becoming people who compost, Constance continues to be winning the battle. She has gotten into the bin 2 more times. She has tried others, but some of the crazy things the Lady and Man are doing are slowing her down. She is still trying and we are confident her numbers will continue to climb. 

Last Thursday, we all set off for our morning walk. Lee was unusually terrified (she is usually only terrified at night due to the fireworks) and would not go. Lady took her back to the house (the Man coaxed her to do her business) and she and Phod continued on their walk. 

When Lady and Phod got back, Phod started rolling in the grass on something. In hindsight, Lady had spotted this spot on the way out, but it hadn't registered in her not awake brain. When she looked at what Phod was rolling in, she realized it was something dead . . .  She calmly got Phod off it and went to the house. She called the Man. She said she needed him to come here, he said why, she said because there was a dead animal in the yard.

She was very helpful while Man got the shovel and rake and picked up and threw the dead racoon into the bush. She did not scream. She took pictures. 

We know this is not our Constance, because 2 nights later, Constance struck the composter again (for her 4th time). Or maybe it was Constance's ghost!

Looking back, Lady wonders if Lee was so scared to go out because she could smell whatever left the racoon in the yard. We may never know. Lady really needs to get a trail cam!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Fake Flower Friday - Bambi Edition

Many of our wildlife neighbours are whitetail deer. In the past 2 weeks, the mothers have returned to the area with their fawns. As Lady was going to get groceries last week, she stopped the car at the end of the driveway as she spotted one of the babies. She snapped his/her picture hiding in the tall grass and wildflowers. As she was driving away, a second fawn was came bouncing out of the long grass (well into the field, not near her car). It was lovely to see! 

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Helping Reunite a Lost Dog

This pup, who would not pose for a picture for Lady (clearly didn't understand she may have cookies) was running around our yard last week. Her face (when Lady could see it) looked like a Shar Pei mix. This pup was clearly scared and Lady couldn't get close. So Lady got that not great picture and went to the municipality Facebook group and posted where it had been seen and the direction it was going. 

In less than an hour there was a note on the group to Lady that mystery dog and her sibling dog, who had somehow escaped and been on the run for about 1.5 hours, were both safe at home. The people were very grateful for the Lady's help in locating them. Lady said she was glad to help because we may have both escaped before, and it is very scary for peeps.

We are so happy the pups went home (but do hope they had a little fun while on the run!)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I Was So Good!

Aunt C said I was so good this weekend, the Lady should blog about it. Saturday morning, Aunt C and our human cousins (M aged 4 and T aged 2) arrived for a sleepover. When they first got here, I barked a lot. I mainly barked because I was so excited to see my Aunt C. I love my Aunt C. 

Then I was good and only barked a little when other people came and when Uncle Chris got home (he is back and Emma is gone), and when things like ravens were on my yard.  The kids were good and didn't upset me. 

I was a little nervous at night because of Canada Day there were SOOOOOOOOO many fireworks. I mostly just refused to go out and hid (we won't say anything about the accident I may have had cause I was too scared to go out, I blame Emma, she was still here at the time).

How I spent most of the weekend

Anyway, the kids did good and I did good and we had a fun time, in spite of it being hot, and the fact that the people went to the beach and we had to stay in the house . . . . 

I didn't even chew on any of the toys that were all over the floor! 

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mischief Monday - Too Hot

We will catch you all up on the many fun adventures we had on the weekend. Lady had a whole Canada Day photoshoot planned, but it was just too hot. We spent a lot of the weekend like this . . . . .

We don't have air conditioning and it is going to continue to be hot. Tomorrow, we will tell you about what good dogs we are in spite the heat!

To all our friend's suffer with this wave, stay cool! 

For our American friends this is 90F feels like 113F  - that is very hot of us Canadian dogs! (It is actually record breaking hot. Climate change is happening!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Flower Friday

We join Rosy for Flower Friday. We have no idea what these are, but they are pretty wild flowers growing in our grass. 

Thursday, June 28, 2018

The End Is Near - Emma Is Going Home Soon!

168 days ago, Cousin Emma arrived at our house for an extended stay. It is hard to believe that in 4 short days, she will be going home. Uncle Chris returns to Canada on June 30th and will be coming to get Emma on July 1st. It will be a very happy Canada Day for us all!

Emma has not been terrible, but she has not been really good either. There have been more nights then we would like where she has decided 2 am is the time she needs to pee. She has had few accidents in the house, but we have had to figure out her food allergies. We have dealt with a lot of upset stomachs. She has been a huge bed hog and needed to be held many nights. She has destroyed a lot of toys. She was not a good walker. She has been nasty to both Hailey and Phod. There was Easter weekend, that we are all trying to block out. Really, it has just been a lot to have a dog who didn't just fit into our well established routine. She is a very spoiled dog, who is use to being carried around and doted on. She is use to being the centre of a universe. In our busy house, while she has gotten a lot of love and attention, she has had to share it. 

What I, the Lady have learned, is 3 dogs is too many for me right now. I will stick with my 2 thank you. The Man would say, that is a lesson he is thrilled to have learned. 

