Thursday, September 29, 2011

A visit to Aunt C's

As told by Lee

The other day I got to go somewhere special, I was so excited in the car, it was somewhere new.
We got there and Aunt C was there and it was exciting but she was in my way, I needed to get into the house. 
Finally I got in and it was so exciting. There was my Grammie and the Big Guy and Dustin and Aunt C and so much to smell and search.

Then I found cousin Lemew. I was so happy to find him. He didn't want to come out. I tried to get him to come out from under the chair. I tried to get under the chair with him, but that didn't work either. Finally Aunt C got him out and he ran to the basement and I wanted to run too but my people kept stopping me. I tried to go down really slowly on my belly to see if they would not see me when I was in my stealth mode, but they caught me and brought me back upstairs. They put chairs across the basement and then Lemew came up, but he didn't want to play. It made me sad.

Lee talking to Lemew

To help with my sadness, my Lady had some new babies for me. I got to take them out of the bag. While I do love them, especially the new turtle, it was too exciting to play.

Lee opening the new babies

Aunt C had the best machine in the world. You put a cup under it and push it and fresh water came out. I tried to get some water that way, but my Lady wouldn't share and she just took me back to the pet bowl. I think I deserve to drink from the water cooler. 

I was very good and went to the door and scratched when I needed to go out.

I had so much fun sniffing and sniffing and jumping up on people and showing off my tricks. I was sad to go. I got out of my harness in the car again. I don't like being in the car in the night.  I came home and crashed and slept like the dead.

I hope I get to go back to fun places like Aunt C's again.

Editor's note: Lee was a very good girl, just a very busy and active one! 


  1. Lee was soooo good. She should ocme visit more often! (Lemew disagrees, but he can suck it up!)

  2. Lol, poor Lemew! I love the pic of her butt in the air trying to get at him!

  3. Hailey says she would love to visit again. She does wish Aunt C would let her dig on the couch!


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