Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unsolicited Review of Lee's new coat by Lady and Lee

Lady: As part of Lee's Christmas gift I got her a new coat. She has sweaters that have been lovingly made by her Grammie. However these sweaters are not designed for the bitter cold and sometimes wet of an Ottawa winter. To keep her warm, because no matter how cold, she does need to get out some, I thought it would be a good idea to get her something warmer. After looking around, I ended picking a FouFou Dog coat. 

 Lee: Worst gift I have ever been given.

Lady: It seems very well made. Time will tell how it wears.

Lee: Can you forget to put it up high so I can chew it up and then you can see how well made it is.

Lady: I like that it is easy to put on you, even when you are standing stiff like a board.

Lee: Note to self, don't let rage of being dressed
 up paralyze me, so I can fight being dressed up.

Lady: The elastic thingy
(sorry don't know the term for it)
near your bum makes it easy to wrap around you, makes sure the coat covers your back end, and doesn't interfere with your walking. (Note she wouldn't sit when I had it done up, but in her rage it is hard to tell why that was).

Lee: I will chew that off first.

 Lady: It appears to keep you warm. It has been very cold the past few mornings and you have been able to go for nice walks with Stephanie.

Lee: I notice you dress me up and then send me out with others. That is how stupid I look, too stupid to be seen with.

Lady: I like that it is reversible. You can be pretty in pink one day and perfectly plummy another.

Lee: I hate both colours equally.

Lady: I am sure once you get use to it
you will love it. For now, it allows you to go
out, and you look so cute!

Lee: I think we should move somewhere
where you don't have to wear stupid
coats.  Mumble, mumble, mumble.
Stop telling me I look nice and give me
a cookie.

Lady: Lee it could be worse, I could have gotten one with a hood. Now smile, and let me take your picture.


  1. She looks adorable! I saw these at the store and wanted to get the turquoise and blue one for Bar, but it was a little TOO turquoise and not manly enough for my chisle-jawed boy.

    I love how it looks on Lee! Fits perfectly and she sits! I can't get Barley to sit in a coat, no matter how many treats I have. He won't do it. Even if it's as loose as can be!

  2. It was hard to get her to sit in it, and harder outside with the toggles on. However, she does walk fine in it. If only I could get her to walk in her boots!

    I think it is easier to "dress" a female dog, they can wear anything!

  3. Bailey has a winter coat and a spring coat (my fiancé is mortified every time I put them on her). She didn't like it the first time, but I think eventually she understood that it was keeping her warm. Either way, I love seeing dogs in coats!

  4. Haha, she looks so ashamed in that one picture!

    I wish my guys would wear coats. Wookie has decided that he hates his sweater and Canada Pooch Coat. Halladay won't even *walk* when we put his sweater on. Stubborn dogs.

  5. My hubby rolls his eyes when I put it on too. Note: he is not the one out walking her.

    Lee doesn't walk in the house, you sort of have to drag her out, but once you have her out, she is fine. Oh silly puppies! If they only knew we were trying to make outside more fun in a Canadian winter!


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