Friday, January 20, 2012

Feline Friday - About Nin by Lee

My Lady says that while most of her life is about me, that I should share some about my cats too. I thought I would write about Nin cause he is my favourite.

My Lady tells me that my Man picked Nin out. He was a skinny rat faced kitten. Lady wanted the orange one so she could have Bagheera and Shere Khan or thought at least Mowgli to go with her Jungle Book theme but the Man said he was naming this one. He picked Cinder. My Lady says she had a hard time remember this name because Cinder had been her grandparents dog and in the first week called him everything but Cinder. She laughs remembering calling him Mint and Clyde. Somehow she started calling him Skinny Ninny, and Nin became his name. Also, the Man never got to name another pet.

Nin isn't as skinny as he was. He likes to meow a lot. They think there is some siamese in him. Sometimes when I am in bed with My Lady, I can hear him calling and yelling downstairs. I want to get him but I am not allowed. He wakes everyone up. Cinder also has some bad litter habits. My lady is often scolding him for peeing outside the box as he balances on it so he doesn't get his paws dirty. He is also a puker. This is one of the things I love about him because my people have put the cat food so I can't get it. At least I can have a taste when Nin throws it up once or twice a week. Nin is also a lap cat and is constantly walking on sitting people looking for a pet or a place to sleep. He is the cat that gets into everything and likes to drink out of water cups left on tables.

Why I love Nin:
I love Nin because he will play with me. He calls and meows so I know he wants to play. He lets me hump him. Sometimes he gets a little mad and may run to where I can't reach him, but he is not mean and scary like Baggy. I love that I can help clean up his puke and that sometimes he is into things and getting scolded, so I know I am not the only "troublesome" one.

My Lady tells me to be gentle with my Nin. I am because I will be lonely when I don't have him for a playmate. I am lucky to have a Ninny.


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