Thursday, October 22, 2020

A Lesson From Professor Lee

 If you want to get the best belly rubs . . .

First, give the person a little love. I find a kiss on the nose works well. 

Then stand beside them and demand they rub your belly. 

If this doesn't work, a gentle physical prompt may help. Increase the intensity as needed.

 Try at home and let me know if belly rubbing improved.

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A Conversation - By Phod

 Dear pals,

It is autumn and that means our house becomes a mouse B and B. So far we have caught 4. 

Lady said we dogs need to be more helpful with the removal of them and become mousers. I said, I want to have mice pets. Lee said that was above her pay grade. Then Lady said maybe we need a cat. She said it would be far more helpful then we are. When our angel cats were alive we didn't have this problem.  Imagine, thinking a cat could replace us, even if it could be a more helpful mouse bouncer.

On Friday, Man was giving many of our Halloween decorations to the neighbour, and she asked if we wanted a kitten, four have moved into her garage. The Man said no. Lady would say yes but she is worried about Lee hurting or killing it. Lady said too bad Lee wouldn't use her great hunting skills on mice and help. She says she knows I would be a gentle and wonderful cat caretaker. It is this gentleness that won't let me be a mouser. 

Anyway, it looks like it will just be us dogs and the mice and a cat won't be moving in. 

xx Phod

Monday, October 19, 2020

Mischief Monday - by Lee

 For 20 days I had the perfect life. My peeps were home almost all the time. They left once to see the grandpeeps and get groceries, and Man ran out to the corner store once, but mostly they were here.

Then, last Wednesday, Lady started leaving for work again. She was out all day 2 days, then on Saturday the peeps were out for 4 hours (don't get the Lady started on her computer problems and the need to visit the Apple store). Anyway, it was terrible. I showed Lady by sitting right next to her. I got as close as I could so she would feel the guilt. 

She said she is sorry but she has to workout in the city 2 days a week and the Man is here with me all day. She also says she finds it funny that 90% of the time when she is working at home I completely ignore her. It is Phod who is her shadow, however it is me who seems to miss her. What can I say, I am complicate

Anyway, this was the big mischief in my life and I hear this will be how my life is the next few months, assuming things stay open.

Friday, October 16, 2020

Nature Friday - More Autumn

Thanks to our dear pal Rosy for hosting this hop.

It has been a rainy, and blustery few week here and the peak is behind us. Here are some pictures from about 2 weeks ago in our backyard. 

Everyone loved the picture of the hills last week, so Lady went out and took a shot last Sunday morning. What a difference a week makes!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thanksgiving Outtakes!

It took a lot of shots to get our official Thanksgiving portrait. Here are some of our favourites.

Man, I don't want too . . . 

Cookies please.

Let's look different ways.

I'm out.

We should take a look at the back drop our pals will be enjoying. 

Are we not done yet?


Making the ugly face!