Sunday, September 12, 2010

News update: Peace at home!

Extra, extra read all about it! The truce between the dogs has turned into undeniable peace.

This started in the morning on the coach - Gemini tolerated Hailey laying beside her and resting her head on her.

The true moment, they played tug with “baby”.

Extra exciting: Gemi found a way to play a dog game with a dog! This is a first!

Suspected reason: Allowing Gemi to sleep in. She didn’t go on the morning walk.

Update: Possible peace between the cats and Hailey

Bagheera will now come to the top of the stairs into the living room. He will not hiss or run. Hailey will stay where she is and not bark or whine.

Hailey is still more scared of Cinder (but those who know him can understand - he is a little creepy).

Problem with moving toward peace: S**t disturber Gemi. As an only dog she would not hunt the cats. She and Loki had a great hunting system. Now that she has a partner in crime again, she is back to hunting. So when the cats come up, it is Gemi who needs to be controlled!

I am sure peace talks between the cats and Hailey will continue! We are ending our week with more peace then we started with. This bodes well for the future!

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