Friday, November 27, 2015

FFHT - The Thanksgiving Edition

It is the last Friday of the month - that means it is time for Murphy and Stanley's FFHT.

After I ate all that turkey, I curled up in front of the fire and dreamed of my boyfriend Easy.  In my dream we went hunting and caught one of the wild turkeys I see every morning on my walk. We would make a great hunting team. We are both lean and great at reading things. Those turkeys wouldn't stand a chance.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Look I Got

First, thank you all for your support for our  upcoming event. You can read about it HERE. Some people have mentioned they don't have holiday lights. We ask you to be creative!

Secondly, Hailey was not impressed with me dancing in the kitchen, this is the unimpressed look I got. She stood with her ears like that. I think the judges on the dancing reality show are nicer!

Happy Birthday to the Big Guy! We love you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Pals!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shopping Around the World

We are thrilled to be participating in our first shopping around the world, brought to you by Bacon and Fozzie.  This months theme was 5 ingredients for a Thanksgiving Dinner. While we Canadian dogs celebrated in October, we thought we could still share the prices of some of our favourite Thanksgiving food.

The conversion of the Canadian Dollar (as of Monday this week):

$1 Canadian Dollar = .75 cents US (this makes us cry a little that it is so low!)  or $1.04 Australian Dollar  or .70 Euro or .49 British Pound

another conversion - 1 KG = 2.2 Pounds

First we have the best part - the Turkey - unfortunately Lady won't let us catch one, so we have to buy one. Turkey was $3.28 a kg.

A not great picture of the turkeys in our backyard

What turkey is complete without the stuffing. Cause the Lady can't eat gluten a loaf of her gluten free bread is $6.49. Highway robbery is you ask her.

Next up is the sweet potatoes. These are a new favourite in our house. They will set you back $1.29 a kg.

What meal isn't complete with something green. The beans were $6.15 a kg.

We are not pumpkin pie eaters in our house, we are apple pie ones. Macintosh apples were $4.99 a lb. Don't ask why they were sold by the pound in Canada. It is one of those mysteries, especially since they were products of Canada.

Thanks for shopping with us in rural Quebec, Canada. 

We hope all our American pals enjoy their Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

PSA: Please Join Us

We are inviting all our pals to join us on Sunday, December 13, 2015 for our first festival of lights.

To participate please send a picture of your festival of lights to leeandphodATbellDOTnet no later than Friday, December 11, 2015. Please include you name(s) and your blog address.

For each participant we are going to make $1 donation to an animal related charity. I have it narrowed down to 2. Both are very meaningful to me, so I am having an very hard time deciding. I am  going to ask you all to help me pick. Please leave a comment about what charity you think we should support in this fundraiser. The charity with the most votes by whatever time I get to counting them on Saturday, will win.

The choices:

1) Wounded Warriors - PTSD Service Dog Program  

2) Cat Rescue Network Ottawa - To help Sponsor a Cat in Need

Please feel free to spread the word and thanks for participating! 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Some Good News!

As last week was mischief week, we are replacing our regular Mischief Monday post with a good news one.

First, the Man is on the mend. He has stopped being sick and his body is recovering. We did a really good job at taking care of him. Lady even managed to cook so she didn't starve. (Note, we were only allowed in the guest room with him for a bit as some doggy likes to pee on the beds in there).

Helping the Man feel better

Second, the Lady (knock on wood) did get sick, which makes Man think he had food poisoning. This has us all happier than you can imagine. She is a worse patient then she is a nurse (which is hard to believe she can be worse at something once you see her nursing skills).

Third, some good news about  Grandmother. Being pragmatic asked her doctor the short and long term prognosis. She asked the doctor what she should prepare for. She has book club in 10 days, a great-grandchild coming in the spring and a grandchild getting married Labour Day. The doctor told her not to plan to attend book club (it appears she has pneumonia) but sees no reason why she won't be able to celebrate with her family next year. Thank you all for your POTP.

The week is starting better than it ended, so we are cautiously optimistic.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Black and Snuggly Sunday

Thank you all for your kind words yesterday.

The Man was very, very ill on Friday night (it was coming out of both ends) and he woke me up at 5:40 am Saturday morning because when he went to the bathroom to get some medication he fainted. He came to lying on the bathroom floor. Fortunately he was not injured. I am not the kindest most patient nurse at the best of times, but take my sleep away and well . . . . I tried to be as sympathetic as I could. I got him up. I got some food and fluids in him. I put him back to bed.

When I took the dogs for a nice, if not brisk walk, later in the morning, I found myself laughing out loud. None of the things that happened are funny. But the fact they all happened in less than 24 hours is funny - the universe is just ridiculous sometimes. Besides I recently learned that people who can still laugh when faced with adversity are more resilient.

As for my career, it is tough when you are dealing with serious and sometimes dangerous problem behaviours. It is not my favourite part of my job. I am lucky I haven't been seriously injured. In the moment I can stay pretty cool, after I have a brief period of being angry/frustrated/grossed out, but I pretty much move to "how can we change this." The young man in questions, is profoundly disabled. That doesn't make it ok, but it does make it my job. My job is to change behaviour. . That will be my focus and I will keep at it as long as needed. Yes, the successes make all the pain worthwhile and when we are successful at helping this young man, it will be extra wonderful!

And no matter how my day goes, either personally or professionally, I have some great love waiting for me at home.

Here is to a very uneventful week!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Week That Was and Some POTP Please

Before going over the recap of my least favourite week this year, I will remind everyone what I do for a living (as it is relevant). I work with individuals with autism. In some cases severe autism. The individuals I am working with are 3-21 currently.

-Monday was fine - I had no idea what the week would bring

-Tuesday - 5 new mice

-Wednesday - one of my pregnant coworkers had a medical emergency at work (fortunately it is a torn ligament in the side and she and the baby will be fine) - a 10 year old sucker punched me in the arm (it sure hurt) - I lost Precious

-Thursday - a 19 year old became aggressive when I wouldn't let him smash a glass door (I know, I am so unreasonable) and spit repeatedly in my face (I would rather get hit any day then get spat on), hit me and shoved me repeatedly against the door. My back was pretty sore Thursday night, but better Friday. 

-Friday - we got terrible news.
First, my parents beloved dog Barley, was diagnosed with a tumour in his stomach. He will be kept comfortable and given a lot of love as surgery is not an option that will change the outcome.

Secondly, my 93 year old Grandmother had what they believe was a mild heart attack, and was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She will require oxygen from now on.

Then the Man came home with a stomach bug he got from a 2 year old on Wednesday. (He will be fine, but Lady will be grumpy if she gets it).

I ask for some POTP for Barley and Grandmother. May they both be comfortable and not suffer needlessly. 

Barley, the drool king and lap dog