Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Threat - Chip

On Saturday the house came under attack of a new threat.

Chip - the Chipmunk.

Do you see him on the left by the post?

There he is under the rail, eating a nut my people gave him! 

We used this as a chance to work on relaxing with our girl. 

The intense stare

Practicing Relaxed (Back legs are to the side, but she is still tense)

So now our house is under siege by: the deer: Thelma and Louise (the wild turkeys) and their babies: the groundhogs, Slinky, Lazarus, Goldbie; the 4 horses from across the street; the ravens, Ed, Al and Poe; Red John the Squirrel; the woodpecker; and now Chip!

What is a girl to do with all these invaders???????

Come back during Safety Week and we will have a special post on wildlife safety! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Mischief Monday - A Whole Bunch of Things Going On

First, before we get into the mischief, we would like to tell you about Chancy. On our weekly check for a puppy for our Uncle Chris (he is considering getting a sibling for Emma and we are helping with the search), we came across Chancy.  We call her Lee's twin. She is in the Ottawa Humane Society. To find out more about her go to: http://ottawahumane.ca/adoption/petharbor_dogs.cfm

Here she is, isn't she beautiful???

We hope she finds a wonderful home soon!


Now the mischief.

Lady and Man Mischief:
On Friday they went out without us for the entire evening. The gave us dinner really early and left us alone when there were fireworks! (although we were good and there was no distraction).  Do you know what they thought was more important then being home with us?  A silly football game!!!! That is right, they left us alone to go and see the first home game of Ottawa's new CFL team the RedBlacks. Clearly they don't have their priorities correct. To make it worse they told us they are going to 2 more games . . . . 

Hailey's mischief - now this not just mischief caused by Lee, but this was caught on camera.

I want to know that why, even though it is the same water as is in the water dish, why does my water taste better?

Because I have help drinking my water, when I am not at the dinner table, I use plastic cups! They get spilled a lot! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Hailey

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! We will be catching up with all of you on this raining Sunday!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Project Hailey - Not the Best Day for My Girl

Thursday afternoon a girlfriend and her two children aged 4 and 5 came for a visit. I knew Hailey would find this a little stressful, so even though I was working at home in the morning I spent a lot of time trying to tire her out. Unfortunately it was a little windy in the morning so she was a little stressed before they arrived.

Lee - post kid visit
When my friend and the kids arrived, Lee barked and barked. I tried her on her leash but she wouldn't calm down. Unfortunately the kids aren't really comfortable around dogs (nor is my girlfriend as she has very severe allergies and hasn't had a lot of exposure), which made Lee more anxious. I made the decision for everyone (because it wasn't going to be a good visit if Lee was barking the entire time) to put her in the crate. 

After putting her in the crate she did bark for a few minutes but she settled. Several times during the visit she barked and whined. (Often when the kids ran so she could see them) She dug her crate a little, but didn't destroy anything. 

Phod on the other hand was an angel. He took the treats from the kids, he played ball with them, he let them pet him, he gave kisses. The kids loved him and the kids would have been thrilled to take him home.

In the end, although I felt a little bad for Lee having to be in jail (with a kong and a chew and her toys), I had a nice visit with my friend (unfortunately the weather was poor and kept us from a visit to the beach . . . maybe next time). 

I am proud of Lee for being able to settle in her crate. It is nice to know we have an alternative to help her when we have nervous dog people visit. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Feline Friday - A letter to the cats - by Zaphod

Dear Bagheera and Nin,

You know I love you very much. Sometimes I want to run with you, but I never play rough or try to hump you like LeeLee does. I keep my distance. I respect your space. I want you to love me. I am a good dog brother. I just want to ask you that why, even though I am such a good dog, do you keep peeing on my dog beds? Lady keeps having to take them away to clean them. Sometimes she has to get rid of them. I would really appreciate if you could stop doing this. 

But Baggy if this makes you too stressed and you may want to kill me in my sleep for suggesting you don't pee on my things, please keep peeing on my bed. [Baggy you still kind of scare me].

Thank you,

Love your Phody

Thursday, July 17, 2014

An Acceptance Speech by Hailey

Hawk was kind enough to share (what I think is a much deserved award, I am truly under appreciated in my life) this fabulous Shine On Award.

I am going to break some of the rules for this award (I don't follow rules well), but am giving a great big thank you to Hawk for thinking of me (I know it was out of kindness that he mentioned Zaphod on his blog).

Here are 7 random things about me:

1) I don't like most fruit and veggies. I try them and will sometimes eat them, but mostly just because I am afraid Phod will take them.

2) My Lady's favourite part of her day, is often in the wee hours of the morning when I decide to honour her with a leg snuggling in her sleep.

3) I am no longer that excited to see deer. While I am alert when they cross our path most morning, I don't try and yank Lady's arm off any more (the same can not be said for small creatures such as ravens, cats, frogs, groundhogs, squirrels).

4) I will only let my Man cut my nails, even though the Lady did all the work to make me not terrified of having them cut.

5) I jump up on people I love when they first enter the house. This is how they know I love them and no matter what Lady does, she can't get me to stop. I will be calm and they will think they are safe, but then when the don't expect it, I will jump.

6) Hero's dog treats are currently my favourite (this is how the Lady is getting me to do rollover).

7) I like routine. I can tell time and am very good at letting my people know when they are not following the correct routine (like stare, scratch at the door to say my dinner is late and sass them).

I am suppose to nominate people for this award, but it is always so hard because everyone deserves it, so I am passing it to everyone!

Thanks again Hawk!