Now, our project will be to get Chris a girlfriend, so next time he is posted overseas, there is someone to take care of Emma!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Trouble Tuesday - Poor Phod

Dear Pals,

You know I am the best dog I can be. I try very had to make my people happy and keep them safe. Lady also says I am a big suck-a-bear.

Imagine the horror I felt on Sunday, when Man noticed I was limping. I let Lady fully examine my leg. Man felt it was my ankle that was sore. They decided I needed ice.  I tried to look very sad so they would leave me alone, but it didn't work. I did get a lot of pets. Lady chuckled at how my 'resistance' was. She says I am even gentle in it.

I thought the ice was going to be the worst of it, but then Man said, "no ball for a couple of days."

I am now officially the saddest boy ever. 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mischief Monday - Constance 2 - People 0

In our municipality, it is now illegal to put any plant matter or recycling in the garbage. Each home was given a composter. Now we have started composting. In the city, we had a green bin program, where they came and collected the rooting food every 2 weeks. We have never had to upkeep a composter before. 

Phod sniffing around the composter.  
Day 2, the raccoon we are calling Constance, opened the front door of the composter and dragged everything out. (We know it was a racoon due to the paw prints on the door). 

End of week 1, something, we assume Constance (and hope it is), actually lifted the composter up by the back (it is nailed into the ground, but it is rocky so the back is not as secure as we would like) and dragged a lot of the food out the back. The Man actually had brought us all out for an early morning pee when Constance was up to no good. We were not allowed to go and catch her/him. 

To try and keep Constance out the people have put dirty on the back. They have put a rock on the top. They have put a layer of dirt inside. They have sprinkled half a bottle of Cayenne pepper inside and around it. 
We feel like there may be an ongoing battle between Constance and the people! We are putting our money on Constance. 

How long until the bandit strikes again?

Friday, June 22, 2018

Flower Friday

We join Flower Friday - to see more pretty flowers, go to our host Rosy's.

From San Diego

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Storm Season is Upon Us

Last Wednesday, we had our second thunderstorm of the season. This is significantly fewer than we would normally have by now. The storm thankfully rolled in during the evening on my work at home day.

Miss Lee was very upset at first and ran downstairs and tried to dig her way through my office door. When she is scared she wants to either be outside or downstairs. I brought her upstairs and put on her thunder shirt and she 'settled' in the kitchen. For Hailey, she was very calm, just sitting or standing and panting.

Phod, who use to never show any real reaction to storms, has learned to be fearful from Hailey. While he has never been destructive (go back to around August 12, 2012 to see her worst damage ever), he does want to be near you and pant. 

Emma is oblivious to it all, and I only got her in this picture because she was interested in what I may be cooking in the kitchen. 

I spent my evening while the Man was out cooking (which is so rare) and trying to comfort my dogs. I hope we don't have too many storms (or wind, or fireworks) this season. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

43 Random Things About the Lady

As Lady celebrates another year of life - here are 43 random things about her.

Circa 1977 with my grandparent's dog Cinder

1. Her favourite colour is blue.
2. She has a learning disorder that effects her ability to remember letter and number combinations aka she is a horrible speller.
3. She has 2 undergraduate degrees, a Masters and a Post-Grad Certificate in Behaviour Analysis. 
4. She hated reading until she was 16.
5. The book that made her fall in love with reading was Timothy Findley's The Wars.
6. She has not parallel parked since her driving test in 1992 and has no plans to ever do it again (and she drives a lot).
7. Ketchup chips are her favourite.
8. She can't eat gluten or soy.
9. She thinks the best steak she has ever eaten was at Michael Jordan's in Chicago.
10. She loves to do laundry.
11. She loves to paint but isn't really great at it. 
12. She loves to take pictures and hopes to get better at it some day.
13. Her tonsils ruptured when she was 6.
14. She had 4 wisdom teeth, they were removed in her 20s. 
15. She has worn glasses since she was 5.
This day in 1976
16. She was painfully shy growing up (she never talked in class) and still uncertain in novel social situations.
17. She plans on retiring on January 1, 2030.
18. She and the Man got married when she was 21 (and he was almost 22).
19. Growing up she thought she was a cat person, turns out, she is both a dog and cat person. 
20. She is impatient, more impatient then most people know. 
21. Sleep is one of her number one priorities.
22. She doesn't really like shoes. 
23. She is a podcast junky.
24. She would sell her soul for good chocolate and good cheese.
25. While she respects other's beliefs, she identifies as an atheist.
26. She has a 'stitches' phobia. At 18 months 4 or so adults couldn't hold her down to put
stitches in her head and as an adult she just didn't go to the hospital when she probably should have had some.
27. She is terrified of whales and while she generally loves animals, hopes they become extinct. 
28. She has 2 tattoos. No current plans for a 3rd, but time will tell. 
29. She tore the meniscus in her right knee studying for statistics (yes you read that right) and she had to have 2 surgeries to fix it.
30. She has never liked being upside down.
31. She was always the last kid picked for any gym class etc. and her elementary gym teacher had her sit out a lot as she was a danger to herself and others.
32. People see her as pretty black and white, but as she ages, she is starting to play in the grey.
33. Her accessories of choice are necklaces and watches. 
34. She has never participated in any sort of protest or march.
35. She has visited 24 countries. 
36. She loves nature, but doesn't consider herself an outdoors person.
37. Her bird feeder is one of the biggest joy bringers of her life currently.
38. She hates coffee but loves tea. 
39. The first time she was in a plane was to go sky diving.
40. She would call herself a realist but most people see her as pessimistic.
41. She has had the most vivid dreams and nightmares since she was about 18 months.
42. She is an extremely organized person who is really good at getting things done.
43. She loves, loves, loves, loves, lists.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The Craziest Walk Last Week

