Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Travel Tuesday - Lady's Return - by Lee

 Dear pals,

Lady came back last week and literally got struck with her best guess influenza as she landed. She is very angry about this because she got the vaccine and it has been a week and at best she is at 60%. I am not suppose to say, that is what you get for leaving me. 

Snuggling Lady to make her feel better

She is grateful it waited until she got home as she had a wonderful weekend in Winnipeg with her friends. She arrived at a very sad time for them. 2 weeks before their senior dog Crosby was called to the bridge. The day Lady arrived her friend said goodbye to his 91 year old father. In spite these heartbreaks, her friends insisted she come and were still gracious hosts. It didn't feel like they had been apart for almost 2 years.

Lady went to a place called the Leaf. It is an indoor horticultural attraction. In the spring and summer they have outdoor gardens too. Here is some colour to brighten your day!

Indoor waterfall

The butterflies weren't very active in the butterfly garden

After some time in the tropics they wandered the Leo Mol sculpture garden.

Lady spotted a bunny

Not pictured was watching her friends curl, going to the Human Rights Museum (the only National Museum outside of the National Capital Region and truly beautifully done, if not enraging at times), a walk around the Forks (indoor shopping area), and watching the Superbowl with her friend's extended family. 

While she had a good time, we are glad she is back and hope is at 100% soon (as she is a terrible sick person).

Monday, February 19, 2024

Mischief Monday - A Conversation Between Phod and Lady

Lady: I am a little disappointed that you wandered to the neighbour's  the other day Phod.

Phod: The snow is hard enough I can go over, and I haven't seen my kids or my Derek (Callie's Man) and I miss them very much. I am a good neighbour and wanted to make sure they are ok.

Lady: You know you are suppose to stay in our yard and come when you are called.

Phod: You know my hearing isn't what it used to be and I don't adhere to manmade boundaries. Besides my Derek always says it is ok I come over.

Lady: So you are saying you just wandered over to visit? Then why did you come out from under the back deck, with a huge smile eating cat poop?

Phod: I am a very good neighbour and I am just trying to help keep the neighbourhood clean, and you don't feed me enough. 

Lady: Lies - you get lots to eat. You are a disgusting and gross dog and I am going to trade you in for a less gross version. You obsessive poop eating is becoming a problem.

Phod: You would never trade me in Lady - idol threat - just like it would be an idol promise that I would stay in the yard and not eat poop.

Lady: I feel like we are at an impasse . . . . However, I am going to do some research into stopping this obsessive poop eating. It is new for you and is a bit out of control. 

Phod: Can I either go back into the closet to sleep or outside to hunt for poop? This conversation is boring me.

Lady: Oh Phod! 

Friday, February 9, 2024

Nature Friday - The Lot of Requirement - by Phod

 Thanks to my good pals Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event.

On a not too cold winter afternoon, my people took me for a walk to the lot of requirement. This is the lot beside Callie's house that Callie's people own. Lady calls it the lot of requirement because it is the lot that becomes whatever Callie's people need it to be. For awhile it was empty and we liked to poop there (we called it poop corner). Then Callie's grandpa put his RV there and spent time there. Currently, it is housing a car and boat for winter and the place that Callie's people keep their firewood. 

Come check it out with me!

It looks really slippery!

Here we go down the road

We got to be free to explore

I came right back when I was called.

Hailey went a little further into the trees

She slowly circled back (yep she had to drag a leash and I was free)

I checked out the wood pile.

It was a nice stroll. Thanks for coming with me.

your pal, Phod