Monday, June 5, 2023

Mischief Monday - Too Hot

While we continue to pee in the house (it is a work in progress), the most mischief was caused by the heat.

It was unseasonably warm here last week. It was around 32C/90F when our seasonal expectations would be about 20C/68F. Of course our bodies had no time to adjust, as the previous week we had frost (meaning the temperatures were at freezing).

Lady's car read 40C/104F when she got it in at work one day!

It didn't cool down enough at night so by Friday night, our house that is air conditioning free, got up to about 27C/80F. Fortunately on Friday night the temperature dropped (and the storms missed us) and the house fell to 20C/68F overnight.

The province is under a complete fire ban and we watched the fire helicopters looking for fires in the hills and woods around us. It was a combination of cool and scary. As you may remember in May 2021 there was a small forest fire very close and we watched the water plans on our lake. 

We kept cool enough by going to the lake, going on shorter walks/outings and learning to drink from the bucket Lady was filling to water her flowers.

Ice cold hose water, may be the best

Temperatures look seasonal for the next week, so you don't have to worry about us melting!

Friday, June 2, 2023

Nature Friday - Inside Edition

 Here is a funny tale for you.

Maybe 3 years ago, Lady bought herself a Christmas cactus. It did the flowering and has since been just being a plain green cactus.

Recently, it has not been looking good and Lady thought she may have actually finally killed it.

Turns out, she did not, it was just getting ready to flower again.

Here is our May bloom, Christmas Cactus!

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this even so we can share this!

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Guess Where We Went?

Let's go

Hurry up!

Almost there!

The beach is open!

First swim of the season!

Get that bumper!

It is here somewhere!

Got it!


Go again and again and again

Check out the beach between swims.

Watch the boats go by.

What a great afternoon. Now time to go home. 

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tasty Tuesday - by Lee


Thanks for all your ideas last week on dealing with a picky eater. I had extensive dental work in January and will be going to the vet in another month for a follow up. Lady doesn't think it is dental, because I will happily eat hard treats, just not kibble.

However, Lady has found a way to get me to eat my kibble. She bought us some soft food. As long as she mixes softie in, I will eat the kibble. Sometimes I even eat kibble she didn't get softy on. I have been a super eater this past week and my people are happy.

Phod loves the softie too!

So at least for now, with several different kinds, I am happy to eat. 

The once would eat anything and now picky, Lee

Monday, May 29, 2023

Mischief Monday - Bad Pee-rs

 Dear pals,

Lady is feeling a little bit exacerbated by our behaviour, as we are in a we are angry at you so we will pee in your house phase. Lady knows we don't have UTIs or medical issues, and are just being 'brats.'

Sad I have no bed

It started when they went out and Phod kept figuring out how to move the barrier at the top of the stairs so he could get down to pee. Once the Lady and Man made a new barrier and he couldn't get down, we targeted the back mat (which has now been renewed) and an old bed (which is in the garbage).

Haven't gotten past this yet

Our destruction of the old bed, left only one bed in the sitting area upstairs and made Lady feel bad, so she ordered us another one this week.

First day with new bed

The first night, while our people slept (and had left the door open), we got up and  Lee peed on it and Phod peed on her pee, so there ended up being pee all over the dining room area.  Lady was so thrilled to be washing the floor before 6 am. 

The next night, Lady was woken at 4 by Lee burying the same bed (which had been washed with pee smell remover apparently). Lady was so thrilled to get to wash the floor again so early in the morning. 

The next night we lost the privilege of being able to leave the bedroom in the night, and no one had an accident or needed to go out before we normally would. 

At any rate, Lady and Man are carefully watching us and doing what they can to keep us from making the house a pee pad. 

Your full of pee Lee and Phod

Friday, May 26, 2023

FFF Nature Friday - Trillium Edition

 Today is a great day in Blogville because it is both Aunty-Yam's, final fiction Friday and Rosy and Sunny's Nature Friday. 

We bring you more trilliums - found in our front yard. 

The early morning air smells of wax,

It is the sweet smell of spring.

As we walk through the dawn,

Accompanied by the bird songs,

We are grateful to have survived another winter.