Monday, June 1, 2020

Hard Times

This is not a political blog and is not going to become one, however, a lot of really hard stuff is happening in the world. Fear and hate are winning. Lady feels she must say something.


Let's all work together to find a way out of the fear and hate and into love and joy. We can do this! 

Hugs to you all. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Nature Friday - A Miracle - with FFF

Using this image we will join Aunty Yam's FFF.
The rules are to write something about an image of our own. 

While the world turns in a unique way,
2 daffodils grow at the base of my tree.
The give me hope, that we will be ok,
as after 7 years underground they have returned, 
bright and yellow and full of life. 
Just like how we can emerge from our own isolation. 

The first fall we lived in our house, back when I thought I might like gardening (I do not), I planted some bulbs. I don't think they have ever come up. However, this year, 2 daffodils showed up at the base of a tree. It feels like a sign from the universe that things will be ok!

Speaking of nature, it seems Mother Nature really wants us to stay inside. The black flies are the worst they have been. In 2 minutes of not moving, there can be 50 swarming around one person. Nothing, I repeat nothing seems to keep them away. If anyone has ideas, please let us know because our outside time is limited due to their biting! (They hurt for such little things).

Thanks to Rosy and the Boyz for hosting this. 

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Copy Cat

The Man's preferred way to sleep is wrapped in a cocoon with his head covered. He often covers Hailey up while she is napping beside him.

Apparently she couldn't get the hang of last Thursday, and she put herself in her own cocoon. 

Some days, it is just hard to face the world! 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Unfair - by Lee

Dear Pals,

We have been getting an unusual amount of shipments to our house since the Man and Lady are trying to avoid going out around plague carrying people (as Lady affectionately calls them) and because until recently most stores were closed. 

Not that long ago, we were outside when one of these deliveries came.

I was with the Lady and she brought me in.

Phod was with the Man and he got to stay out and social distance from the delivery person.

I don't think that was fair. Because the parcel was left at the side of the house, I didn't even get to see the delivery person.

An upset with the unfairness,

Hailey Bug

Monday, May 25, 2020

Mischief Monday - Fraidy Cats

This is my 80lbs, 9 or so year old German Shepherd Mix freaking out. 
He is trying to crawl onto my lap while I was creating my nieces's birthday story. 
He was so stressed he drooled all over me. 

He never use to be fearful, but thanks to Hailey he has become almost as fearful as she has. He just is less destructive about it.

What caused all this fear?

On Saturday we left the house in a car for about 30 minutes. Literally as we were pulling in (we were able to open the garage door, but not close it), the power went out. It was out for about 10 minutes. Later in the day, the power flickered and was out for maybe one minute. This picture was taken during that time.

The power going out is the scariest thing ever for Phod.

Earlier in the week, when the Man and I were both on calls, our carbon monoxide detector decided to tell the whole world it was at the end of its life. The beeping caused Phod to be scared in his passive way and Lee to start digging things off the shelf, digging me. I excused myself from my meeting and put the device outside so they couldn't hear it until we had time to deal with it. Once they couldn't hear it, they settled.

I am wondering if they will both need anti-anxiety meds when we re-enter the real world!

Friday, May 22, 2020

Nature Friday - Random Items From A Walk

Thanks to Rosy and the Boyz for hosting Nature Friday. 

Here are some random pictures from our evening walks.

Because you all loved Where's the fox, here is a Where's the deer?

Our road is a dead end. Many evenings on our walks that way we disturb a kettle of turkey vultures. It is fun to watch them fly in the sky.

As mentioned, we finally got down to the beach. On the path was this fish skull. That is one scary fish. Has Lady thinking twice about going swimming this summer!

Hope you enjoyed our random things!