Friday, September 19, 2014

Habits - Nin Alarm

For nearly 19 years we have had a "Nin Alarm". At the time Nin decides we should be up (this varies depending on the season, his mood) he sits and sings and sings. "Mmmrrroow, Mmmmrrrrow, Mmmmrrrow." He can sing for hours. I believe on Sunday morning he sang on and off for over 2 hours. Then the next night at 1:11 am he sang for awhile. 

He sings other times too, but the most annoying  if you are trying to sleep. He also seems to have figured out that if he sits at the top of the stairs he gets the best acoustics in our home and it echoes. It is so loud, you can hear him outside a few feet from the house if the doors and windows are closed.

While it is a very annoying habit, and has been annoying for nearly 19 years, I am trying to appreciate it because I know soon, the "Mmmmrrrooow" will be gone from our house and the silence will be more deafening then any Nin singing ever was. 

I tried to video this so you all could hear it, but every time I got my phone out, he stopped.

Perhaps he is just trying to talk like a Pirate!

Maybe he is saying "shiver me timbers, me bowl is not full"  or "fill my bowl or I will make you walk the plank."

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Project Hailey - She's in a good place

Summer, the season that is the most stressful for my girl, is ending and I am thrilled to report Hailey is in a good place.

Looking back over the summer she didn't destroy anything (other than her toys and those don't count). She was clearly nervous many nights with fireworks, wind and storms, but she dealt with these well. She would take a baby and go to one of her hiding places. 

She has been listening well and we have been able to increase her off leash training. She is loving to get to run free in our yard. We are very careful to only do this at times we believe she will be successful (so not when the wild animals are likely to be visiting).

I have not spent the time working on commands perhaps I should have, however, she has gotten a lot more fresh air and exercise in this good weather. Soon it will be miserable out and we will be spending more time inside, the perfect time to perfect over and whatever else we decide to teach.

I am not sure all the reasons for this almost calmness in my girl, but am thrilled with it. She is growing up to be the dog we knew she could be!

I am perfect and beautiful

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Habits - Deading the Toys

When Hailey was younger, she pretty much instantly deaded her babies.  I learned to sew a little to try and save them. As she has gotten older, she deads less. In fact, she likes to carry her babies around and sleep with them.

Phod has always been the remover of toy limbs and ears. Other than that, he lets them live.

However, every once and a while a good deading takes place in our house and the house ends up looking like this.

I can't get too mad at them for this, this is part of Lee's special gator.  She has had him since 2011. He was her favourite baby. He use to look like this,

Pardon Lady's finger in this old picture, we kept it cause it was funny

and now looks like this:

Soon it will be time for him to join heart baby, several monkey babies, and a whole bunch of other babies in toy baby heaven. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Mischief, Mischief Everywhere!

So much mischief to tell you about.

First this is how Lady's toe is doing almost 2 weeks better. It is healing but still hurts if she walks or stands too long.

On Saturday the people got up and got going so they could get to Costco before it got busy. Then this happened:

Lady and Man had to wait for roadside assistance to come and change the tire (Man can do it he says if he had a proper jack). Then they drove to town to find a new tire. Turns out Man's sports car needs special tires. No one had them, he had to order them. Since they were in town they went to Costco anyway, arriving around 11:30 which is crazy lunch time at Costco and makes Costco H-E-double hockey sticks. This made Lady grumpy. It also meant that the people were out of the house longer than they wanted and we were alone. They were only home for a short time when they had to go out cause they were babysitting our cousin Maggie. Maggie was very good and didn't cause mischief.

Maggie is learning to suck her thumb - she is 3 months old

On Sunday, Man caused mischief by taking Lee out without Phod. He wanted to do some off leash training with her. Phod did get to join after 10 minutes, but he was sad to have been left with the Lady.

Looking longingly at the door

Other mischief - Blogger has been acting weird  this weekend (or maybe it is the iPad Lady just got from our Grammie). It isn't always letting us comment and sometimes it just throws us out of a site.

Lady also realized she didn't take one picture of us last week, not one! She tried to say it is in part because her computer is apparently almost full and she needs to figure out how to safely save the 18 000 pictures (at least half that are her animals) before she loads the computer with more. We say excuses! Expect some recycled pictures this week until Lady figures out how to fix her problem.

Another weekend of mischief for us!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Remembering Greta

Today we are remembering Greta, a beautiful pug girl from Idaho Pug Ranch who was called to the Rainbow Bridge after ingesting a poisonous mushroom. She was young and her death was so sudden. It has left a hole in Blogville. Her death is a reminder to us that life is fragile and unpredictable and to live everyday to the fullest. We know that is what Greta did.

Greta, borrowed from her blog

Here are a few of our favourite recent Greta memories.

In April, we enjoyed watching her and her siblings Hazel and Bailey search for Easter treats. The post can be found HERE.

She cracked us up playing pugs gone wild with her sister Hazel. The post can be found HERE.

Lady's heart melted a little watching Greta share the sun with Hazel (Lady loves it when puts cuddle). For more cuddly pictures, click HERE.

We share the heartbreak of this loss with Greta's family. We send them all our love and hope the sweet memories of their special girl, help them through this difficult time.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Habits - Meal Time

Over the next week or so, I want to share some of the habits the dogs and I have.

Today we are going to talk about meal time. Meal time goes something like this.

I get the dishes out. I open the fridge. I put softie in everyone's dish. I pick Nin up and put him on the counter. (He eats his softy up there). Then I walk toward the can that keeps the pups hard food. Every time I walk to the can, a certain girl is waiting for me. It always makes me smile!

Fill it up Lady