Monday, September 26, 2011

I got a new drug

The scene: Lady is sitting in her not  hotel room n as she is away for a few days working. The Man and Lee are at home. It is getting late on a Sunday evening and the Man calls the Lady.

Man: "You know that gross raw hide Lee keeps bring in from the yard. It is like a drug to her. After chewing it, she ran around, she ripped the sock off my foot, she was humping Ninny, she has beaten up giraffe . . . Hailey stop it, stop eating the couch, get a baby!" This is followed by the sounds of barking and other crazy noises and it is difficult to continue the conversation with the yelling. 

Who knew that if you buried raw hide in the backyard for a couple weeks and dug it out, it was like a doggy drug. The Man did not capture video of this for the Lady, he said it was challenging as his socks were being pulled off.

The Lady may be glad to be far away . . . at least she won't have to clean up the mess!  


  1. Haha I shouldn't laugh, but oh my.. how can you not! One of our fosters loooooved rawhide until she got explodeapoo. We promptly stopped giving it to her after that. Which was a shame, because that's the only thing that made crating easier. Bah!

  2. Hailey seems to only love it if 1) it belongs to someone else 2) she thinks someone else is going to eat it 3) it has been in the backyard in the garden for a few weeks.

    She doesn't get it too often, even if Uncle Chris bought her the big bag from Cosco, so she doesn't get enough for expodeapoo!


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