Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Sun Break - by Phod

It has been awful cloudy and rainy here the past week. Lady says it is a good thing because we didn't get enough snow and the water levels are low. Places in Canada are already having droughts. The grey skies and wetness can have an impact on people's mental health. It is important when you get a break and the sun comes out, you get out and enjoy it. 

If you get some sun today, go out and enjoy it!


Monday, April 22, 2024

Mischief Monday - My Favourite Toilet - by Lee

 Dear pals.

As you know we live on 3 acres, surrounded by bush and field. There are many places to walk and do my business.

Do you know where my favourite place to go is? 

Plotting my escape

Callie's lawn! As often as possible, I try and sneak over and do my business there. Somedays I will refuse until my people take me on a walk by her house. Yes, I have decided Callie's yard is my toilet. 

Phod waiting on the path between houses to see if he can come over too

Lady says it isn't neighbourly to do such things. I say, they don't care (Callie's people have said so much). I guess we should be lucky to have such friendly neighbours. 

Your pal Hailey Bug

Friday, April 19, 2024

Nature Friday - Spring

 Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this. 

Spring is slowly appearing. 

Lee walking on some flowers

Growth in the garden

Now for a funny story. Lady works in the city 2 days a week. At her office there are a pair of geese this time of year. Her colleagues have named them Charles and Camilla. Lady was working at her desk, and one of the silly birds was pecking and pecking on the window. It did this for like 15 minutes. Clearly they aren't very bright birds!

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Trouble on a Tuesday - Girls Misadventure

Dear pals,

Lady got this idea on Sunday that it would be fun for her and I to go on a hike. She has seriously damaged her elbow so is very limited to what she can do physically and  this is not good for the rest of her body or her head, so she thought a nice walk would be fun. 

I was suspicious from the moment she moment she said let's go and snuck me out while Phod and the Man were sleeping. 

There were some good sniffs,

and some interesting art.

I even found a little snow. 

Now this sounds ok, but there were 2 major problems. Problem one: Mud - while we mostly hung low due to all the rain of last week, there were some soakers.

Lady won't be wearing those shoes to the office this week

Problem Two: Because Man was not with us, I had to be extra concerned and nervous and freaked out and all the things. I could not relax and enjoy it. We passed a few people and I barked once but seemed fine.

Hating my life

I hated being there, I hated I couldn't jump into the car and I had to be lifted, and I hated having to wait in the car for 2 minutes while Lady ran into the corner store to get buns for the Man. Phod hated being left behind, although Lady was able to confirm that if we stayed on the outer loop, Phod would be able to come next time. So there was a lot of hate. Lady said she had a nice time and it was what she needed.

I hope next weekend, Lady just stays at home.

your pal, Hailey Bug who did not like this hike