Saturday, September 10, 2011

I dub thee Hyper-rella

It has been determined this week that Hailey (while a lovely name we like) is not an appropriate name for our girl. She has fall fever (which I didn't know existed) and has been hyper all week. Besides being destruco-dog, she has just been hyper.  She even tried to hump her man in a moment of craziness. So we are calling her Hyper-rella.

To help with this, we upped her exercise (and as I sit here writing this with my aching legs). We have lots of training sessions throughout the day (she is doing great with her tricks). My husband has taken her to the dog park (this is the final frontier for me and my grief, I can go with someone but can't go alone since Gemi's death, it is too stress provoking). At the park she is out of control and not listening (although it does tire her out a little). She is so hyper at the park she doesn't even play, she just runs crazy. 

This was my first week back to work full time since Gemi's death. Fortunately I got to work from home most of it. Next week I am going to be out a little more, let's hope this Hyper-rella phase is over by then.

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