Friday, January 30, 2015

Feline Friday - Old Cat with New Tricks

I was working at home on Wednesday. I had left my office door (which I generally keep closed) open over my lunch break.  When I returned to my desk, I found this

a Nin on my windowsill. He had hoped up from the chair, to the desk, to the windowsill. He had pushed much of what was on it on the floor. He stayed for nearly an hour. I think he loved it because it was super warm as the heater is below the window and the warm air rose up between the desk and wall. After an hour, he needed a nap, and off he went to the couch. He can still be amazingly spree for an old Man!

(Looking out the window, you see the underside of the deck. Our house is a bungalow with a walk out basement. My office is in the basement at the back of the house. Since our big deck runs across the back, my big office window looks out under it.)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

This and That Thursday

First, sorry we haven't been around much this week. It has been an incredibly busy week (in a good way).

Snuggling with me
People asked about the rabbit ear the dogs got as a treat. They were  dehydrated ears, fur and all. The name of the company escapes me, but I know it was a Canadian one. I found them at Global Pets, and they sold the treats individually. At first I was sort of grossed out by them, but I quickly got over it. The Man thinks they are totally gross!

The weather has still be very cold limiting our walk time (I know we all have cabin fever, in fact I think the whole city has cabin fever, people have just been grumpy and rude, especially when driving). We are working on several new tricks and hope to have one to show next week.

Hailey is working on: spin (in both directions), under (meaning go under my legs), and cop cop (which is very new and I love seeing her try and figure it out - she knows her paws need to go near my feet but hasn't figured out that they need to go on them).

Zaphod was working on cop cop, but . . . . .  the other day I went to use a physical prompt to help him and he got scared and sort of freaked out and fell on his face, and then Hailey stepped on his face as she tried to get to the cookie. It was a super funny disaster I wish I had on tape. After the fall, he left the training area and went to sulk. We are going to take a break from that one. He is working on under, spin, crawl and continuing to work on back up.

Next week is the police academy training. We will be teaching some courses, so drop by and maybe you will learn a thing or two!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Very Special Treats

To celebrate 1500 posts and to thank the pups for putting up with the dressing up, posing, and flashy beast, I bought them special treats. For three nights they got to enjoy a new treat.

First up - rabbits ears:

This was the only one Phod hesitated over. He did take it and eat it and appear to enjoy it once he gave it a good sniff. 

Hailey's crazy eyes show how excited she was with this treat. 

Next up - chicken feet. 

Hailey was up first and had no problem taking this one, while Phod watched. 

You can tell my the look on Phod's face, this was a treat he was excited about. 

Last but not least, lamb trachea. 

Quick sniff before diving in. 

Crazy eyes strikes again! 

Overall, I think the pups were able to forgive me for all the pictures etc. with these treats. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Mischief Monday - A Temporary Set Back

First, a follow up from yesterday's post. Hailey got the woof cookie and Phod the good dog but not because Hailey isn't good, she is a very good girl, but because she barks the most!

I decided not to blog about this until I knew the extend of our problem. Hailey has a history of peeing in the house when we are out. It has come and gone in waves, and restricting her access to parts of the house really help.

In our current home, for a long time the basement was blocked off when we were out because she peed on the floor, dog beds, guest bed etc. Our bedroom has also been off limits because she has peed on the bed. Slowly over the past year, she has gotten access back to the basement without incident, until the first week in January. That first week, after nearly 2 weeks of having people at home all the time, she peed on the floor 3 times. So for 2 weeks, we restricted her access and then due to our forgetful nature one morning, she had access and I am happy to report didn't have an accident. We will continue to monitor and give/restrict access based on her behaviour. We hope it was just a temporary thing.

This picture is from the first month she lived with us. I didn't have a new recently one, but when I came across this last week, it made me smile, so I thought it was worth sharing:)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Black and White Sunday - Worth the Wait

Yesterday, we were out for most of the day to babysit our 7 month old human niece Maggie. My sister, Aunt C appreciated the sacrifice the pups made, with us being out all day on a Saturday. She picked them up a special treat.

Patiently waiting for said treats

The cookies - guess who got which one?

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Today We Celebrate

When I started blogging in September of 2010, I would never have guessed that I would come up with 1500 posts. Thank you to all my readers for coming back day after day and sharing our lives. Thank you to our fellow bloggers for inspiring many of our posts. I don't think I would have gotten to 1500 without you!

To celebrate the pups got some special treats, which we will share with you on Tasty Tuesday!