Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Intruder Alert!

Last Monday, Lady was still at work and Man was at home cooking dinner. He heard growling.  Hailey was standing in front of the fireplace growling. The Man went down to discover a bird was in it.

He put Hailey in the guest room, opened the patio door, then opened the fireplace. The little bird went right outside.

Wednesday morning, Canada Day, a day we could sleep in, Hailey was barking and barking and barking. Seems our bird friend was back again. Man did the same thing and the bird went right out again.

On Sunday, while Lady was at work, that silly bird was back. The Man heard it this time. Instead of flying right out, the bird took the tour of the house. We have 40+ foot high ceilings in front of the fireplace and the bird flew up. Eventually Man was able to catch it in a tea towel in the kitchen.

We are going to have to get up on the roof and see if we can figure out why this bird keeps getting into the fireplace.

Hailey says all this adventure proves her point that birds are bad (she barks at them on the law every day).

I expect a medal and extra cookies for keeping my family safe from the intruding bird!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Mischief Monday - The Phod Edition

It is so rare to have a Phod mischief Monday post, but here we are.

On Friday, Phod got a small cut on the pad on his front right paw. He was licking it and limping a little, but an inspection showed it was nothing major. We cleaned it out and left it.

Saturday, Phod wasn't feeling himself. He didn't eat his breakfast. I checked his paw to see how it was and I couldn't find the original cut. However, he has a new sore. It appears he had licked the skin off the pad where a dew claw would be. I treated it (fortunately we have some spray left from when he cut his paw badly last summer).

I hope this is why he is out of sorts and I hope he stops licking!

"If you are going to tell tails about me, I am going to ignore you and scratch" - Zaphod

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Black and White Sunday - Summer Lovin'

There is no better way to enjoy the great outdoors then on a hammock!

I am cute and I know it!

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lady's Birthday Adventure - Part Two

First, Happy 4th of July to all our American friends! Hailey, who was born in Ohio doesn't enjoy celebrating this day (or Canada Day for that matter) because of the fireworks.


Where we slept.

We stayed in 8 places in 9 nights, moving about 250 km (150 miles) a day. The following places were selected after reading reviews on line and using the Lonely Planet (for some),  and based on price (we aimed for under $200 a night) and location.

What they had in common: They were all super clean!

Nights 1 and 2 - Grand Hotel Reykjavik
Didn't take a picture of this room but it was your standard nice North American hotel. It had a great breakfast buffet included.

This sign was confusing as we had taken the red up, been up for a day and a half and were room 1245 (which was to the left)

The bathroom had a tub and this shower that opened up beside the toilet

Night 3 - Hotel Edda Vik
Here we slept in a cottage. This cottage had 2 identical rooms with private bathrooms. It also had paper thin walls. It was one of our least favourite rooms. Our toilet leaked and when we reported this we ended up with a free breakfast (which was a savings of about $35 - which is great as it wasn't a breakfast worth that kind of money).

Our side was the right

Night 4 - Hali Country Hotel
The reception for this series of guest houses looked like a book shelf because it housed the museum for a famous writer from the farm. This was our first night on a farm. We stayed in a guest house with a shared bathroom. The room was fine and it is where I woke up a decade older. The food at the restaurant at the reception was amazing!

Reception, restaurant, museum

The farm

The guesthouse

Night 5 - Vinland Guesthouse  - near Egilsstadir - Room 2
This guesthouse outside of town was quiet, clean and every of the 6 rooms (rooms 4-6 were at the back) had their own bathroom. With a kitchenette it would have been a great place for campers. It was the only place we stayed with sulphery water. All the rest had amazing water.

Night 6 - Guesthouse Stong - near Myvatn
This guesthouse was also on a sheep farm which had been in operation for over 100 years. They added the first guesthouse in the 80s when the government quotes on sheep made it difficult to make a living. Now with the guesthouse (with shared bathroom) and cottages they can sleep 70. The restaurant was excellent, breakfast was included, so was the morning wake up "maaaing" by the sheep. I had one of my best nights sleep here and it was a favourite.

Sheep in the parking lot

Outside reception 

Night 7 - Hotel Edda Plus Akureyri
Once we found this place (as it doesn't show up in the GPS) we were surprised to find ourselves in a dorm. It was amusing because I hadn't slept in a dorm for nearly 22 years. It was probably my least favourite place, but it was cheap, easy to walk to the centre of town and like everywhere we stayed was clean.

Back to school we go!

Night 8 - Guesthouse Nedra-Vatnshorn near Hvammstangi
Ok, this was my favourite. We slept in a converted shipping container (bucket list item check) on a horse farm. We had our own private container behind the guesthouse. It was so quiet. Breakfast was served (for a fee) in the house of the people who owned the farm. I thought it would feel weird to eat in a strangers home, but since the guesthouse employee was off cooking and we ate before the other guests it wasn't.

