Friday, October 19, 2018

Flowerish Friday - Fall

We don't have any flowers around, but we do have the beautiful colours of autumn. Here is the pups official Autumn portrait.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Travel Thursday - The Baltic Adventure Part 9

After two full days in Russia, we would have loved a sea day. Instead, we went to our least favourite port, Helsinki Finland. 

Helsinki is a clean modern city. We think we didn't love it in part because we were so tired and in part because it just didn't have the character of some of the other cities we visited. 

While it wasn't my favourite port, it did have one of my favourite sights on the trip, the following statue. We have no idea why this is a thing, but we got on the hop on and off bus at the port and basically turned a corner and there it was, we laughed and laughed!

There was a lot of cool street art.

Here are some of the sights from the city:

The Man in the Square

No idea why this woman was doing this, but it cracked us up!

The house of estates

So there is at least one picture of me in Finland!

St. Joseph's Church

Upsenski Cathedral

One of the most unique churches was the  Temppeliaukio aka the Rock Church. The church was built into the rocks.

While everyone tried to climb on this church at the front . . . .

we walked around the back and I climbed up!

We also took a harbour cruise of the city, and even though we were living on a boat, enjoyed the time on the water.

From the boat we say the Suomenlinna - fortress. If we had more time, we would have checked this out.

A map of the sights we saw from the boat.

Looking back at the city from the water

The ice breakers

We went back to the ship a little early this day, to rest and to get ready for the 5th consecutive port day, Stockholm. Come back next week to see a taste of our 6 hours in Stockholm!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Beach

For Canadian Thanksgiving, we went to visit the Lady's parents. Their front yard is Lake Huron. We had a great time playing on the beach.

Here is Hailey, in the brief moments she was allowed off leash (technically no dogs are allowed on the beach without a leash . . . when she went to the neighbours, she was back on leash).

While Precious did not make the journey, the Lady's parents have a lot of balls for their dog Tendra, so Phod had something to play with. 

She may have been on leash, but Lee still had some fun bouncing in the water along the shore. 

Lady's dad had Phod and Tendra on a rotating ball throwing system. 

Tendra had a blue ball and Phod had an orange one. It amused Lady that they knew whose was whose and never went after the others.

 Tendra and Phod

Monday, October 15, 2018

Mischief Monday - Helping Out Around The House

While we have had a lot of wildlife mischief (mainly a mouse invasion - 7 caught and at least 1 more in the house), a pack of howling coyotes or wolves or our local hybrid coywolves, howling like we have never heard them in the 6 years we have lived out here, that lead to an aborted walk, and so many deer in the yard (sometimes 10). But we don't have pictures of any of this, so we will talk about how helpful we are at helping bring wood in.

The Lady and Man ordered 3 cords of wood and over 2 Sundays brought this in.

The process went like this:

Go to the wood pile,

 fill the wheelbarrow,

push it to the shed where you stack the wood.

We were very big helps. Lee, who had to be on tie out as the people couldn't watch her close enough, spent time getting tangled in the yard.

Phod spent his time trying to get someone to play Precious with him. 

This task is now done for the season. Soon we will get to enjoy cozy fires. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Travel Thursday - The Baltic Adventure Part 8

Today we wrap up day 2 in Russia. 

The day started in the Yusupov Palace, one of the few homes in St. Petersburg to have the original interior. The Yusupov's were one of the wealthiest families in Russia, believed to be wealthier than the Romanov's and were good friends to the Tsars family from the time of Ivan the terrible. Their palace is known as the place where the murder of Rasputin began.

For those who don't remember the story of Rasputin, here is the abbreviated version. Rasputin was a peasant and a charlatan who claimed to be a healer. He became great friends with the Tsar and his wife and was the personal healer for their son with hemophilia. A group, including Felix Yusupov, did not like the influence he had over the Tsar, so plotted to kill him. They called him over and took him into the basement for cakes. The poison in the cakes didn't work, nor did the poison in the wine. At this point Rasputin was told to pray in front of the cross (pictured below) and shot him. Thinking he was dead the shooter went to get help to remove the body. He was not dead and attacked them, fled from the house and collapsed in the snow, where the conspirators shot him some more.  Finally, Rasputin was dead. 

The upstairs of this palace, where this bizarre story took place, was as beautiful as any Tsar palace. 

They even boasted their own theatre, smaller (seating about 100) but as beautiful as the Alexandrinsky theatre where we saw the ballet. 

After this palace we went to visit the Metro. 

The art in the metro is stunning. 

We took the 400 metre escalator down to it. 

Then we hopped on a train and went over 1 stop to see more art. Each stop has a theme. The one we went to had a sports theme. 

The one we started in had a nautical theme. 

The Man with his namesake St. Andrew

On our walk back to the van we passed McDonald's.

Then on to a stop at Starbucks.

This cup wasn't available to buy:(

This was the building near the Starbucks

Our final stop in Russia was St. Issac's Cathedral.

Showing the grandeur of it

Looking up to the dove in the dome

One last glance of the city before we get on our boat and head to Finland.