Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Not a fun posting

Well, they can’t all be about stuffed monkeys and chewed up water dishes. Life is not like that, happy and joyful. Bad things happen and we had a bad thing happen last night.

First though, this is the picture from Monday night. My bestest girls!

The short story: Last night we went to take the dogs to the dog park. We went in Drew’s car. They got into a fight. We had to pull over. Gemi got hurt. Gemi got to go to emerg. She has puncture wounds. It appears she will be ok. She was able to do some weight bearing on her leg this morning, so this is good. Last night she and Hailey were not friends. This morning, there was caution but not total fear from Gemi. Hailey has no idea she did anything wrong.

Life Lessons: The dogs can’t be loose in the car; Work is hard when you were so upset you could only sleep like 4 hours.

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