Thursday, September 30, 2010

Performance Anxiety

It was Hailey’s second night of puppy school and here are her scores:

Minutes spent barking: 4 (down from 15 last week)
% of sit commands she responded to the first time: 97% (last week 60%)
% of sit/stay preformed independently: 80% (new skill, first week)
% of down preformed independently: 50% (new skill, first week)
# of dogs was nervous around: 0/6
# of dogs she was better behaved then: at least 3/6.

(This is what happens when a behaviour analyst takes a dog to puppy school, she takes data on her dog!)

Hailey was doing sit/stay amazingly well (80% this is criteria) so she was selected to be the example dog. I thought, here is a moment to be proud. Hailey got to the middle of the circle to perform and I am saying got performance anxiety. She wouldn’t sit. After several attempts she was given back to me and another dog was used. I guess my dog is a little shy! (That is my story and I am sticking too it!)

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