Thursday, March 21, 2019

Truck Trouble

Lady wasn't the only thing that got stuck last week, we had adventures with a delivery truck.

Our driveway is a little long. It has a slight curve in it and a slight hill. Last Thursday, a delivery truck (who was bringing us an envelop that was kind of junk mail) when backing out, appeared to not notice the curve and drove right into the snowbank and got himself really, really stuck.

Then he was really, really mad. There were definitely some HBO words said. He directed some of these toward the Man. He made comments about how he should have shovelled more. The Man said nothing and then spent an hour (when he was to be working) trying to help this guy out. Lady would have probably told him off and left him to figure it out alone. To defend our lane - as mentioned, it has a curve you can't drive it straight; where the guy ended up would have been well into the grass if there was no snow and finally, the UPS truck comes frequently (Lady does most of her shopping via Amazon) and that truck has never gotten stuck.

The stuck truck

In the end, a neighbour drove by (there are only 2 who live past us on our road) and he stopped. He then drove home to get a cable so he could tow the stuck truck out.

The whole thing took about an hour. Lady watched it through the front window using her binoculars. We dogs barked a lot, and then we had to bark at the back door because the fox came. We are sure if this truck has to come again, he won't come up our driveway!

Have you entered our when will the snow be gone contest? Go to Tuesdays post for details!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Welcome Spring - A Contest

Happy last day of winter! Tomorrow brings the spring! After what felt like a typically harsh winter, we are dreaming of this . . . . 

Taken spring of 2018 when Cousin Emma was living with us

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we are going to have a little contest. We played this game before and it was fun. The question we are asking is "when will the last of the snow be gone from our yard?" 

We are defining our yard as the grass parts in front, beside and behind the house. We are not counting anything in the treed parts. 

To enter is free and simple - send us an email to leeandphodATbellDOTnet or you can put it in the comments with your guess for the day. You can pick any day from tomorrow until hopefully before June 1st (but if you want to guess later go for it!). It has to be a day in the remaining calendar days of 2019.  If you pick a date that has already been picked (it will be a first come, first served sort of deal) Lady will let you know and you can pick another date. There will be some sort of prize for the person who is the closest (defined as the closest date before the last of the snow disappears, not after). Lady will figure that out. 

To help you with your guessing, here are pictures of our yard from Saturday . . . . (and it was well below freezing on Sunday)

We will give you weekly updates on the snow progress.

Thanks for playing along with us! 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Mischief Monday - Going For a Wander

First, we will start this post by saying whatever was up with Phod seems to have passed (knock on wood), confirming it was a food issue. We are all happy about this.

Now this weeks story . . . . it is something!

"I refuse to confirm my part in this adventure"

On Saturday, Lee asked to go out. The Man made the choice to just put her out in the yard, without a leash. Our yard is still covered in several feet of snow and it is impossible to walk on for those with much weight (like Phod),  so he assumed she would not be able to go far. However, Hailey was light enough that she didn't sink too much and decided to wander into the bush behind the house.

The Man's return strategy was to stand and yell at her, which never works. I decided I would put on my snowshoes and go after her. I suggested to the yelling Man, he do the same, but we never discussed it. I threw on my snowshoes and I headed out.

Just to help you picture this - I was wearing my spring pj bottoms that are a capris which caused a gap of bare skin between my pants and boots (and it was below freezing), my winter coat, gloves and hat and snowshoes. Because the snow has been freezing and melting and freezing and melting, even in my snowshoes I was sinking. I got down the hill toward the edge of the property and not only stepped out of my right snowshoe, but stepped forward so my right leg was hip deep in snow without a snowshoe, and the left was behind me on the snow.

Dramatic Re-creation . . . . .

I was stuck, and mildly hurt, and I had no idea where the Man was. I called for him, no answer. Then I heard Lee barking so I called for her while trying to figure out how to get my right snowshoe that was behind me, get my right leg out of the hole,  get the snowshoe back on my foot and get my dog.

At the same time, Man who is in the house (he had gone in to turn off the stove and put Phod in), had opened the window, and heard Lee barking and me calling her. He then jumped in the car and headed up to the road (as she was near it) so he could grab her if she made it that far.

Somehow, I managed to get myself and my twisted knee (made worse by the fact I have been having IT band problems) out of the hole, into the snowshoe, and I was limping toward Lee on the path at the bottom of the hill. She has had enough fun and I could see her making her way back toward the house at the top of the hill. So I turned around and started limping home. 

I got to the house and Lee was in the backyard under the feeders eating seed. I limped up to the front door, and call for the Man (I don't know where he is). He doesn't answer. I took off my snowshoes and headed through the house to the backdoor (which is downstairs) to get Lee. She was not there. I head back to the front door and there she was standing waiting impatiently for me to let her in. The Man arrived home a few minutes later. 

My lessons from this - take the 30 seconds needed to grab your phone, put on snow pants and discuss a coordinated strategy for getting the dog back (when historically they have both come back). 

In the end, my girl was safe and my knee will be ok and I get to say I went snowshoeing again! 

Friday, March 15, 2019

Nature Friday - More Tropics

We join our dear friends Rosy and the Boyz for Nature Friday.

While we are days away from the official end of winter, we still feel like we are in the throws of it. The first 2 weeks of March were unseasonably cold for the most part, with morning temperatures below -20C/-4F meaning morning walks were out. While this week has been nice for walking, it started with a  good dumping of snow (somewhere between 10-15 cms or 4 to 6 inches. So because we are over it at this point (we have had snow on the ground for 4 months now), we are sharing a picture Lady took on her trip earlier this year.

Some day spring will come! 

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sharing a Bed with Hailey

As Phod's mischief has gotten all the attention, I thought I would focus on a habit of Lee's I don't love. I don't love where she likes to sleep. We have a king sized bed - there is no reason she couldn't sleep between the Man and I, especially since Phod sleeps on the floor 99% of the time. However, in the winter, when it is cold, she likes to sleep 'at my feet'. This means I have to sleep in weird, uncomfortable positions, because she is a complete lump in the bed you can't move! (My physiotherapist would say to kick her out but the amount of effort that would take and the amount of sleep I would lose is not worth it for me at this time!)

I have created this wonderful drawing to explain them:

Having the leg room back is another thing I look forward to with the warmer weather! 

Do you get to 'share' your bed with a lump?