Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly as we enter week 3

The Good:
  • We are all still alive.
  • The “sisters” are starting to get along a little (they almost played yesterday - is there a peace agreement in the works?).
  • I have learned many life lessons (For example: don’t put 2 b**chs in the back seat of a car, I bet men already knew that; anything can be chewed up; I am reminded that what you want and what you get are usually 2 different things).
  • I am getting into the best shape of my life, which may mean I have to buy some new clothes!
  • I am getting to apply all my knowledge of behaviour change, shaping behaviour, reinforcement, pairing reinforcement to my daily personal life and a new population (all that school may be paying off!)
  • I have been forced not to be a work-aholic (however, it is a time when being a work-aholic would be good because I have a lot to do)
  • As my best friend says, I am taking on a Zen mentality “material objects and possessions are fleeting.”
  • We are beginning to see gains in the training (Hailey is a great sitter, is pulling less on walks).
  • My blog has given me a forum to find some humour and defuse the stress in my life and others! (I know one loved one enjoyed reading it during a recent chemo appointment).

The Bad:
  • I have a lot of things to replace (Kong, leash, screen door, comforter just to name a few).
  • The cats still don’t like Hailey and Hailey doesn’t like the cats.
  • I am tired (sometimes not a good tired) and at times my patience is being tested.
  • I have to deal with a lot of bodily functions.

The Ugly
  • The first serious dog fight. (I must admit I can’t believe that people pay to watch something so horrible. Although maybe if it becomes a trend in the house, I could make some money to replace all the destroyed things in the house by selling tickets to them) .

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