Friday, October 9, 2015

See Beautiful

It is one of the most beautiful times of year in our neck of the woods. The leaves are starting to change in our yard. This is from last Sunday.

We will share more of the beautiful colours once they finish changing!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Walk Your Dog Week

We are thrilled to report that Lady got off her duff and made sure we got a walk every day, and not just weekdays, for walk your dog week. Lady says she should get extra gold stars because her knees have been hurting after hauling all that wood, so walking has been unpleasant. But at least the weather has been beautiful!  Lady says we are going to keep right on walking until Monday. We may or may not get a walk on Monday because our house will be crazy as Tendra and Barley are visiting, so we may be getting so much play exercise we can skip our walk!

After all that walking, we are tired!

Thanks to the organizers, we look forward to walking again next year!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ummmmm, Don't You Have Something Better To Do?

Lady, can't you find something else to do, rather than take our pictures, you are blocking my sun. 

And you are interfering with my guard duty! 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Mischief Monday - The Wheelbarrow

This week has fortunately not been as eventful as last week (the Man hasn't tried to burn the house down!). However, we had wheelbarrow woes. The tube in the wheelbarrow tire got a hole. Man bought a replacement one, had to go to the neighbours to blow it up because he couldn't find a pump, but it also had a hole. The Man bought a new tube and found a pump and it worked, but then he decided the whole tire should be replaced. 2 stores later, a tire was found. For reasons the Lady doesn't understand, this tire then didn't fit easily on the piece to attach it to the wheelbarrow. Man went to 2 hardware stores to find someone to help him force it on. Finally after several weeks the wheelbarrow was ready to go!

This time of year we get 4 cords to use to help heat the house on evenings and weekends. Lady curses it every year. The neighbours are getting 10 cords this year as they are expecting baby 3 in December and someone will be home all day, so they can use the fire as their primary heating source. Lady can't imagine piling that much wood!

We spent a lot of the weekend hauling wood. Lady and Man think we have one more day left. Hopefully we will get one nice day next weekend (Thanksgiving weekend) to finish it up. 

Here is the pile when about half the wood had been piled.  It starts at the side of the house. The Man loads it into the wheelbarrow.

Here is the mischief wheelbarrow. The Man brings it around the house and dumps it in the second garage where the Lady stacks it.

Here is the pile in progress. This garage is also known as our mouse Air BnB as this is where we have caught the most mice (11 to date). It is right off the living room so getting the wood for the fireplace is easy!

Here is Phod and Precious supervising the peeps. Phod kept bringing Precious to Lady to throw. It made the job more interesting. 

Here is Hailey watching over the work. She loved being in the sun, eating grass and digging!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

National Taco Day!

We are so excited that Oreo told us it was National Taco Day and asked us to celebrate in honour of angel Jazzi, the world's greatest taco lover!  First, to put on the record, I, the Lady am not a fan of the taco. I like all the elements, but don't like the shells. I always make myself a taco salad. The Man, well let's just say he always eats a lot of tacos. I think the record is like 8. He was over the moon to prepare tacos to help us prepare the post.

This was the first time the pups ever had tacos. They were excited and interested.

Lady made meat and cheese tacos for the dogs.

First they both ate all the meat and cheese out of them.

Then they ate the crunchy shells.

Phod thought this special treat should be eaten in bed. They both take any special treats to a bed to eat. 

Then the Man and I  feasted and the dogs begged for more! Unfortunately the Man had spiced the remaining mean so the pups were SOL! 

Thanks Jazzi for starting the Blogville Taco Crazy and to Oreo for continuing it in her honour. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Grammie!

Today is our Grammie's birthday. We will celebrate with her next week when she comes for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October in Canada).  Until then, we send her our birthday wishes!

Happy Birthday Grammie!