Sunday, September 26, 2010

Truce Signed

It has been a historic time in Ottawa. The Meow-Woof Truce of 2010 has been ratified. After talks that last well past 9 pm, the dogs and cats have been able to put aside their differences. Signing this truce is the first step toward lasting peace in this Ottawa home.

This has been a very slow process. In the beginning Miss Hailey Bug was unable to even be in the room with cats. If cats entered the living room (now known as neutral territory) she would draw her weapon and bark obsessively.  Talks between the members of the dogs, came to a halt nearly 2 weeks ago after warfare ended in casualties. Approximately a week after “the incident” Miss Gemini Cricket, was willing to put her hard feelings aside if Miss Bug were to unit with her in Dogs Only, the extremist dog group. Miss Bug briefly considered this, but was swayed by the persistence of the cat member Cinder “Nin”.

Some say Nin has been instrumental in bringing about this truce. He defied all by standing his ground and claiming the pillow by the fire place as cat territory. He was able to successfully ignore Miss Bug’s barking and was only ever temporarily displaced by Miss Cricket’s chasing. His persistence and proximity, has forced the others to consider peace.

Nin is known as an annoying, meowing cat, whose constant need for attention at inopportune moments drives everyone else crazy. Who would have thought a creature with this history, would be the essential figure in peace? Bagheera “Baggy” Pants a member of the cats says “I liken Nin’s efforts to those of Rosa Parks. He was not going to let anyone stop him for lying on that pillow regardless of species.”

While peace is still tentative in Ottawa, moments of warfare occasionally erupt but are quickly ended. This is expected as we move closer to lasting peace.

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