Sunday, September 25, 2011

As taught by the cats

When I was going through my pictures, I found this one from a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago Hailey went through the get into the garbage phase of her life. She got into several days in a row. What is interesting to me is that she got into it after the cats did. It is sort of like she didn't know she could do that until they told her. My dog has great observational learning skills!

I am guessing, since we compost, there wasn't really good stuff in the garbage because she has stopped doing this (thankfully!)


  1. Hahaha the cats are a bad influence on poor lee!! See she would be a perfect angel otherwise, let's blame it all on the cats :)
    When I saw this in the preview my first thought was "hey, there was no destruction update on twitter this morning!"

  2. Lee would like to blame it on the cats . . . . . Angel is not a word I would use to describe her!


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