Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annoying Walk

Every morning I feel like the worst person in the world when I leave Gemi behind to take Hailey on her walk. She has the saddest face ever. However, I had decided that it is just easier for everyone to only take Lee-Lee (Hailey).

Drew convinced me this morning that I should take the 2 of them. This was probably a bad idea because I was grumpy. It was very annoying, for me and the dogs.

The top reasons this was an annoying walk:
1)      We had to walk really slow to keep everyone safe/untangled
2)      I kept get tangled by the dogs until I worked out a system
3)      I kept steeping on Lee as she pulled in front of me (this we have eliminated on our single walks)
4)      To keep us from getting tangled I have to keep a short leash, no one gets freedom to sniff
5)      Gemi has to trot behind when she is not getting dragged

The walk was so annoying, I could only last 30 minutes and then I let them run around the backyard!

Note from Hailey: Walking with another dog is dumb, we have to go so slow! I don’t get to sniff and have fun.

Note from Gemi: I thought I was missing something not going on these walks, but I think I would rather stay at home then getting dragged at the back of the pack, which is not my place.

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