Monday, January 9, 2012

Nosey Dog Scent Class 1

Yesterday was Lee's first Nosey Dog class at Ottawa Canine School. As some of you may remember we did a drop in several months ago to try it out. I thought this class, while not as instructive of others, would be a great winter afternoon thing to do.

As always Hailey had a really hard time waiting her turn. She did settle as time went by. And as you will hear in the video, she is not the only one having trouble waiting (the whining is another dog in the class).

It is interesting to watch Lee because she is using her sight and memory more than her nose in this class. I am sure over time she will sniff more! (She tells me it is more effective to use all your senses for hunting).

Here she is on one of her runs.


  1. Cool! This will be good to tire Hailey's brain out! We are going for our last obedience class tonight - Bar has had a long break because of the holidays, so I'm guessing he is going to do everything in his power NOT to listen to me unless I give him turkey ;)

  2. If only we could tire her out more often LOL!

    We all have a price, Bar's is just food!


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