Monday, June 18, 2018

The Craziest Walk Last Week

On Tuesday, around 6 am, Lee, Phod and I headed out for our weekday morning stroll. We have two routes we can take, one being what we call 'favourite road.' It happened to be favourite road day.

We turn a corner on favourite road (about 1 km from our house), and I see to the right, across the field, a house on fire. 

For some perspective. We live in cottage country. On this particular walk which is probably about 1.5 km one way, we pass 1 house on our road, 2 houses on the main road and about  a dozen on favourite road.  I rarely carry my phone with me when I walk.

Lee, did not seem to notice anything was amiss. Phod on the other hand was highly alert. It was clear the fire had just started. We were likely a good football field from the nearest house and 2 football fields from the fire. So there I was without a phone (not that I actually know the name of favourite road, it is a long French one I have never learned), picking up the pace because I am thinking I may have to get much closer to the fire than I would like (when I was 3 I saw a furniture factory burn and probably had PTSD after that and still have a very healthy respect for fire), with the 2 dogs to start banging on doors.

Fortunately, as I got closer, I could hear people out yelling, so I knew people knew. Shortly after I could hear the firetrucks coming up the road around the lake. 

The dogs and I continued our walk away from the fire. Lee was a bit upset we didn't get to go up past the house because that is the routine and not doing so means we don't get to smell the best mailbox ever and our walk is shorter. Phod needed a lot of encouragement to keep going forward. Both reacted calmly when we had to stop to let the firetrucks race by.  

When we got home the Man and Emma were sitting outside. The Man had heard the sirens and looked out and could see the fire across the field from our house. He yelled at me for not having my phone with me. 

It took me another 3 days to remember it and I got these pictures of the house.  I never heard any news stories about it, so I believe everyone was safe.  The lighting is poor in these pictures as it was just my phone, it was very foggy that morning and I only really had one hand (as I had 2 dogs in the other).

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

In honour my my (the Lady's) Dad, aka "The Big Guy" I share with you some of the boats I saw during my trip to San Diego last month. 

Happy Father's Day Dad! 

Friday, June 15, 2018

Flower Friday - More Flowers From San Diego

We don't have a lot in bloom here so today again for Rosy's Flower Friday we share a picture from Lady's travels.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Training Thursday - Off Leash

This is a real picture, there has been no photoshopping of a leash or tie out

Over the winter, when the snow was deep and it was cold, we were able to start some off leash training with our girl. This is always done with great care (assessing Lee's mood, the environment etc.). Historically, Lee has done much better in the winter than in the spring/summer/fall when all the good smells are around.

However this year, again, under very restricted situations, Lee has been doing a good job at being off leash in the yard (100% supervised as we don't have a fence) for short periods of time. Generally, she has been much better at this kind of thing for Man than Lady (which really makes Lady made as she is the one who has spent the most hours training Lee), but she seems to be doing equally well with both!

We are not sure what has lead to this change. Is it maturity? Age? Whatever it is, we will enjoy it.

So will Lee, who had discovered there is nothing better than an off leash roll. Look at her grin!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Troublesome Tuesday - The Last 3 Dog Walk

The mug shots!

Several weeks ago, on a Thursday, we had a walk that went like this:

First Lee got very excited and was pulling because she thought there was an animal in the neighbours driveway. Turns out it was just some garbage bags (bags are uncommon out here as we are to have our garbage in containers as the animals get into the bags).

Then some puppies lost their mind at the raven sitting on a lawn.

Then we saw some deer.

Then on our very favourite road, there was something moving up a driveway, for real. It was a porcupine. We were about 30 feet from it and it was slowly moving up the driveway and Lady did an about face and made us go the other way. She said there was no way we were going to get any closer and no good would come from meeting it.

Then Emma started to throw up. Lady isn't sure if it was from all the grass she ate or if she was just too excited or if there was too much pulling.

Then Emma refused to walk so Lady had to try and carry all 16 lbs of her while walking us.

Then there was a big black dog off leash running around. Luckily it didn't come near us, but Lady made us turn around and not go to sniff our favourite mailbox.

We kept tripping Lady as she was walking carrying Emma and trying to hold our leashes.

Emma kept growling at Lady because she didn't like the way she was being carried.

Somehow we all made it home in one piece.

Since that day, Lady has not taken all 3 of us on a big morning walk. Emma has to sit out. Lady says it is not safe.

We think she just doesn't know how to have fun!