Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Sun puddles by Lee

 Hi all,

I am thankful for the sun puddles that warm my oldish bones, even on really hot days.

Hailey Bug

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tasty Tuesday - Gotcha Day Treats - by Phod

Dear Pals,

Thank you for all your kind gotcha day wishes, and especially comments about cake and ice cream because as you will see, they helped land me some awesome treats.

First, I got a little chicken at dinner. I love chicken, but it makes me itchy so I can't have much.

Next up was dessert, vanilla ice cream! We have only had this a few times, so it took me a few minutes to decide it wasn't poison and I could eat it.

What is this and why are you singing so much Lady?

It is pretty good!

Don't worry, Hailey got to partake in all the treats too!

I even got a little swim. It was a great Gotcha Day!

your pal who has the perfect for him house, Phod

Monday, August 8, 2022

Mischief Monday - It Happens Even When It Is Hot - by Phod

Dear pals,

I don't even know where to start with the mischief. 

I will start with the weather. It has been as hot as Hades. Day time highs with the humidity have been 40C/104F and without the humidity the low 30sC/90ishF. I have gotten to go in the lake many times, but Lady didn't take a picture capturing device. It is expected to cool down to the mid 20sC/70sF. (Note the only a/c we have is in the car and the bedroom!)

I may just melt into the floor.

Friday night Lady came home smelling very interesting. Turns out she had spent her afternoon taking a client to the Experimental Farm. There she was a traitor and loved other animals.

But perhaps the worst mischief of all is that Man has agreed that Lady can put some water and food out for the stray-ish cats that are often seen under our feeders. We call them stray-ish because a house a couple doors over seems to be feeding and caring for them. Anyway, we are sure pictures of cats outside our house will soon be taking over this DOG blog. Lady would like it noted that since having more cats around, the mice have been less of a problem indoors.

Lady says to watch this space next week for a whole lot of mischief as Hurricane Emma will be spending about 48 hours with us as the Man and Uncle Chris go to Toronto for a concert.

Stay cool friends! 

your pal, Handsome Phod

Friday, August 5, 2022

Nature Friday - Downy Woodpecker

 While you will see that jays and squirrels dominate our feeders, we do get other visitors. One of Lady's favourite is the Downy Woodpecker. 

We are lucky to have several types of woodpeckers in our area, including the very large pileated one.

Here are a few shots of the Downy.

Thanks Rosy for hosting this hop!

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thankful Thursday - Year 10 - by Phod

Dear pals,

Saturday marks my 10 year Gotcha day. That means for 10 years I will have lived with my Lady and my Man. We don't know much about my life before I came here. I was found as a severely underweight stray, walking along a highway. My foster mom, who took me from the shelter, pictured we hitchhiking and named me Zaphod after the alien in Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. 

I have the best life with my peeps. I get to snooze on the furniture (when I first came here I was terrified to get on it). 

I have always loved to fetch and swim and swim and fetch. I am very lucky that my peeps have a lake for me, where I can combine the 2.

Lady says I sure am goofier than when I first came. I have no idea what she is talking about!

I love to be near my people, inside and outside. I always check in. This following picture was taken after a good dig in my tunnel. 


I think I won the jackpot 10 years ago when Lady and Man and Lee and angels Baggy and Nin welcomed me into their home. Lady says the feeling is mutual. I think I may love my peeps and home as much as I love Precious, and that is a lot! 

I would also like to thank my blog pals for letting me be part of their lives and following me on my adventures!

This weekend in my honour, I ask you to play fetch or do something goofy. Can't wait to hear what you do.

A thankful from the bottom of his heart Phod