Friday, September 2, 2011

From Bagheera

Bagheera getting love from his lady like he use to in the old days

Dear faithful dog blog readers,

I would like to tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, I had a great life. I lived with my people and another cat. It was great. It was all about me. My people were good to me. When I ate a magnet they had it removed from my stomach even though they were poor students and didn't really have the money to spend.

Almost 10 years ago my people did something terrible. They brought in these little ugly white things. They called them dogs. I hated them. While I have always been more solitary in nature, I do enjoy love on my terms. But for nearly 10 years I avoided my people. I hated them for bringing in these white things. I spent as much time as possible in the basement away from the rest of the pack.

During this time I hoped and  prayed that those white things would go away and I could be king. Recently I got my wish and while other people mourned I did the dance of joy! No more white dogs. I get to be king again!

There is still a big dumb black one, but I don't find her nearly as offensive. She leaves me alone for the most part and appears scared of me.  She has never tried to hump me or chase me. She sometimes stands in front of me shaking and barking (she looks so silly to be so scared).  I now spend the time I want upstairs. I get all the love I want.

The world is right once again.

FYI: I personally think dogs are overrated. We cats are better but that is for another post.

By: A very happy Bagheera

Editors Note: While the past 5 weeks has been hard on the people and dog part of the pack, the cat part has not been so happy for years. This is a positive from our tragedy.

Bagheera and Lee


  1. Oh Bagheera, you're too funny.

    I've heard that cats and dogs eventually get along, and sometimes even become friends. Maybe one day...?


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