On Tuesday, around 6 am, Lee, Phod and I headed out for our weekday morning stroll. We have two routes we can take, one being what we call 'favourite road.' It happened to be favourite road day.

We turn a corner on favourite road (about 1 km from our house), and I see to the right, across the field, a house on fire. 

For some perspective. We live in cottage country. On this particular walk which is probably about 1.5 km one way, we pass 1 house on our road, 2 houses on the main road and about  a dozen on favourite road.  I rarely carry my phone with me when I walk.

Lee, did not seem to notice anything was amiss. Phod on the other hand was highly alert. It was clear the fire had just started. We were likely a good football field from the nearest house and 2 football fields from the fire. So there I was without a phone (not that I actually know the name of favourite road, it is a long French one I have never learned), picking up the pace because I am thinking I may have to get much closer to the fire than I would like (when I was 3 I saw a furniture factory burn and probably had PTSD after that and still have a very healthy respect for fire), with the 2 dogs to start banging on doors.

Fortunately, as I got closer, I could hear people out yelling, so I knew people knew. Shortly after I could hear the firetrucks coming up the road around the lake. 

The dogs and I continued our walk away from the fire. Lee was a bit upset we didn't get to go up past the house because that is the routine and not doing so means we don't get to smell the best mailbox ever and our walk is shorter. Phod needed a lot of encouragement to keep going forward. Both reacted calmly when we had to stop to let the firetrucks race by.  

When we got home the Man and Emma were sitting outside. The Man had heard the sirens and looked out and could see the fire across the field from our house. He yelled at me for not having my phone with me. 

It took me another 3 days to remember it and I got these pictures of the house.  I never heard any news stories about it, so I believe everyone was safe.  The lighting is poor in these pictures as it was just my phone, it was very foggy that morning and I only really had one hand (as I had 2 dogs in the other).

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

In honour my my (the Lady's) Dad, aka "The Big Guy" I share with you some of the boats I saw during my trip to San Diego last month. 

Happy Father's Day Dad! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Flower Friday - More Flowers From San Diego

We don't have a lot in bloom here so today again for Rosy's Flower Friday we share a picture from Lady's travels.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Training Thursday - Off Leash

This is a real picture, there has been no photoshopping of a leash or tie out

Over the winter, when the snow was deep and it was cold, we were able to start some off leash training with our girl. This is always done with great care (assessing Lee's mood, the environment etc.). Historically, Lee has done much better in the winter than in the spring/summer/fall when all the good smells are around.

However this year, again, under very restricted situations, Lee has been doing a good job at being off leash in the yard (100% supervised as we don't have a fence) for short periods of time. Generally, she has been much better at this kind of thing for Man than Lady (which really makes Lady made as she is the one who has spent the most hours training Lee), but she seems to be doing equally well with both!

We are not sure what has lead to this change. Is it maturity? Age? Whatever it is, we will enjoy it.

So will Lee, who had discovered there is nothing better than an off leash roll. Look at her grin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Troublesome Tuesday - The Last 3 Dog Walk

The mug shots!

Several weeks ago, on a Thursday, we had a walk that went like this:

First Lee got very excited and was pulling because she thought there was an animal in the neighbours driveway. Turns out it was just some garbage bags (bags are uncommon out here as we are to have our garbage in containers as the animals get into the bags).

Then some puppies lost their mind at the raven sitting on a lawn.

Then we saw some deer.

Then on our very favourite road, there was something moving up a driveway, for real. It was a porcupine. We were about 30 feet from it and it was slowly moving up the driveway and Lady did an about face and made us go the other way. She said there was no way we were going to get any closer and no good would come from meeting it.

Then Emma started to throw up. Lady isn't sure if it was from all the grass she ate or if she was just too excited or if there was too much pulling.

Then Emma refused to walk so Lady had to try and carry all 16 lbs of her while walking us.

Then there was a big black dog off leash running around. Luckily it didn't come near us, but Lady made us turn around and not go to sniff our favourite mailbox.

We kept tripping Lady as she was walking carrying Emma and trying to hold our leashes.

Emma kept growling at Lady because she didn't like the way she was being carried.

Somehow we all made it home in one piece.

Since that day, Lady has not taken all 3 of us on a big morning walk. Emma has to sit out. Lady says it is not safe.

We think she just doesn't know how to have fun!