Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our First Adventures

I must say the first few days with Hailey were quiet. A house broke, crate trained dog is a great thing! She is scared of our cats (and if you have met them you realize how funny that was). She was very respectful of our other dog, 5 year old Gemini (aka Gemi).

The first adventure was Monday night. It was 10. I went to put the dogs out one last time before bed. Hailey goes on a tie up . . . she could escape the yard (Hailey proofing is on the to do list). We were just walking outside and I hear a voice say “This is the police, please take your dogs back inside.” Of course this is the same moment the dogs start barking at the strangers in the backyard and their dog. Gemi is not on leash and I am trying to block her while holding Hailey. I call for Drew who can’t figure out what is so hard about putting them out, until he hears the voices and he comes to help. Turns out the gas station around the corner was robbed, people took off on foot and they were investigating. Also turns out, this is the night I learned how loud Hailey can bark. I am sure the neighbours did not appreciate this, but hopefully the police will not be back in the yard anytime soon.

Tuesday: The first dog fight

Gemi decided to take her on. I don’t know what happened although I was sitting in the living room working. They started fighting. Hailey wouldn’t let go, I had to pry her off. Gemi attached her again, I had to pry Hailey off again. Gemi was very upset and shaken for the next bit (and so was I, I have never seen either dog so nasty and hopefully won’t see that again for a long time), but kept going back to Hailey! I believe we have a truce now . . . I wouldn’t call it peace (Gemi still tries to get her some!)

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