Friday, September 30, 2011

The dog walker

Yesterday, Hailey and I interviewed a dog walker. This is our conversation after.

Lady: "Hailey what did you think of Stephanie?"

Lee: "I don't know yet. She gave me cookies, which was good, but she seemed to be an all talk no action kind of person. She kept saying walk but I didn't go on one while she was here."

Lady: "We were meeting her to see if we thought she would be a good match. Even though there are not many dog walkers in the east end of the city, it is important that we both like her. I thought she seemed very nice."

Lee: "Let me go for a few walks with her and then I will decide."

Lady: "That is fair, it is kind of like dating I guess, you both have to feel the other out."

Lee: "Exactly. I am wondering if 30 minutes will be enough. Lady, you usually take me out longer."

Lady: "We are trying this out to see. We can see about making it longer if you like it."

Lee: "I love walks. I love walking with you Lady. Why won't you take me? Do you not love me?"

Lady: "I love you very much, and I will still take you. It is only 2 mornings a week that you will walk with her. We will go out those evenings, and we have all our other mornings."

Lee: "Ok, I will try this and I will let you know. When is my first walk?"

Lady: "Monday. You will go out with her Monday and Wednesday. It will be fun."

Lee: "Maybe she will let me get the squirrels. If she does, I will love her more than I love you!"


  1. I love your conversations with Lee!

  2. Thanks. What is sad, is that I have usually had this conversation with her before I write it. I have to interpret her body language as her comments:)


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