Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Thursday Rant

Since I have the general belief that no good ever comes from a Thursday and usual spend my Thursday grumpy, I thought it was the perfect moment to rant!

I was having a leisurely Saturday morning, reading the Ottawa Citizen and I came across this article about an ad placed by someone advertising dogs for sale. The ad apparently said if the dogs did not have a home by September 1, they would have them euthanized.  They did not want to keep the dog or give it to a rescue type agency. They only wanted to sell it. The ad has been removed, but apparently this type of advertising happens several times a year in Ottawa.

My first thoughts were: You sick bastards, why would you even say that?
It left me sort of speechless really.

I have had 2 dogs  euthanized, 2 dogs who were dying and there was nothing else we could do to save them. Keeping them alive was just "prolonging dying and not extending life" as my wise Grandmother would say. And while, the process was peaceful, it was a horrible thing to do. Those who read this blog regularly will know, that while I have moments I would like to "strangle" Miss Bug, I would never really do so, or threaten to do so.

I think this ad just brought up in me negative feelings toward some dog owners. The things people think are ok to do to dogs. All the people who get dogs and then don't want them. I am not judging people who have true changes in circumstances such as illness that were unforeseen that make dog ownership impossible at this time. I am talking about the people who I am going to call lazy. (Dogs are a lot of work, let me tell you). The least this type of dog owner could do is find the dog a suitable home and not threaten to kill it. Sigh!

Ok, that is my rant. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised about how people are toward their animals, look at how we are toward each other.

On a total aside: While I was reading about this and being all angry, Lee's lifesaver toy went under the coffee table. She was scratching the table to get it out. I don't like when she does this so I got up to move the table to get it out from her. In the process I managed to spill my full cup of tea. Lee was a big help. She licked the tea off the side of the table!

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