Sunday, September 11, 2011

A conversation about Conroy Pit

Lady: "LeeLee did you have a good time at the pit."
LeeLee: "I am tired and sleeping leave me alone."
Lady: "Lee, I asked you a question, did you have a good time."
LeeLee: "It was so much fun, I got to run free and sniff. I was hunting things. I hunted the grasshopper. I got it. The world is safe now."
Lady: "My favourite part was when the kid came out of the woods and scared you and you were barking and scared of the woods after."
LeeLee: "That was not funny, that was serious. Kids grew in the bush there, that is scary."
Lady: "What was your favourite part about being there?"
LeeLee: "I did like the little bit of playing I did with the other dogs. Patrick was fun. He chased me a lot. I think my favourite part was sniffing and hunting. Sometimes the other dogs interfered with that."
Lady: "Well you were a very good girl and we will be able to go back again."
LeeLee: "Can we go right now?"

Being stopped for a water break. 

"Hurry up my people. You are too slow!"

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