The container 


Man visiting with the horses

Night 9 - Borganes Bed and Breakfast
I realize I never took a picture of this place. It was in a house that now has 8 guest rooms. With shared bathrooms it was the only place we ever had to wait for one. It was the cheapest place we stayed and the included breakfast was wonderful. The older woman who runs it seemed very nice. Our bedroom was a new room and was likely a sitting room before. We did a have private door to the garden.

View from the garden

Hope you enjoyed seeing where we slept. Next week will be about our wildlife encounters.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Flash Back Friday

When I was going through my pictures looking for a few of Nin the other day, I found this one of angel Gemini.

Not wanting to get off the couch, but wanting to be in the sun puddle, Gemi decided to sleep in the following position.  What a silly girl!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Celebrating Cinder

Today would have been our boy's 20th birthday. Now it is two days since his death. Instead of feeling sad we are going to celebrate his life today.

He came into our lives when the Man picked him (the only pet the Man has got to pick to date). I wanted the orange tabby to be Shere Khan to our Bagheera, but Man wanted this 3 month old black cat. I didn't want to call him Cinder, that had been my grandparents labs name, but I lost that battle too. It took me weeks to remember his name, I called him Clyde, Mint and who knows what else. Finally, because he was so skinny, he became skinny Ninny, aka Nin. I rarely called him anything else. His Auntie K called him "Cindy Lou Who". Poor cat never got called his name.

When they wrote the lyrics "Everybody wants to be a cat" the cat they were writing about was Cinder. He had the life I would want if I was a cat.

He was a simple guy; he wasn't going to win any IQ awards, although once as a kitten after hours of staring at the fridge, one day he just removed all the magnets. He did it a second time and then never did it again. His memory seemed short so things just didn't bother him. He didn't get very upset (although he could give the stink eye) and let things go easily. Life would be easier if I could do that.

He was a loving guy; he left no lap unlaid on. There would be times were you just didn't want him on your lap and you would have pushed him off 3 or 4 times and then suddenly you would realize he was sitting on you. You would wonder why and then would realize it was because he had "stealth".  It was probably one of the few moments in his life he was quiet when he was doing his stealth ninja move to get on your lap.

A picture taken after a stealth move to my lap
He was a loud guy;  he sang a lot. The vet guesses given how much he talked he was likely part Siamese. He sang when he was hungry. He sang before he was sick. He sang when he was upset (like when having to be in the car). He sang if you closed a door.  He sang because he could. He sang and sang and sang. I am sure we will hear ghost singing in the coming weeks.  Until the last few years, when age took it away, he was also a very purry guy. During most of his love he would purr. It was the one thing I missed in his old age.

Bagheera left, Nin on the right

He was a tolerant guy.  He tolerated Loki humping him, then Gemini very aggressively humping him, and finally Hailey humping him.  In spite of this he could still be found snuggling them if they were where he wanted to sleep. He tolerated us dressing him up. In one favourite memory we had a diaper left by a visiting friend with kid. For fun once, we cut a tail hole and had him wear it. We got the Nin stink eye but nothing else.

He could be a naughty guy. His litter box habits were never perfect. He missed a lot. He peed outside of closed doors. He peed on the bath mat. He peed on the dogs bed. He sort of lived a lot of his life peeing where he wanted.

He was a pukey guy. Of all the pets we have ever had, Nin has been the one who threw up the most. In his youth, when he groomed himself well, he had a lot of hairballs. He also didn't always know he was full (see point about being simple) and often would only stop eating when he threw up. I would guess that at least every 3 days of the 19 + years of his life one of us was cleaning up his puke.

Bagheera left, Nin right

He was a peaceful guy. Except for a couple times where he just snapped and beat the heck out of Baggy, he was a calm, peaceful, and tolerant (see above). He just went with the flow.

He was Hailey's guy. While he tolerated angels Loki and Gemi, he and Hailey had a special bond. She believed him to be her cat. She wanted to play with him, although sometimes she was a little rough for his old bones. When the Man first got up 2 mornings ago, Hailey was the one who alerted Man to the fact something was wrong with her Nin. She was whining and nudging Nin and then, when Man moved Nin to a blanket to assess him, she laid beside him.  She was upset when we removed him from the house and searched for him when we came back. She will miss him.

These are just a few of the memories we have of Nin. I could write pages and page and pages.

I always use to say that Nin would have been the perfect cat for someone who lived alone. You never felt alone when he was around. He was good company. You don't realize the presence your 20 year old cat who sleeps 20 hours a day has in your house until it is gone. The house is a little emptier without him, but our hearts will always be fuller for having shared our lives with him for 19 years 7 months and 28 days.

To Nin - thanks for the memories.

With love the Lady and the Man

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day

To all our Canadian pals wishing you a toque and fireworks free maple syrup and poutine filled day!