Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tasty Tuesday - Nutram 30-Day Optimum Transition Challenge - Wrap Up

Today wraps up our 30 Day Nutram Optimum Transition Challenge.

"Give us more!"

To recap, Nutram is a Canadian made food. It is available for both dogs and cats in 36 countries.

For this challenge our dogs tried formula T-26, Totally Grain Free Lamb & Legume Natural Dog Food. We picked this formula after completing Nutram's easy to use "your  Nutram number".

What we loved:
-Both dogs were really excited at meal time, during the entire month. It was especially noticeable for Zaphod who is not as food motivated and doesn't show excitement at meal times.

Phod licked his bowl clean every night

-Both dogs had healthy poops while on it.
-Both dogs had the energy to run and play.
-I love that it is a Canadian company.
-I love that each ingredient is something I can read and understand.
-I love that it was easy to find a relator who will supply it from the Nutrum site. (There is one near my work).

What we didn't love:
-We honestly can't think of anything.

Nutram is definitely a food that can be part  of a healthy lifestyle for Hailey and Zaphod.

Thank you Nutram for allowing us to participate in this yummy challenge. We loved it. We give you 8 paws up!
Hailey never left a piece!

There are lots of places you can find out more about Nutram:

Disclaimer: We were provided with a month's supply of food and compensation for sharing our honest experience of Nutram's products. We only share information we feel may be relevant to our readers. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dress Up In Memory Of Whitley

Our dear friend Whitley went to the bridge earlier this month. Today, thanks to Dory, we are celebrating the life of the best dressed dog in Blogville.

Formal wear:

Celebrating our little Westie from Texas:

Run free sweet Whitley, run free!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sepia Saturday - Still Use It

Even though she keeps peeing on it, and washing has made it very lumpy, Hailey still loves this bed. I don't think it will last much longer because she has decided it is her indoor toilet. (She goes through phases like this)

Friday, May 20, 2016

Flower Friday

We are thrilled to report we have some flowers in the yard, flowers in the yard! YAY!

Here is the one and only daffodil that is is in the yard. 

Nature has provided us with trilliums. There are not as many as last year, but there are a few around. This one is out front by a tree that blew over. 

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Life With Three

For the weekend my parents and their dog Tendra were in town. (Tendra - last 3 letters of my name and  the last three of my sister's name).  Tendra is 7.5 years old.

We are very lucky that the dogs all get along very well. Phod always has to remind Tendra it is his house, but once that is done they completely settle in. Tendra stays on her routine (eating at different times and demanding to eat at then, demanding her kongs and chews at particular times) and our pups stay on theirs. There is no fighting. Phod did try and get Tendra to play tug, but she wasn't in it. Tendra and Phod each take their own ball out and there are no issues with sharing. Really having Tendra visit isn't any different than having our two.

It was nice to have her visit!

Hailey, Phod, Lady and Tendra