Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Great Ball Debacle

On Saturday I went to Costco for our monthly stock up. While wandering down the dog aisles I spotted this:

I was so excited, not because we needed the new chuck but because someone had chewed a hole in his chuck ball and I could buy the 2 throwers and 5 balls (3 which are rubber that I thought Phod liked - he has always seemed to prefer rubber to tennis) for $20 instead of $10 for one ball.

I get home, we unpack and out we take the new green erratic ball. I threw it. Phod ran after it but won't fetch. I try it  few times, he won't get it. In the mean time, Hailey who is not a fetcher, had decided she loves the erratic ball. She played a bit of catch with it and even tried to bury it (which is always what she wants to do with her favourite things).

Hailey playing and going to bury her new treasure

We bring out the new orange ball. This ball is slightly different then our current one, but it is orange and rubber. Same thing happens. I spend 30 minutes throwing balls that Phod will chase but not fetch. They are not his orange ball. He will chase it, but when he realizes it is not his ball he just starts searching for this.

Phod's not fetching the new ball

We had the same problem when we lost Chuck 1 and had to replace it with Chuck 2. I am hoping with time he will learn to like at least one of the new balls.


  1. It is the new smell - give them a good wash and then rub it all over phod - it will transfer his scent to it

  2. I'm sure he will like it after a while, maybe when Hailey buried all balls he will accept them. btw: I would like to go on a treasure hunt in your yard... maybe I could find all of Hailey's buried treasures :o)

  3. Chuck looks like fun, but unfortunately, we don't fetch either. We're just envious that you shop at Costco. They are finally building one around here ~ about time we say!

    Lily Belle & Muffin

  4. You like what you like I guess... hopefully he'll come around.

  5. We only run after baby binkies (pacifiers) at our house. Maybe you should buy a package of those. lol.........
    stella rose

  6. We like Reilly and Denny's Idea.
    Now this Fetch thingy is a bit overrated we think... the FUN is in the CHASE... Just sayin.
    Love the Videos!!!!

  7. Old stinky balls are better
    Lily & Edward

  8. We doggies often have strict rules on our fetching balls!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Greta can also be very picky. Especially with her chew bones. She will sniff one I offer then look at me with a "no not that one" look. So I offer another. some times she will go back and forth sniffing each then look at me! I tried two evenings to give her a new rawhide chew and she kept turning her nose up at it. Finally I got in the cupboard and got a another one and she grabbed it and started chewing right away. Who knows sometimes!

  10. A picky ball fetcher?!? Doesn't sound strange to me because I am one as well. Ma, on the other paw, thinks I am weird. Now I do not feel so bad because there are others like me!

  11. Beamer LOVES ChuckIt balls. He can tell the difference between ChuckIts and other balls. Looks like you'll have to somehow fix Phod's original orange ball!

  12. Paws crossed that he learns to love the new balls.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  13. We aren't silly, we know what's ours and what's not. But hopefully he'll get used to it

  14. Poor Phod. I hope he can learn to like one of those balls!

  15. We like to fetch a couple times. then it gets old! HEHE

  16. Maybe if you can get some of Phod's slobber on the new balls they will start to at least smell like his old ones.

  17. Oh goodness, it all sounds so familiar, except no one has tried to bury one yet! Cricket will only play with one ball. There can be 10 balls in the yard and only one can be in play. It doesn't have to be the same ball every day, but only one ball per day. Sheba and Luke will chase the balls, but they won't bring them back. Luke plays keep away with it, and Sheba has to chew on it for several minutes, and then will pass it on to Cricket to bring back to me! It's like they all have their own version of the game!
    Oh, and I like that Chuck it set too....I hadn't seen that before!

  18. I'm not a fan of fetch but I do like to play keep-away from mom. BOL

    Aroo to you,

  19. Well what can the matter be??? The new ball is not smelly enough- thats what I think!

  20. Aww :/ set in the old ways! I like the one comment idea of rubbing it all over Phod! The scent might help? Not sure!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  21. Bless him, usually I will take any ball regardless of who owns it. Apparently this can sometimes lead to embarrassment, not for me though!

  22. Dear Phod,

    You are a guy with very discriminating tastes. Your people clearly do not understand that This Ball is clearly very different from That Ball. But it is. I am glad Lee liked the crazy Ball. I like to roll on Balls too.


  23. All athletes like to break in their equipment, right? That crazy ball is, well, crazy! It's almost like it's alive!!!


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