Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gemi's day out

Gemi on her 5th birthday in March

Kristen: While this is the Hailey Chronicles, today it is all about Gemi.

Gemini: Finally, something people may care to read about!

Kristen: Today started normal enough. Up and fed. I had to work this morning (yes I often work weekends). Drew took both out for a walk on the coupler. This is extra hard work for Gemi as she has to work hard to keep up with Hailey and deal with all the pulling. Rumour has it, it was a pretty good walk.

Gemini: Rumour is wrong. It is horrible being dragged down the street. But at least I got to go out, which is a pleasant change.

Kristen:  The fun happened this afternoon. Our dog school was having their grand opening at their new location and I decided I wanted to go and we should just take Gemi.

Gemini: YES! Time out without beast! Excellent!

Kristen: We arrived at the dog school and were greeted with a goodie bag, and arrived in time for the first door prize draw. We didn’t win there, but we stayed and we won a prize later, some very fancy treats! (I knew if I stayed I would win!)

Gemini: I don’t think I got to eat enough treats while there.

Kristen: We stayed over an hour talking to other dog owners and letting Gemi have time to play with other dogs (or at least watch other dogs play and get pets from people). One of the women from our yoga class was there with her dogs.

Gemini: We stayed forever.  There were some crazy other dogs who wouldn’t stop smelling my bum. At least Peanut only just sniffed my bum, I saw Peanut peeing on some other dogs (one in the face!). Good thing he is just a tiny dog!  I thought about playing a few times, but decided against it. There were some really nice people who gave lots of pets. The best part was being out without the beast and getting all the attention. Now back to the real world. I wonder when my humans will get smart and just take me out again, probably never . . . .
Gemi on her adoption day in May
(Note this is the same day Loki died and this picture was taken a few hours before we said goodbye).

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