Sunday, September 4, 2011

Happy Adoption Day Hailey Bug!

Lee geting love from her Lady

Happy Lee pausing from a run

Today marks one year since Lee joined the pack (and the anniversary of when I officially lost my mind!)

As per our pack tradition the day will be spent sing at and mauling the pet. They love it! (Not really, I think previous pack members have dreaded this day and by the end of it would avoid me, but never the less it is a tradition).

While the past 5 weeks have been emotionally hard at times, and those who read the blog regularly know that there have been some challenging moments over the past year with our girl, but today's post is to celebrate the things we love about Lee!

As per David Letterman: Top 10 reasons we love our LeeLee Bug (10 wasn't as hard to come up with as I thought it might be!)

10. Unlike our past dogs, we have one who can learn tricks (our past dogs were more like lazy people then dogs!)
9. She is just so darn cute (a factor that has saved her many times after I have come home and found something else destroyed).
8. Her adventures always lead to a good story (most of which we can laugh about later).
7. She  has decided that sleeping under the bed is best (I love having the leg room. For a good story about this visit Furry Four Legged Foster Friends - the link in on the right - the piece is called real estate)
6. She is starting to calm down (when we first met her, this seemed like something that was never going to happen, and yet I brought her home anyway!)
5. She is able to get our attention when she wants love. Not that we like being smacked in the face with her strong paws, but at least she communicates!
4. She knows the command "watch TV" and will actually reference the TV. Her favourite things are other animals especial dogs, big cats and horses. If she wasn't so busy she may have been a good couch potato!
3. She provides opportunities for exercise. One of the reasons I wanted a dog her size was to get me out walking more (this is one of the few forms of exercise I enjoy). My legs and butt live in a state of soreness from all the walking we do and somedays no matter how far we walk and how sore I may feel, she would love to keep going).
2. Her mysterious quality. We will always wonder, "what kind of dog is she?" and my favourite "What new thing will she destroy today?"

And the Number 1 thing we love about Lee is . . . . 

watching her run. The sheer joy she expresses when running free. There is nothing in the world more beautiful! (and not much as fast)

Thank you to everyone at Catahoula Rescue who saved our Lee and have given us so much joy! May the many dogs who have been rescued by Catahoula and the other amazing rescues in North America, find loving owners who can love them even when their behaviour may make it hard! 

A tense Lee being forced love her first few hours as a pack member

A serious Lee during her first week with her new pack


  1. Happy adoption day, Lee! Sounds like you hit the jackpot :]

    Wookie was rescued on May 4th from the shelter, so we've turned that day into his birthday since we don't actually know how old he is or when he was born. I can't wait to celebrate that day!

  2. Yay Lee! Congrats you guys.

    That's one of my favorite things about Barley is getting in so much exercise as well. And his company... always having a cuddle buddy is the best.

  3. Hailey Bug says thank you. She is glad the day is over, she hated the singing and hugs! There is cuddling and then there over cuddling!

    I was wondering yesterday if some of the reason we can't get a dog to the double digits is because we smoother them with too much love! LOL!


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