Monday, July 7, 2014

Mischief Monday - Who has Seen the Wind?

Before answering this question a little Canadiana for you all. Who has seen the wind is a novel by Canadian author W.O. Mitchell. It was written in 1947 and is a Canadian classic. It was on my grade 10 reading list. I don't remember the story, I only remember thinking it was boring. Perhaps my 15 year old self just didn't appreciate it and maybe someday my adult self will revisit it.

Anyway, back to our story.

Who has seen the wind?  

Hailey has and she has decided it is evil.

It all started last week. It was extremely hot here for a few days about 30 C (90 F) with the humidex 40 C (over 100 F). We don't have a/c so the house got hot. When the temperature fell, we opened all the windows to let the house cool down. The Man, the Lady, the Phody and the cats thought this was wonderful. But Hailey did not.

Thursday night, around 4 am, it got windy and she was up scared. Normally when she is scared she just wants to go and hide but the wind makes her want to pace and get love. So between 4 am and 6 am, she had the Man, the Lady and the Phody up. We were all very tired on Friday.

Fast forward to Saturday. The Lady has a few moments to grab a power nap. It is beautiful summer day, temperature in the mid 20 C (70 F) with a beautiful breeze. Really the perfect summer day. All the windows were opened. Lee did not like it and wanted to be loved and snuggled, so it wasn't much of a nap.

After our failed nap we went outside. At first Hailey was very happy tied to her tree, sniffing and ground hog hunting. Then the wind, paired with a loud bang (likely something to do with the neighbours tractor) resulted in a completely stressed out dog.

Stressed out Lee on the front lawn - note the tail between her legs (the picture sucks as it was taken on my computer)

Hailey has decided the wind is evil.

Given her level of anxiety in the summer (thunder, wind, fireworks) we are again considering medical intervention to help her cope. She is really just a mess.


  1. I think the Clomicalm would help her a lot. It has been hard to get hold of here in the USA for some reason but works wonder on Denny. It calms him down but doesn't make him all sleepy and lethargic. Long term - that level of stress isn't good for dog.

  2. Sometimes the wind can be really evil, Hailey, I agree. That wind can howl like a wolf and sometimes he blows the things we love away to ...Oz? or into a tree. I'm always nervous too when we have a windy day or night. Maybe the wind winds us up?

  3. Sometimes the wind scares us too. Everything moves around real nutty. Maybe poor baby does need a little medical intervention. During fireworks, mom blasts the TV so we can't hear nothing
    Lily & Edward

  4. Hey Hailey!
    Wow, I'm so sorry you've been stressed out! The critters in my territory cause me all kinds of upset and I know the wind can be weird and sounds strange. I hope you feel better soon and I'm sending you my sweetest and calming vibes.
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  5. Poor Hailey!
    Befores yous goes the drug route, yous should try a Thundershirt ( Wes gotted one form my hairy slobbery sister Bob and it really helped. 3 years ago, she wore it almost all summer, and by the end she was much calmer. The next summer she only wore it a few times.

  6. Aw poor thing, it will be ok Hailey. Maybe you need a Thundershirt?

  7. HAILEY.... I (Frankie Furter) feel your pain.... Wind usually brings STORMS and they are even MORE scary... We are both sorry that you have had a bad time...with the EVIL WINDS...

    PeeS.... I (F.F.) have never really SEEN the Evil wind.... butt BUTT... sometimes Ernie's BUTT makes EVIL Smelling Wind. Just sayin.
    HEY Frankie... that is YOU that does that... not ME (Ernie). Just sayin.

  8. Aw poor sweet pup. Wind can be scary sometimes, I agree with you! We tried to go out in the boat over the weekend and the wind was just so awful we had to come all the way home :/
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Aw poor Hailey. I hope you can find some relief from all of this freaky stuff.

  10. I have given my dog valerian root for many years and it helps them a lot and it is not a drug it is a root.
    Natural!! it has helped them all. poor Hailey.
    Thanks for your visit!!
    You really miss a stove when you don't have one but we ate a lot of steamed vegetables and lots of raw ones too.

  11. That sounds like a Problem with a capital P. Wind happens and you just have to get used to it.

    Bella hates the wind banging doors, or making them move. She tapdances on HER, but we just have to latch the doors and she's okay. Hope Lee can conquer her fears.

    XXXOOO Bella Roxy & Dui

  12. Aw, poor scardy girl! It must be hard to be afraid of so many things.

    Your pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  13. Sorry to hear Hailey had a bad weekend. Sounds like you need to invest in AC so the scardy dog can be breeze free indoors. BOL!

  14. Hailey

    Sorry to hear the evil wind is freaking you out buddy!! I'm ok with wind, but I really don't like fireworks and there were way too many loud noises here the last few days!

    I hope you're having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. We get horrible wind storms here ...they always frightened Mabel!

  16. Our golden retriever Sheba also hates the wind. She does the same, paces around, and tries to stick as close as possible to us. We've tried a thundershirt on her and it helps maybe a little bit, but not completely.


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