Saturday, December 3, 2016

Teaser Tell All - In Memory of Sammy

Yesterday in honour of Sammy, who joined Easy at the bridge, we had our teaser.

In case you missed it, here it is:

This picture was taken from our very own beach on Lac St. Pierre here in the Gatineau Hills. Soon it will be covered with ice and snow and ice fishing huts. We look forward to next summer when we can really enjoy it.

Congratulation to Dory and the Boyz for being the first to guess the right location (Phod calls it his lake). 

Run free dear Sammy, run free! 

Friday, December 2, 2016

Teaser Friday - In Honour of Sammy

Today we join Madi and Angel Easy in sending our well wishes to Sammy. Sammy is feeling the effects of aging and could use some POTP.

Sammy is famous for his Teaser Tuesday, where he shows a picture from somewhere on the planet and everyone tries to guess where it is. Lady is not good at this and has gotten like 2 right. Our good friend Easy was excellent at this and often got them right (we learned to copy his answers occasionally to feel smarter).

In honour of Sammy, we present our teaser picture. Where in the world is this? Guess below!


Friendly reminder that our good friend Dory is hosting 25 Days of Holiday Fun. It isn't too late to join in. Click HERE for the details! 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Remembering Easy

Dearest Blogville pals,

As we are sure you have heard, Easy, Hailey's French boyfriend, was called to the bridge yesterday. Words can't describe the heartache we feel for the loss of such an amazing guy. Easy and his antics will be were memorable to say the least (who can forget the chaos party?). He was a wonderful friend to everyone.  He was thoughtful, always the first to lend support and help others, funny and creative. He was spirited and shared this spirit with Blogville. He was a great date and boyfriend.

Today we raise a glass to Easy's memory. We send a hug to Easy's staff. We know how devastated  they are and we hope our love and support makes their pain a little more bearable.  Through our tears, we remember Easy and we smile a little because no matter how sad and heavy our heart feels, when we think about a character like Easy and his adventures, we have to smile.


Hailey (aka Lee), Phod, the Lady and the Man

PS To help Easy's family with the final vet bills visit Murphy and Stanley.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Not Fair

Lady and Man got this dog (it is apparently from Mexico) at a charity event and it is allowed on the table and we aren't!

Not fair!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Mischief Monday - She Left Us - by Lee and Phod

Dear Blogville,

Our Lady did a terrible thing. Last Tuesday she took lots and
lots of bags (Editor's note - it was 7) and got in the car and was away for 87 million days (Editor's note - it was 6). We were the saddest dogs ever. The Man only walked us and fed us and gave us treats and played with us and let us hog the bed. It was terrible. He only worked from home 2 days to be with us. We were so hard done by.

Lady says she wasn't in a place that would be fun for dogs. She was away visiting the Big Guy. She said the hospital and ICU (which the Big Guy got out of on Saturday before she left and is now in the ward) is not a fun place.  We don't believe her, we went through her phone and found this picture. She was at a party. She left us for 87 million days with the Man who took care of us to go to a party in ICU.

If we weren't so happy to see her, we would be mad!

Lady tried to capture our craziness as she came home.
Note: Hailey is heading to Lady, Phod toward his discs (Precious is away for the winter)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Happy Birthday Big Guy (and an update)

Today is my Dad, aka the Big Guy's 65th birthday. 26 days ago, there was a 1% chance that we would be celebrating today. It is not the party we had planned, at my house with friends and family and hamburgers and beer, but we will make do with party hats and banners, a feeding tube and FaceTime and the phone so friends and family can 'visit'.

Dad continues to make very small steps forward, but the journey to full recovery is expected to take about 2 years. There is some hope he may be home for Christmas, but time will tell. There are going to be some small setbacks and unexpected things on this path, but we are at least able to go through the woods now.

Happy Birthday Daddie! Next year let's have 2 cakes to make up for the one you missed this year.

I know I shared this picture earlier this year, but it totally captures my dad pre-anyersum.