Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Travel Tuesday - Niagara - The Food

Last week I shared the falls. While my friends aren't as active as I am, they do enjoy a good meal and were very happy to work around my gluten and soy allergy.  Today we will talk about some of the food we enjoyed. 

Before I share two special meals - Niagara is a very dog friendly place. At a pub we ate at, I noted this on the menu:

The first special meal involved a winery.

There are over 50 wineries in the Niagara region and we visited this one twice, because it is one of my friend's favourite wine. The first afternoon was for a wine tasting and the second was for lunch.

I am not a big drinker, but enjoy the occasional drink. If I am going to drink wine, it is going to be red.

My favourite was the Merlot followed closely by the Pinot Noir.

For our meal we had charcuterie board, flat breads with fancy stuff (I could not eat the bread, but ate some of the toppings!) and salad:

Fancy food pictures courtesy of a friend who had fun playing around 

The vineyard

The second special meal was all about me. Anyone who has watched the show The Bear. may be familiar with the character Neil Falk. Neil, is played by Canadian chef Matty Matheson. Matty, went to high school with one of my friends and she has known his wife since kindergarten. She was able to arrange a reservation at Rizzo's House of Parm.  

I don't know if you hadn't heard about it, if it was the type of place you would rush too. From the outside, while busy, it isn't fancy and the vibe instead is very casual. However, if you didn't, you would be totally missing out. 

The food was fantastic. I want the salad dressing recipe (they grow a lot of the ingredients at a farm not far from the restaurant).

Our appy course

It was the best gluten free pasta I have ever eaten, and they don't up charge for a gluten free substitution. 

The service was flawless. Anyone who has watched the show may remember them talking about how the diners should never see the staff communicating, and we never did. Apparently one of the secrets to this (because I know someone who knows) is to overstaff.  Two of my friends had not watched the show and both had worked as servers and were also blown away by the food and the service. 

The price was great. We had an amazing 3 course dinner, for 4 people, with enough leftovers for a meal the next day, with one drink each, and a very good tip for about $290 Canadian/$213 US. To compare five of us ate at a moderately priced chain the following night, one drink each, appetizers,  and one dessert to share, the food was not as good, the service was not good and it cost $450 Cdn/$330US.

I am not usually a big celebrity follower, however this was a fun and delicious experience. It was fun to play 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon!

Monday, May 20, 2024

Mischief Monday - Old Dog Style

 We have had lots of mischief.

First up is Miss Bug. On Friday, even though she was out a lot, she managed to poop 2 times in the house. Lady believes what is happening is sometimes she doesn't know she needs to go until it is too late. On our walks, she seems to be caught of guard sometimes. Also, Lady wonders if, since Lee is being very barky lately, she is barking all the time at all the things,  that Lady may be missing her asking. Man thinks she is just being a brat. This is becoming a more common occurrence. 

Phod managed to hurt one of his back hips doing a race down the basement steps to join Hailey with barking at the cat at the patio door. Lady has been trying to rest him. However, he is still making choices like digging in his hole to France.

These are the signs of aging we live with and monitor every day. 

Friday, May 17, 2024

Nature Friday - Flowers

 Dear pals,

Because I responded to Lady's call outside, I get to share some spring flowers with you when I would rather be rolling.

Thanks to Rosy and Sunny for hosting this event. 

your pal, who was punished for listening Zaphod

Thursday, May 16, 2024

I'll Do What I Want - by Lee

 Dear pals,

Lady and Man told me I shouldn't be climbing on the retaining wall that Callie's Man made us a number of years ago. They said, especially since I am more tippy it is not safe.

Well, I didn't listen to them and climbed on the retaining wall. Chipmunks live it it, so it always smells good. 

Looks totally safe to me

Besides I was a little ticked off with Lady at the time, because she had just got home smelling like cats! She went to celebrate cousin Troy and Aunt C's birthdays. 



If Lady can do what she wants to, I can do what I want to.

you pal, the mountain goat Hailey Bug

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Travel Tuesday - Niagara Falls - Part One

Maybe because they are tired of alway having their pictures taken, but my dogs have agreed to let me share some travel here for a few posts. 

I was recently away to go to Niagara Falls, Ontario, with some friends for a long weekend. 

I thought I would start by sharing pictures of the falls. The first day we walked to see them as a group. Then day 3 I walked along the top in the morning while my friends slept. Then on day 4, because my friends wanted to do nothing, and I knew I couldn't just sit in our suite until our ride arrived at 3:30 in the afternoon to take us back to Toronto to catch our transportation home, I went and did all the fall tourist stuff!

There are 3 falls, 2 American, the American and Bridal Veil Falls, and one Canadian, the Horseshoe Falls . I alway forget about the 3rd one. They are very young and only about 12 000 years old. While not the tallest, Niagara Falls has the world's highest water fall rate. It is eroding about a foot a year, and while impossible to imagine will just be a rapids some day.  90% of the fish who go over the falls survive. 20% of American drinking water flows over the falls. 

Sorry American friends, the Canadian side has a much better view! Here are some pictures from all the ways I saw the falls.

Horseshoe from the observation deck

Horseshoe from the journey behind the falls

Same as above but I was getting wet 

Tunnel behind the Horseshoe Falls

Bridal Veil from a boat

Horseshoe from a boat

American Falls from a boat

American and Bridal Veil from a boat

Horseshoe and Bridal from the Sky view 

Just a little fun!

Hope you enjoyed all the views of the falls!