Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dress your pet up day

According a post on twitter, yesterday was  Dress Your Pet up day. I couldn't resist. Here are my favourites (Lee is sporting pieces of a costume I wore to a Mardi Gras themed party).
I am not batman. Masks weren't meant for dogs. 

If you see this, please help me. My lady is too mean. 

Are we done yet?
Lady: "Now we are even for this." (in this mess Lee had ripped up a towel to wipe her feet and chewed the finger out of a glove). 


  1. oops, guess she showed you what she thinks of this dressing up business! I think the blonde wig pushed her over the top!
    Love G

  2. HAHAHAHAHA the wig!! And the glitzy dress!! She looks smashing :]

  3. I am not sure she has forgiven me for this yet!

  4. Ah! I love the one with the wig. Priceless!


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