Friday, June 21, 2024

Nature Friday - Snap!

 A few kilometres from our house, near the highway is a bit of a swampy area before the swamp joins the lake. Recently, a female snapping turtle was seen on the shoulder making holes for her eggs. She dug and buried eggs in at least 5 places.

Man saw them doing some road grading after. We wish the baby turtles all the best. In 60-90 days we will be on the look out for babies.

A lot happens on the side of the road out here. The wild roses are coming into bloom too. 

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event so we can share our nature with you. 

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Throw Back Thursday - Remembering Adventure

Our pals, who could make it, have been sharing pictures of that time we rented an RV and went to Indiana to meet. That was some adventure!

How lucky were we to have it. 

Monday, June 17, 2024

Mischief Monday - This and That - by Lee

 Dear pals,

It was a less eventful week here last week. Less mischief to be had.  Here are some of the things that have happened.

We had a terrible storm on Thursday and some dog may have had the poop scared out of her twice. 

Man and Lady have taken to going on long walks without us. Something about exercise and us not being able to walk as far, which although may be true is still rude. 

Phod has been responding well to his meds and isn't nearly as itchy.  He doesn't like all the medication and treatment and tries to run away.  So it is a procedure and sometimes I am a little jealous of all the attention. 

Lady was out all day Saturday and come home smelling like cat. 

The people have decided they love sitting on the back deck now, and we don't love it, even when they try and make it comfortable for us.

As you can see, just sort of a normal level of mischief right now. Hope all is well with you.

Your pal, Hailey Bug

Friday, June 14, 2024

Nature Friday - Friends and Flowers - by Lee

 Dear pals,

I know Lady has been complaining that old me barks at everything. Well the other day, I was barking and barking and barking and Lady finally came to check it out.

It was a deer friend. She just stood there and then slowly walked away. 

Lady said I should show you her alliums. They are looking very pretty. These are set it and forget it flowers (she planted the bulbs 2 or 3 years ago), so totally in her scope. One evening Lady saw 3 types of bees enjoying them and this made her happy. 

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event. 

your pal, Hailey Bug

Thursday, June 13, 2024

The Itch Update - By Phod

 Dear pals, 

I had the most terrible appointment at the V-E-T.

I am not impressed

First, I had to go in the Man's scary car. I have never been in it before. The seats aren't as wide and I didn't like it. Then the vet poked all my itchy spots and even worse made my lay on my back so she could inspect my undercarriage.

What she determined is that I have a bacteria infection. She very insultingly said it is because I am old and can't shake properly after a swim and I lay down a lot. Even worse she said no lake unless I have a bath after and am completely dried (like blowdried, dried). 

While we await the culture results, I am taking an antibiotic twice a day (it is actually not too terrible tasting and Lee seems jealous I am getting it) and I need to have my itchy spots treated with foam. It is rather personal where some of the infection is and I am not sure Lady should be poking around there. We have found a way to do this standing up, which I like a little better. 

Also, my floppy ear is infected. So both ears need a cleaning every other day and the infected one needs meds in it. 

At any rate, this is not the best days of my life. I go for a follow up in about 2 weeks. 

If you have some POTP for a quick recovery, your old pal could use it.

Your itch pal, Zaphod