Saturday, September 18, 2010

Twas the night

Twas the night before Kingston and all was well in the place, until Hailey started to vomit and it felt like a race. Drew cleaned the crate and Kristen took the dogs and looked at the starry sky glad there was no fog.

The cats were not pleased to see us return, but back to the bedroom the pack we did turn. We settled again and back to sleep we did go, until 7:04 when Hailey wanted a row. I tried to convince her she wanted to sleep, but she whined and she continued to peep.

She made such a clatter that Drew got up  once again to take her to empty her bladder. She still didn’t settle as well as we would have liked, but then it was time to get up because I am driving, I don’t have a flight.

Breakfast is over and she is out for a run. I hope that she and Drew are having lots of fun. Gemi and I have been enjoying the quiet, because soon she will be back and there will be a riot.

Here is hoping today is not as eventful as before, and that any other blog entries might be a bore.

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